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Common mode filter integrates EMI and ESD protection.

TDK-EPC introduced what it asserts is the world's first thin-film common mode filter (TCE1210 from TDK) with both high-speed differential transmission common mode noise suppression and ESD protection in a single component. The component measures 1.25 mm X 1.00 mm X 0.60 mm. Using the proprietary thin-film circuit formation and materials technologies, the company added an ESD suppressor function to the EMI function already present in the internal structure of existing filters. As a result, an additional varistor for ESD suppression is no longer needed. The filter's cutoff frequency is 5.0 GHz; the common mode impedance is 90 [ohm][+ or -]52 [ohm]; rated current is 100 mA, and ESD immunity complies with IEC 61000-4-2 international surge standards.


TDK-EPC, 847-803-6100,

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Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:May 1, 2010
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