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MP Karamushkina asks to permit common law wives to visit husbands in prison. Jan 16, 2020 103
The Constitutional Logic of the Common Law. Edlin, Douglas E. Jan 1, 2020 29911
Common Law vs Black Letter Law: The First Political War of the American Revolution. Sep 22, 2019 200
Hayek's Theory of Spontaneous Order and the Normative Development of the Free Market and Common Law. Herron, Daniel J.; Sovacool, Sean; Phillips, Matthew T. Jul 1, 2019 6943
Supreme Court Denies Injured Seaman's Bid for Punitive Damages. Simpson, Andrew G. Jun 26, 2019 720
Accord Islamic law same status as common law, Sultan tells FG. Nov 16, 2018 514
Gordon Tullock's Critique of the Common Law. Shughart, William F., II Essay Sep 22, 2018 9003
Retaliation Common Law Liens. Aug 27, 2018 299
The Common Law of Obligations: Divergence and Unity (reprint, 2016). Brief article Jul 1, 2018 257
UK judge: Common Law jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, are well placed to deal with challenges. Jun 16, 2018 611
The Diversity of the Common Law Tradition. Rabban, David M. May 1, 2018 3285
A COMMON LAW FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Epstein, Richard A. Jan 1, 2018 19029
SPECULATION AND THE ENGLISH COMMON LAW COURTS, 1697-1845. Tait, Jackson Essay Jan 1, 2018 6601
Common law rights are under attack; Views of Wales. Sep 7, 2017 357
Imago Decidendi: On the Common Law of Images. Book review Sep 1, 2017 103
Fifth Circuit upheld judgment of united states district court for the southern district of Texas. Fifth circuit held that the district court's grant of summary judgment on the ATS and TVPRA claims in favor of defendant was proper and that the district court did not abuse its discretion in dismissing the common law claims by refusing to equitably toll plaintiffs' state law tort claims. Jan 1, 2017 1840
A.W.B. Simpson's "The Common Law and Legal Theory." Heydon, J.D. Jun 1, 2016 4898
Boni mores and consent for child research in South Africa. Strode, A.E.; Toohey, J.; Singh, P.; Slack, C.M.; Hons, B.A. Report May 1, 2015 3599
Structure and value in the common law. Balganesh, Shyamkrishna; Parchomovsky, Gideon Apr 1, 2015 13846
Structure and value in the common law. Balganesh, Shyamkrishna; Parchomovsky, Gideon Apr 1, 2015 18968
Married vs. common law--what's the difference anyway? Taylor, Brad Mar 1, 2015 1492
Challenges to the survival of the common law. McLeish, Stephen Dec 1, 2014 7577
James Monroe and the sources of American exceptionalism. Lucier, James P. Essay Sep 22, 2014 6429
The Neo-Hamiltonian temptation. Strauss, David A. Jun 1, 2014 8779
A brief primer on child support: Part one. Boyd, John-Paul Mar 1, 2014 744
Common law divergences. Finn, Paul Aug 1, 2013 12390
Saving preemption in the Clean Air Act: climate change, state common law, and plaintiffs without a remedy. England, J.J. Jun 22, 2013 23848
Developing the common law: how far is too far? Walker, Robert Apr 1, 2013 9571
The Fynes Public Interest Inquiry: getting it all wrong: executor, administrator or primary next of kin? Drapeau, Michel W.; Juneau, Joshua M. Mar 1, 2013 1668
The idea of privacy law: Jones v. Tsige and the limits of the common law. Aylward, Stephen Jan 1, 2013 11013
Tragic parlor pigs and comedic rascally rabbits: why common law nuisance exceptions refute Coase's economic analysis of the law. Cheren, Robert D. Dec 22, 2012 20261
A comparative study of the Scottish law of Bona Vacantia and the English law of treasure. Guthrie, Michaela Case overview Dec 1, 2012 8872
The disappearance of civil trial in the United States. Langbein, John H. Dec 1, 2012 3173
L'Abus de droit: l'antenorme. Moyse, Pierre-Emmanuel Sep 1, 2012 15480
L'Abus de droit: l'antenorme. Moyse, Pierre-Emmanuel Sep 1, 2012 13945
Medieval interpretations of Roman law. Paraschiv, Elena Report Jul 1, 2012 2265
Legal hybridity in Hong Kong and Macau. Castellucci, Ignazio Jun 1, 2012 14656
Legal hybridity in Hong Kong and Macau. Castellucci, Ignazio Jun 1, 2012 9682
From manuscript to electronic signatures; the legal ramifications. Kadir, Rokiah Apr 1, 2012 3755
Change for whose sake. Perry, William J. President's page Jan 1, 2012 1072
The Common Law: whither or wither? Occasional address to Australian Lawyers Alliance Act Branch Conference, 24th June 2011. Sully, Brian Jan 1, 2011 2365
From norms to facts: the realization of rights in common and civil private law. Dedek, Helge Dec 1, 2010 17753
MAIN CASES. Nov 8, 2010 512
Democratizing common law constitutionalism. Fox-Decent, Evan Sep 1, 2010 11277
Law Practice. Aug 5, 2010 2541
New changes for FRCP. Jan 1, 2010 417
Libres propos sur la culture juridique quebecoise dans un monde qui retrecit. Popovici, Adrian Jun 22, 2009 6245
Public rights, global perspectives, and common law. Davis, Martha F. Jun 1, 2009 15452
DIFC courts to implement professional code of conduct. May 19, 2009 625
The Illinois Whistleblower Act's impact on common law claims; this article looks at the various ways Illinois state and federal courts have interpreted the Illinois Whistleblower Act, including whether it preempts common law claims. The authors also offer practical advice to employers for avoiding retaliation claims. Lee, Sang-Yul; Pearlman, Steven J.; Grey, Jonathan J.C. Feb 1, 2009 2541
Rethinking the relationship between international and domestic law. de Mestral, Armand; Fox-Decent, Evan Jan 1, 2009 38880
Equity: the law of judicial conscience. Bowal, Peter May 1, 2008 2063
Equitable doctrines and maxims. Mah, Connie L. May 1, 2008 1629
Trusts are creatures of equity. Platten, Karen May 1, 2008 1959
Chapter 12 Liability and the sale of alcohol. Professional standards Jan 1, 2008 11183
The decline of common law constitutionalism in Canada. Watson, Bradley C.S. Essay Jan 1, 2008 4272
The legacy of Forsey v. Cunningham: safeguarding the integrity of the right to trial by jury. Carney, Thomas E.; Kolb, Susan Essay Dec 22, 2007 10867
The common law genius of the Warren Court. Strauss, David A. Dec 1, 2007 13365
In further appreciation of Dr. Bonham's case. Friedman, Leonard Letter to the editor Sep 22, 2007 492
Common law, civil law, and the administrative state: from Coke to Lochner. Morag-Levine, Noga Sep 22, 2007 25539
Harmonizing regulatory and litigation approaches to climate change mitigation: incorporating tradable emissions offsets into common law remedies. Engel, Kirsten H. Jun 1, 2007 18875
Florida common law jurisprudence. Cavendish, Michael; Hood, Blake J. Jan 1, 2007 5297
On Common Law (Book 1, Chapter 13). Althusius, Johannes Excerpt Sep 22, 2006 4533
On the Individual, Principal Law (Book 1, Chapter 14). Althusius, Johannes Excerpt Sep 22, 2006 3419
"The Queene is defrauded of the intent of the law": Spenser's advocation of civil law in A View of the State of Ireland. Bates, Robin E. Mar 22, 2005 7997
State courts and the making of federal common law. Bellia, Anthony J., Jr. Jan 1, 2005 35042
Hugh R. Jones lecture at Albany Law School. Levine, Howard A. Sep 22, 2003 13778
F. A. Hayek and the common law. Hamowy, Ronald Sep 22, 2003 11003
The common law of Mexican law in Texas courts. Soltero, Carlos R.; Clark-Meachum, Amy Sep 22, 2003 17523
Common law, common ground, and Jefferson's principle. Strauss, David A. May 1, 2003 17876
Common law torts: the latest in employment lawsuits. Caruth, Donald L.; Handlogten-Caruth, Gail D. Feb 1, 2003 1843
Why the common law should be only indirectly affected by constitutional guarantees: a comment on Stone. Taylor, Greg Dec 1, 2002 12716
The common law and the constitution: a reply. Stone, Adrienne Dec 1, 2002 10425
Fifty glorious legal years? English law during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Foster, Charles Dec 1, 2002 5323
Perilous precedents: the unraveling of the delicate federal-state balance in Great Lakes "common law". Hill, James P. Jun 22, 2002 3711
The common law right to earn a living. Sandefur, Timothy Jun 22, 2002 10498
Framing transactions in constitutional law. Levinson, Daryl J. Apr 1, 2002 38274
`Since time immemorial': a story of common law jurisdiction, native title and the Case of Tanistry. Dorsett, Shaunnagh Apr 1, 2002 14961
Property interests in cadaverous organs: changes to Ohio anatomical gift law and the erosion of family rights. Stickney, Melissa A.W. Mar 22, 2002 20652
Art or science? Understanding medicine and the common law. Harrington, John A. Jan 1, 2001 9887
The continental origins of AEthelberht's code. Jurasinski, Stefan A. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2001 5237
The policy/operational dichotomy in intra-state tort liability: an example of the ever-continuing transformation of the common law. Woodfield, Nicholas W. Dec 22, 2000 18569
Birthright citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States: a comparative analysis of the common law basis for granting citizenship to children born of illegal immigrants. Houston, Michael Robert W. May 1, 2000 21920
Corporate Finance. Rajan, Raghuram G. Mar 22, 2000 2775
The civil law trust. Lupoi, Maurizio Oct 1, 1999 9270
Evidence myopia: the failure to see the Federal Rules of Evidence as a codification of the common law. Weissenberger, Glen May 1, 1999 33247
The Advance of Human Rights. Edwords, Fred Nov 1, 1998 2541
New independent contractor bill. Brief Article Jul 1, 1998 311
The inefficiency of the no-duty-to-rescue rule and a proposed 'similar risk' alternative. Grush, Eric H. Mar 1, 1998 9185
On the meaning of congressional silence: using federal common law to fill the gap in Congress's residual statute of limitations. Mikva, Abner J.; Pfander, James E. Nov 1, 1997 18040
Picturing property: 'Waverley' and the common law. Schmidgen, Wolfram Jun 22, 1997 10380
The Employment Contracts Act: common law and uncommon economics. Bowden, Roger J. Jun 1, 1997 9160
Rediscovering Blackstone. Alschuler, Albert W. Nov 1, 1996 26113
Top 10 in torts: evolution in the common law. White, Jeffrey Robert Jul 1, 1996 1767
One time around. Dec 1, 1995 92
Three legal traditions. Dec 1, 1995 496
Common law and legislation. Dec 1, 1995 292
The death of common law? Stewart, Larry S. President's Page Jun 1, 1995 841
Common knowledge of the common law in later medieval England. Neville, C.J. Dec 1, 1994 9460
The historical origins of the privilege against self-incrimination at common law. Langbein, John H. Mar 1, 1994 19777
Common law, statute law, and the theory of legislative choice: an inquiry into the goal of the Sherman Act. Kleit, Andrew N. Oct 1, 1993 9393
Nationwide v. Darden: restoring to the term "employee" its common-law meaning. Hollrah, Russell A. May 1, 1992 2818
When criminal rights go wrong; forget liberal. Forget conservative. Think common sense. Savoy, Paul Dec 1, 1989 5281

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