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Common goals! AFS chapter leaders exchange ideas.

The chapter network, the heart of AFS, is alive and well ! That vitality was abundantly evident in the enthusiasm of each participant attending the recent Chapter Officers Conference at AFS headquarters in Des Plaines in September. It also showed in the eagerness with which attendees shared experiences and explored what has worked to promote particular chapter activities. it was clearly apparent in their readiness to discuss ideas and strategies designed to build stronger programs and encourage individual and corporate participation.

The 85 officers, representing 50 North American chapters are only the latest in a long line of dedicated men and women who have served on chapter committees for nearly a century. They, like their colleagues before them, represent an organization that has been a steady rallying point for the entire foundry industry throughout North America. Though many of them were recently installed as chapter officers, their sense of self obvious organizational talents were evident in the mature commitment they showed in seeking new ways to serve their fellow chapter members.

The chapter officers met with R. Conner Warren, AFS president, who addressed the group briefly and who attended the meeting, as well as with various AFS department heads and support personnel to learn of the services the headquarters staff can offer to the various chapters. Leo Baran, director of membership services, arranged several mini-tutorials to stimulate ways to improve the content and character of chapter meetings. Included were suggestions that would build on the successes of the past, introduce new methods of expanding chapter membership, enhancing educational opportunities for members, and extending the advantages of AFS and chapter membership to the wider metalcasting industry.

The most important aspect of the meeting, Baran said, was the opportunity it provided to each officer to meet colleagues who share similar interests, build professional and organizational skills and learn from each other how better to serve their membership.
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Title Annotation:American Foundrymen's Society
Author:Bex, Tom
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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