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Common Sense Self-Defense: Safety Awareness for Children.

For the past 10 years, Michael Rosen has presented a program on common sense self-defense and safety awareness to over 10,000 children in Western Washington. Rosen, who operates a martial arts school for children and adults in Olympia, Washington, has conducted the program for the Olympia School District for three years.

Rosen handles the potentially frightening, but also life-saving, information in a straightforward, upbeat and gentle manner. He directs young viewers to watch the video with an adult, to view it more than once and to practice the techniques he demonstrates. Maintaining the interest of his on-camera young audience, Rosen integrates humor, pantomime, role playing and demonstrations into his clear and relevant instruction.

Avoiding the grim details of assault and abduction, Rosen deftly offers his students practical safety tips. He tells them they don't need money to call 911 from a pay phone and they should avoid playing in dangerous places like the railroad tracks and abandoned houses. Children learn to yell loudly but clearly, "This is not my parent!" if someone attempts to take them away. Rosen and a child demonstrate several escape techniques children can use to free themselves from someone's grab.

Teachers and parents should preview this video to determine its suitability for their particular students and children. Children who live in dangerous areas or who have already been frightened by news stories would benefit greatly by this calm safety guide. Parents of more naive and less concerned children could adapt and process the video viewing as needed.
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Author:Stanford, Beverly Hardcastle
Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Sep 22, 1993
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