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Commit to Developing Green Energy 2016, Pertamina Targets PLTP Capacity Reaches 1,112 MW.

ENPNewswire-August 15, 2019--Commit to Developing Green Energy 2016, Pertamina Targets PLTP Capacity Reaches 1,112 MW

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Release date- 14082019 - Jakarta - Pertamina continues to ensure its commitment in the development of environmentally friendly energy (green energy) including geothermal energy in Indonesia.

Through its subsidiary, PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), Pertamina is targeting the installed capacity of geothermal power plants (PLTP) to reach 1,112 MW in 2026.

Upstream Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Dharmawan H Samsu and PGE Managing Director Ali Mundakir explained the commitment and the latest development of geothermal by Pertamina to Vice President Jusuf Kalla while visiting the PGE exhibition booth after opening the Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE) 2019 event at the 2019 in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/13/2019). The 7th IIGCE event will take place on August 13-15 2019.

'At present, Pertamina through PGE will continue to be committed to developing geothermal energy and adding geothermal installed capacity in Indonesia in the context of implementing the government's energy mix program in accordance with the National Energy Policy,' Ali Mundakir explained to Vice President Kalla.

According to Ali, on 9 August 2019, PGE conducted the first synchronize Lumut Balai Unit 1 Sumsel PLTP with a capacity of 55 MW. 'We are targeting that at the end of August Lumut Balai 1 can operate commercially,' he added.

PGE now manages 14 geothermal work areas, some of which are managed and operated independently and others through a joint operation contract (JOC) scheme with other companies.

At present, PGE already operates five geothermal areas with a total installed capacity of 617 MW consisting of Kamojang 235 MW in West Java, Ulubelu 220 MW in Lampung, Lahendong 120 MW in North Sulawesi, Karaha 30 MW in West Java, and Sibayak 12 MW in North Sumatra.

PGE is also developing geothermal at the Hululais Project, Bengkulu; Sungai Penuh Project, Jambi and unit 2 PLTP at the Lumut Balai Project, South Sumatra, as well as three exploration initiations at the Seulawah Project, Aceh; Gunung Lawu Project, Central Java and the Bukit Daun Project, Bengkulu.

'We are targeting that in 2026 the total installed capacity of PGE can increase to 1,112 MW,' Ali Mundakir explained to Jusuf Kalla again.

Ali continued with PGE's geothermal electricity generation of 617 MW, potentially reducing emissions by 3.2 million tons of CO2 per year and saving oil and gas reserves from 29 MBOEPD.

Meanwhile, in his presentation before IIGCE participants, Wednesday (08/14/2019), Pertamina Upstream Director Dharmawan H Samsu said that the development of geothermal energy is one of Pertamina's aspirations in the framework of developing green energy.

'With Pertamina's contribution in installed geothermal capacity in Indonesia by 96%, which is 32% managed and carried out by Pertamina itself, and 64% through the JOC scheme, geothermal will always be one of Pertamina's focuses in developing green energy going forward,' he said .

Dharmawan continued Pertamina will always make breakthroughs in geothermal development both in the field of technology and project management.

Meanwhile, in the exhibition booth, PGE collaborated with PT Pertamina Drilling Service Indonesia (PDSI). PGE made the IIGCE event to further introduce geothermal to the community, especially geothermal which is managed by PGE.

In addition, various technologies and the success of PDSI were also introduced in a number of geothermal drilling. One of them, PDSI managed to record the deepest geothermal well drilling record of 3,203 meters at the PGE Hululais Project, Lebong, Bengkulu.


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