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Commissioner calls for his pay to be slashed.

WEST Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones claims he is paid "way too much" and has asked for a salary cut.

Mr Jones wants his PS100,000 pay packet to be slashed by a third to PS65,000 - putting him on a par with MPs.

The Labour politician and former Wolverhampton councillor has written to the Senior Salaries Review Board asking them to make the change.

He said the PS100,000 figure was out of line with his duties since he has few executive powers and mainly acts as a link between the community and the police. In an earlier interview, Mr Jones had said: "I believe I am paid too much. I have told the senior salaries review board this. I made it absolutely clear. Way too much.

"There's not that much executive in it. It's a representative job and I was making more decisions as a cabinet member in Wolverhampton.

"I am influencing decisions as PCC, co-ordinating and bringing people together. That's akin to being an MP and should be paid at the same rate."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Nov 11, 2013
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