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Commissioned artists interpret their ideas of 'Coming of Age'.

Gwanwyn hs ivited fur perfrmers/rtists t rite d perfrm shrt piece but grig lder fr this er's festivl. The perfrmers hve bee tld the c iterpret ur brief i the t - hpp, sd r fu. Perhaps they wanted to comment on what it feels like t rech the time i life he the welsh assembl Gvermet ss u hve officially become old? Maybe they wanted to tlk but h their life i wles hs chged over the years as an actor or as a woman? we ill brig the cmmissied rtists tgether e d i M t perfrm their rk t ivited udiece.

G is gig t be recrdig the perfrmces s tht ider udiece c see them ur e yuTube chel.

we've clled this prject 'Cmig f age', d it is prt f cmmissi frm the arts Cucil f wles fr the 2010 G Festivl. The perfrmers re: Jamila Massey - Idi-br ctress. She recetl ppered i Crti Street d s the recurrig chrcter autie St i Rdi 4's dil griculturl sp per, The archers, fulfilling one of her life's ambitions. Mal Pope - cmbiig the ctivities f siger, sgriter d brdcster, Ml hs ritte sgs fr Cliff Richrd d the Hllies, duetted ith Bie Tler d aled Jes d tured ith art Grfukel d Belid Crlisle. Ml reches the mileste f his 50th birthd durig this er's G Festivl d he ill be perfrmig e cmpsiti delig ith his vie f becmig lder.

Menna Elfyn - is welsh pet d drmtist. She hs ritte eight vlumes f petr i Welsh and English, five stage plays and two televisi drms. Fr 'Cmig f age' Me ill perfrmt e pems (e i Eglish, e i welsh) delig ith ge frm m's pit f vie. Striking Attitudes Dance Company - 'Cmig f age' ill see the rld premiere f rk chregrphed b Crlie Lmb tht dels ith geig b fcusig lder mle dcer. The rk f Crlie d the Strikig attitudes Dce Cmp is strgl mtivted b ish t ecurge peple t develp e pprch t the phsiclit f geig d t prmte d exted the creers f lder prfessil dcers.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 29, 2010
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