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Commission considers making one-stop airport security mandatory for intra-EU transfers.

THE EUROPEAN Commission is to conduct a review to consider whether to propose a law making one-stop security checks mandatory (barring exceptional circumstances) for flights and transfers within the European Union (EU). In a report on financing airport security Brussels raised concerns that some member states maybe insisting upon too many additional security checks for passengers arriving from other EU airports: "The Commission [thinks] that adequately screened passengers do not need to be re-screened when transferring, provided that the layout of the airport infrastructure allows for a strict separation of passengers screened at EU quality level and others."

Brussels said existing EU law already insisted on a high level of security standards and also allowed for governments to sometimes "cater for the consequences of higher security risks".

Meanwhile, the Commission will also consider requiring more transparency on the levying of security charges by airports on users and consumers. "There have been concerns over whether [fees] correspond to the actual security charge levied on the airline," said the report. And although security charges must be highlighted separately on airfares under EU law, bodies levying these fees or taxes should "regularly provide operators with information on the components used to calculate" them, stressed Brussels.
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Author:Nuthall, Keith
Publication:International News
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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