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Commission Review of a Proposal by Riverside Community College District To Convert the Moreno Valley Educational Center to a Full-Service Community College Campus. A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to a Request from the California Community College Board of Governors. Commission Report 04-01.

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In this report, the Commission considers the request by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges (BOG) and the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) to establish the Moreno Valley Educational Center as a full-service community college campus. The Commission?s overall conclusion is that the Moreno Valley Educational Center (MVED) of the Riverside Community College District has met the Commission?s Guidelines for new colleges, universities, and educational centers and that it should be approved as an official full serve community college. "The Guidelines" include ten criteria under which all proposals for official education center status must qualify. These criteria are intended to be somewhat flexible in their application, since no two proposals are ever identical, and since almost all seem to involve unique circumstances that require some departure from the temptation to interpret the criteria rigidly. The primary objective is not to provide an inflexible analysis of each criterion, but to consider each proposal as a totality, since virtually every one ever reviewed by the Commission will invariably exhibit both strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the Commission seeks to render a judgment on any college?s viability as measured by enrollments, advisability in view of alternatives, accessibility at a reasonable level, and ability to provide needed services to a population of potential students that has identifiable needs.

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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