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Commercial software may replace some MTMC systems.

The face of automation in the Military Traffic Management Command may undergo a dramatic change in the near future.

MTMC automation transportation systems will be reviewed to determine if they can be replaced with existing commercial software systems.

Most major MTMC automation systems are under review. They include: Integrated Booking System, Global Freight Management, Worldwide Port System, Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System, Asset Management System, and Group Operational Passenger System.

"Over the years, we have developed stovepiped systems to fit separate transportation business processes. We need to better leverage technology to keep pace with our business partners," said John Smith, Director, Deputy Chief of Staff Information Management.

"MTMC systems are not presently integrated, so it's hard to develop a complete automation solution for our customers and industry partners."

Smith said he became concerned about the problem within 30 days of his recruitment here a year ago.

"I was concerned about the lack of a corporate enterprise to use data across the board to address routine issues that affect our business processes," said Smith.

The review, which is already under way, reflects Smith's concerns.

The review group includes MTMC functional and technical staff and consultants from the Logistics Management Institute, of McLean, Va.

The group began work early this year, and has been providing monthly progress reports.

"From early reports, there are some automated commercial products out there we can use," said Smith.

What happens if commercial systems are found that can replace existing MTMC automation software?

"We'll have to get the buy-in from the functional business process owners," said Smith. "They will have to review what is available to see if it can be applied to their existing MTMC business practices."

No system will be a 100 percent solution, said Smith.

"We're looking at something that will give us an acceptable solution--say between 70 and 85 percent," said Smith. "We'll have to look at our business practices and see if we can live with the missing 15 percent.

"Whatever commercial systems we select," added Smith, "They must comply with U.S. Transportation Command's Corporate Data Environment, and the Department of Defense Joint Technical Architecture.

"Ultimately, we want all our customers and industry partners to be able to access MTMC transportation services via the Web, through a single Internet portal."

Some results may be in as early as May, said Smith. The first major system under review is the Integrated Booking System.
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