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Comments misguided.

YOUR contributor C Cessford would do well to 'get a grip' on reality before penning his misguided words.

Moses did indeed write - guided by God - 'an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth'.

The Israelites, as Moses described them, "were a stiff-necked people", the reason that verse came about is Israelites were prone to exacting revenge to those who had committed a minor offence against them by harsh counter-measures which could induce hatred in God's chosen people.

I remember the crusades with a sad heart as the English Crusaders were not in tune with Christ's teaching as the Bible was not translated into English from the Latin till the 15th century.

As regard to militant Muslims and "IS", the present conflict had - I think - its roots in the First World War. Things were going badly for the Allies in the conflict in the East. Britain appealed to T E Lawrence - serving in Cairo - to persuade Feisal's Arabs in Arabia to assist them against their Turkish overlords. Feisal negotiated with Lawrence and agreed to the revolt. The Allies of the West agreed to Feisal's condition to make Arabia an independent state.

Picaud and Sykes had secret meetings to carve up Arabia, as French and British "interests" were being threatened. Lawrence was distraught by this treachery by France and Britain and fought with Feisal's Arabs for two years till the end of the war in 1918. France and Britain their "interests" now satisfied agreed to give Feisal a new Arab state of which he became king.

To their credit the betrayed Arabs did not condemn Lawrence for the deception but the politicians of the West.

So conflicts "CC" can be equally caused by elected leaders who in the "art of politicaling" resort to lies, equivocation and deception to gain their goals!

BRIAN DAWSON, Choppington

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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Columns
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Jan 24, 2015
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