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"I had never heard of West Word in Denver and The Forum in Fargo-Morehead. As I am always encouraged to see Liberty Press still going in Wichita, I am happy to hear other less urban efforts going." --no location given "One issue discussed in the February issue of Liberty Press, is that we still are having to defend ourselves from politicians who use their religion - or what they think some radical religionists want to hear - by saying we are sinful and they also still want to stop the use of contraceptives, much less abortion. What young people need to do is to say we are NOT sinful - stop using the Bible, as they did to keep slavery, etc. - and we will not tolerate those who want to control our sex lives. That of course is the major reason we fear Islam." --no location given


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Publication:Liberty Press
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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