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Greater Birmingham LEP gets started with pounds 160k I have to say that Mark Prisk is one of the most out-of-touch members of the Government.

He's giving pounds 160,000 of taxpayers' money to the LEP to train its appointed directors.

Why did they not just appoint a board of directors that know what they are doing? It's a bit like recruiting doctors for a hospital, paying them a full salary, then sending them on a course to learn how to be a doctor!

Srutineer West Midlands police federation attacks Cameron over 'obsession' with US policing American-style policing? They have guns, we don't. But is that true? Tasers - the same opportunity for abuse - shoot first, ask questions later.

A recent programme (one of the "police on patrol" type) showed an action recording of a policeman (with his own voice-over comments) using a Taser to stop a person running away.

The man was running away after his car was stopped, but he had not attacked or threatened the policeman. In fact, he had not even been confronted by the policeman.

And yet he was Tasered rather than chased.

Very much in line with American practices - "Stop, or I will shoot!" Telman8 Some Birmingham rioters should be shown compassion, says police chief Surely having been treated softly softly all their lives after being naughty, and safe in the knowledge that they will be treated softly softly after this, is why they think they can get away with looting and rioting, no? What message does "treat them with compassion" send out to both them, and others who were involved.

We need a deterrent, not a typically soft British approach.

WD Well there is the problem ... police and the judicial system have taken these softly softly approaches over the years and it has led to crime being committed safe in the knowledge that the risk of a penalty is slim to none.

Burglary, theft and muggings are no longer properly followed up due to lack of resources, while funds are merrily spent on training in diversity and human rights.

It's not the police's job to solve all social issues, they should be seen as a police force to uphold the law and solve crime, not a police social service, there to hand-hold criminals though their rights.

This is wake-up call, and hopefully will be the catalyst needed to turn the tables and stop the tail wagging the dog.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 18, 2011
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