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In Memory

Nelson Chanfrau, the risk manager featured in the September issue of Best's Review, was killed on Aug. 17 when his motorcycle struck a pick-up truck in a head-on collision on a rural road near Portola, Calif.

Chanfrau, 51, who worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, survived the collapse of both towers at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, but died less than a month before the first anniversary of that catastrophe.

Best's Review received news of his death too late to make any changes in the September issue. But we take this opportunity to extend our condolences to his widow, Betty, his son, Michael, and his many coworkers.

Knowledge Needed

I read with great interest the quote from Burton T. Fried ("Comment," September 2002) and the Best Week article from which it was excerpted.

The Alliance of American Insurers agrees with Mr. Fried's assertion that the insurance industry will ultimately benefit from the development of mold standards. Unfortunately, scientific knowledge is not sufficiently advanced to allow specific standards to be developed.

One reason mold is a difficult problem, for both society and insurers, is the lack of knowledge about how it affects individuals and buildings. It is not always clear what causes mold to develop, when it causes damage, under what circumstances it poses a risk, or what health effects result from exposure to mold. It is also unclear as to what remediation measures are effective and which are cost effective. The Alliance urges that the focus of studies on mold be on the development of new scientific knowledge. In the rush to establish standards at this point, we risk placing the cart before the horse.

Kirk Hansen

Director of Claims

Alliance of American Insurers

Describing a Winner

Congratulations for writing the best article that has ever been written concerning Ernesta Procope and/or the Bowman Company in any publication anywhere! ("First Lady of Wall Street," July 2002).

As you might conjecture, you are the only publication that captured the inner feelings of a black woman endeavoring to be recognized as another entrepreneur with a passion to participate in main-stream American business. Your chronology of Ernesta's trials and tribulations amplifies the negative situations that are indigenous to all women in business. But for a black woman, attempting to survive on Wall Street is even more challenging. Your article dealt with the positive endeavors that describe a champion in a hostile environment.

Ernesta Procope is a winner, and we thank you for your amplification of those qualities.

John L. Procope


E.G. Bowman Co.
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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