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Commandos defeat lame ducks.

ON THE AFTERNOON of February 11, the Esprit de Corps Commando hockey team took to the ice to play against the foreign military attache team--the Lame Ducks.

Many of the Lame Ducks have never skated prior to their postings to Ottawa, but mastering basic hockey skills is some thing these warriors take very seriously. In a hard-fought game, the Commandos posted a 6-2 victory; however, the player of the game was Mexican Deputy Naval Attache Manuel Munoz, who played in net for the Commando squad--effectively shutting down his teammates with a solid goaltending effort.


Lighting up the scoreboard at the other end of the rink was 12-year-old Jannes Heimrich (son of German Military Attache and Lame Duck Captain Ralf Heimrich), who scored a hat-trick for the Commando squad.

Nothing builds international goodwill and camaraderie in a truly Canadian style like a good old hockey game.

ABOVE RIGHT: The Esprit de Corps Commandos "production line" (L-R): Jason McNaught, Julie Simoneau, Ally Foster, Katherine Taylor, Scott Taylor. BELOW: Although far more numerous, the Lame Ducks fell 6:2 to the Esprit de Corps Commandos.

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Title Annotation:HITS AND MISSES: From the ballroom to the hockey rink; Esprit de Corps Commando versus Lame Ducks hockey game
Author:Durnbrooke, Newell
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Date:Mar 1, 2015
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