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Leader Interview: MG Werner & CSM Charles, TACOM. Interview Dec 28, 2021 1484
Improving the Battle Rhythm to Operate at the Speed of Relevance. Prescott, Matthew Jul 1, 2021 3988
Billy Budd, Sailor: An Inside Narrative. Choate, Adam E. Nov 1, 2020 4090
Adherence to the Rule of Law in African Militaries: USAFRICOM's Roadmap. Franzblau, Sandra; Maxwell, Mark Max Nov 1, 2020 9177
EYES FRONT! Nickerson, Michael Oct 1, 2020 699
The Military Risks in America's Future. Carafano, James Jay Sep 22, 2020 2029
Reflections on Battalion Command. Herlihy, Daniel J. Jan 1, 2020 1611
Beyond Auftragstaktik: The Case Against Hyper-Decentralized Command. Lythgoe, Trent J. Report Jan 1, 2020 5169
COVID-19: A Judge Advocate's Role in Advising Decision-Makers. Bryan, Matthew T. Jan 1, 2020 769
A DAY OF MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. Curtis, Vincent J. Jun 1, 2019 698
Gimmie Five: Why the Foundation of Five Actually Works. Huestis, Bradley J.; McGarry, Sean T. Feb 1, 2019 2607
Command Relationships Between Corps and ESCs: Broken, unrealistic, and in some cases, mutually exclusive doctrine undermines the expeditionary sustainment command's role to set sustainment conditions ahead of maneuver decisions in a decisive action conflict. Belzer, Daniel J.N. Jan 1, 2019 2086
Authentic Trust & True Leadership Drive Complex Reform: Sensible Themes from DoD's Logistics Reform Effort. Avdellas, Nicholas J. Jan 1, 2019 1518
Mission Command Requires Sharp Commander's Intent. Perna, Gen. Gustave "Gus" Jan 1, 2019 477
Set the Strategy and Let the Team Succeed. Piggee, Aundre F. Jan 1, 2019 1210
Sustainment Command Relationships for the Next Fight: Success in the next fight depends on sustainers being able to effectively employ new command relationships to sustain the battle. Fogg, Rodney D.; Coleman, Hugh H. "Hank", III Jan 1, 2019 1361
Mission Command of Sustainment Operations. Shapiro, Steven A.; Davis, Mal. Oliver Jan 1, 2019 2805
It Takes a Team. Grinston, Michael A. Jan 1, 2019 1623
Integrating the Sustainment Brigade Command Function in a Combat Training Center Rotation. Henderson, Joseph D.; George, Jessica L. Jan 1, 2019 1074
Mission Command and the Sustainment Warrant Officer: Recent organizational changes have increased the need for sustainment warrant officers to understand and execute mission command. Keough, Zachary J. Jan 1, 2019 1326
Troop Leading Procedures for the Forward Support Company Commander: A forward support company commander must train Soldiers on standardized troop leading procedures to ensure mission success. Baker, Russell J. Jan 1, 2019 2431
Fighting and Learning in the Great War: Four Lessons in Coalition Warfare. Grieco, Kelly A. Sep 22, 2018 5592
SCOPE OF ACTION: Time Horizons & Organizational Skills. Martin, Richard Jul 1, 2018 798
CSM FORUM. Latter, Thomas J. Apr 1, 2018 682
Leadership in the U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Corps. King, K. Tyler Apr 1, 2018 2511
Professional and Leader Development Using the Army Career Tracker. Ancheta, Silder M. Apr 1, 2018 1838
Do As I Do. Brame, Derek M. Apr 1, 2018 1210
Developing Air Force Field Grade Officers for Joint Leadership. Magruder, Daniel L., Jr. Mar 22, 2018 6554
MODERN MILITARY LEADERSHIP: Getting caught in the groupthink trap. Stogran, Colonel Pat Oct 1, 2017 1664
The Soldier and the State: We thank you for your service--sucker! Desch, Michael C. Essay Sep 1, 2017 2832
U.S. Confidence in Military Reflects Perceived Competency. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 27, 2017 610
The trouble with mission command: Flexive Command and the future of command and control. Hill, Andrew; Niemi, Heath Essay Jul 1, 2017 4507
Learning to fish in murky waters: the missing link in capacity-building. Webber, Stephen E.; Vandergriff, Donald E. Jul 1, 2017 6424
Mission Command 2.0: From an individualist to a collectivist model. King, Anthony C. Report Mar 22, 2017 6010
Legacy concepts: A sociology of command in Central and Eastern Europe. Young, Thomas-Durell Report Mar 22, 2017 5603
The OSD logistics fellows program--a Glimpse from above. Jerkatis, Bryan L. Jan 1, 2017 551
The application of Chinese military philosophy to modern political leadership under natural disasters. Lee, Pei-Ling Report Oct 1, 2016 7661
Setting up the BSB and the FSC for success. Coryell, Brent; Devenport, Christopher Sep 1, 2016 884
SYRIA - Jowlani's Background. Aug 15, 2016 1016
Optimized mission command: using authority and influence. Perna, Gustave "Gus" Jul 1, 2016 1128
Remarks at EUCOM change of command. Speech May 3, 2016 3229
Remarks at CENTCOM change of command. Speech Mar 30, 2016 2075
Remarks at SOCOM change of command. Speech Mar 30, 2016 1743
CSM forum. Latter, Thomas J. Jan 1, 2016 600
Technical perspective. Martin, Matthew R. Jan 1, 2016 571
MI gunnery: training a BCT MI company. Starr, Sarah A. Jan 1, 2016 4127
Leadership for expeditionary logistics. Perna, Gustave "Gus" Column Jan 1, 2016 1127
Maturing our leaders in the Warrior Ethos. Hatcher, Robert L., Jr. Jan 1, 2016 904
Warfighting functions and the dependability of knowledge. Paparone, Christopher R.; Topic, George L., Jr. Jan 1, 2016 541
Sustaining a decisive edge: Through its Leader and Workforce Development Program, the Quartermaster School has implemented several leadership development measures, including a civilian professional development strategy. Kirklin, Ronald; Jones, Marshall J. Jan 1, 2016 932
Wheelhouse Wednesday developing dynamic leaders by bridging the experience gap: the Transportation School develops its leaders by finding creative ways to follow the Army Leader Development Model. Stevenson, Sarah E. Jan 1, 2016 1092
Observations of distribution company decisive action operations at the NTC: in a decisive action environment, distribution company commanders should exercise mission command by developing commander's intent and distributing it in operation orders. Watkins, Michael J. Nov 1, 2015 1828
Beyond the resignation debate: a new framework for civil-military dialogue. Golby, Maj Jim Sep 22, 2015 10727
How technology and data affect mission command. Lee, Stacey L. Jul 1, 2015 1340
Living the ARNG culture of "no cold starts". Church, David M. Jul 1, 2015 3294
British Prestige and the Mesopotamia campaign, 1914-1916. Gardner, Nikolas Essay Jun 22, 2015 8732
Thousands of Iraqis displaced as Ramadi fighting continues. Brief article May 17, 2015 240
The best man for the job? Combatant commanders and the politics of jointness. Rumbaugh, Russell R. Report Oct 1, 2014 5934
Decision at Erzerum. Robinson, Paul Sep 22, 2014 7352
The French colonial army and the great war. Dean, William T., III Sep 22, 2014 15900
The military conduct of the Austro-Hungarian Czechs in the First World War. Lein, Richard Sep 22, 2014 14734
Brutal Efficiency: The Secret To Islamic State's Success. Sep 4, 2014 1632
Lawful command emphasis: talk offense, not offender; talk process, not results. Garrett, James F.; Maxwell, Marx; Calarco, Matthew A.; Rosenblatt, Franklin D. Aug 1, 2014 15380
Mission command: differentiation and integration. Paparone, Christopher R.; Topic, George L. Jr. Jul 1, 2014 697
The movement control battalion in theater: movement control battalions regularly provide mission command for more movement control teams than they are doctrinally capable of leading. Blanding, Joseph D. Jul 1, 2014 2402
Military leadership lessons for management accountants. White, Larry R. Apr 1, 2014 1155
Misbehavior before the enemy and unlawful command influence in World War II: the strange case of Albert C. Homcy. Borch, Fred L. Mar 1, 2014 5087
Misbehavior before the enemy and unlawful command influence in World War II: the strange case of Albert C. Homcy. Borch, Fred L. Feb 1, 2014 5087
The role of professional military education in mission command. Murray, Nicholas Jan 1, 2014 2718
Learning and adapting: Billy Mitchell in World War I. Frandsen, Bert Case study Jan 1, 2014 4550
Commander's introduction. Jones, Steve Jan 1, 2014 1120
Iran's IRGC, Its Hizbullah And Other Units Have Too Many Confusing Chains Of Command. Oct 7, 2013 962
Mission command: addressing challenges and sharing insights. Parrington, James; Findlay, Mike Essay Oct 1, 2013 4478
The US Army Medical Corps leadership development program. Jul 1, 2013 18193
Know yourself, in order to lead others. Rubenstein, David A. Jul 1, 2013 2053
Trust: the DNA of leadership. Sones, Eric Jul 1, 2013 1555
Characteristics of most-admired army medical department leaders. Rogers, Jody R.; Mangelsdorff, A. David Report Jul 1, 2013 4125
Leader development within the Army Medical Department. Rogers, Jody R.; Meis, Emil F.; Haun, Jeffrey D. Jul 1, 2013 2422
Realizing operational planning and assessment in the twenty-first-century air operations center: how a refined planning construct and semantic technologies can enable delivery of the AOC's last unsupported functions (Part 1). Thompson, Redvers T. Report Mar 1, 2013 6383
Airmen and mission command. Harvard, James W. Report Mar 1, 2013 4765
Fundamental governance failures of GIRoA. Purser, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2013 3510
Influence with confidence: enabling lawful command influence by understanding unlawful command influence - a guide for commanders, judge advocates, and subordinates. Coyne, Erik C. Dec 22, 2012 13257
Building tomorrow's leaders. Dempsey, Martin E. Essay Oct 1, 2012 994
Readiness and resiliency go hand in hand. Battaglia, Bryan B. Essay Oct 1, 2012 1664
The Unified Command Plan and Combatant Commands: background and issues for Congress. Feickert, Andrew Report Jul 1, 2012 8956
Developing joint force officer-enlisted leadership capacity for the 21st century. Brownhill, Curtis L. Essay Jul 1, 2012 2029
The United Nations and intergovernmental organization command relationships: part III of III. Katsos, George E. Essay Jul 1, 2012 3202
The real key to success in Afghanistan overlooked, underrated, forgotten, or just too hard? Fortune, Michael D. Apr 1, 2012 5484
Admirals run amok: the danger of inter-service rivalry. Meilinger, Phillip S. Apr 1, 2012 5395
Pacific Command Change of Command. Panetta, Leon E. Speech Mar 9, 2012 2300
Executive summary. Eliason, William T. Jan 1, 2012 1970
The inverted pyramid model. Marshall, Alan J. Essay Jan 1, 2012 1398
Point of no return. Reddick, Justin L. Sep 1, 2011 1318
Syrian Army Splits? Brief article Aug 8, 2011 244
Keeping integrity. Edney, Leon A. Essay Jul 1, 2011 1252
Professional disagreement and policy. Eaton, Paul D. Essay Jul 1, 2011 1712
Junior leader PME in the PLA: implications for the future. Snakenberg, Mark K. Essay Jul 1, 2011 4397
Articulation beyond the bumper sticker: revamping an incomplete and confusing master tenet. Burnett, Rolanda, Sr. Report Apr 1, 2011 5594
Generalship. Tuchman, Barbara W. Dec 22, 2010 5240
Military leadership into the 21st century: another "bridge too far?". Ulmer, Walter F., Jr. Essay Dec 22, 2010 10788
Reflections on leadership. Gates, Robert Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 4535
Regimental command sergeant major. Kirkland, Charles R. Editorial Sep 22, 2010 1850
Lavelle told the truth. Sep 22, 2010 1215
Why black officers still fail. Smith, Irving, III Report Sep 22, 2010 6810
Leadership covenant to support Wounded Warriors. Lewis, Zona Apr 1, 2010 449
"Physician heal thyself": how judge advocates can commit unlawful command influence. Brookhart, Daniel G. Mar 1, 2010 10276
Superior responsibility of civilians for international crimes committed in civilian settings. Ronen, Yael Mar 1, 2010 20666
Holistic debriefing: a paradigm shift in leadership. Folland, Rolf Report Mar 1, 2010 10335
Protection of Pakistans interests should be ensured: military leadership tells McCain. Jan 8, 2010 257
Political, Military leadership to give befitting repose to India's aggressive propaganda. Jan 6, 2010 230
Political, Military leadership for apt response to Indian propaganda. Jan 6, 2010 229
Unity of command in the Pacific during World War II. Meilinger, Phillip S. Essay Jan 1, 2010 2950
Secondary forms of genocide and command responsibility under the statutes of the ICTY, ICTR and ICC. Petrosian, Tahlia Jan 1, 2010 11311
Govt refuses to allow UN Commission to meet top military leadership. Dec 31, 2009 340
Govt refuses to allow UN Commission to meet top military leadership. Dec 31, 2009 337
Mullen to meet Pakistani civil and military leadership today. Dec 15, 2009 209
Mullen to meet Pakistani civil and military leadership today. Dec 15, 2009 209
Only finer points of US-Afghan policy were conveyed to Pakistani military leadership. Dec 4, 2009 286
Command authority over contractors serving with or accompanying the force. Kirchmaier, Charles T. Dec 1, 2009 5627
US National Security Advisor to meet political/ military leadership today. Nov 12, 2009 148
US National Security Advisor to meet political/ military leadership today. Nov 12, 2009 148
Civil, military leadership must act in unison to face challenges: Naek. Nov 6, 2009 408
Civil, military leadership must act in unison to face challenges: Naek. Nov 6, 2009 408
Ban military unions, they're a threat to national security! so where to from here? Heinecken, Lindy Report Nov 1, 2009 6443
Kidnapping senior military leadership, a motive behind attack on GHQ. Oct 17, 2009 311
Kidnapping senior military leadership, a motive behind attack on GHQ: reveals Dr Usman. Oct 17, 2009 311
Khalil Ibrahim conducts partial reshuffle in JEM military leadership. Sep 17, 2009 277
Pakistan military leadership calls upon US to stop drone attacks. Jul 16, 2009 278
Civil, military leadership hold talks on early completion of operation, time schedule for safe return of IDPs. Jul 4, 2009 289
Civil, military leadership hold talks on early completion of operation, time schedule for safe return of IDPs. Jul 4, 2009 288
On strategic leadership. Myers, Richard B.; Pierce, Albert C. Jul 1, 2009 837
Keepers of the flame. Flynn, George J. Essay Jul 1, 2009 3207
Winging it. Jun 22, 2009 431
Military leadership starts preparation of new policy in war against terrorism. May 6, 2009 219
Military leadership starts preparation of new policy in war against terrorism. May 6, 2009 219
Monies well spent. Petrolekas, George May 1, 2009 881
The leadership competency modeling of military academy cadets. Jian-Quan, Tian; Danmin, Miao; Yongyong, Xu; Yebing, Yang Report May 1, 2009 4617
The character of George Marshall. Sempa, Francis P. Apr 14, 2009 335
Leavenworth releases Leadership Transition Handbook. Gibson, Scott Brief article Mar 1, 2009 293
Cuba's aging military leadership? Don't count on it. Amuchastegui, Domingo Feb 1, 2009 776
A memorial to forgetting: Libbie Custer's re-vision of General Custer's legacy. Mathias, Elizabeth Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 4958
Einar Tambarskelver. Mezey, Robert Poem Jan 1, 2009 183
How war becomes love: Donovan Campbell's memoir Joker One. Despain, Max Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3340
Empowering the information systems technician and information professional workforce with an ITIL framework. Purkiss, David T. Oct 1, 2008 3017
Building and managing an effective project team. Meier, Steven R. Sep 1, 2008 2358
Does organizational level influence self-leadership in the defense acquisition workforce? DiLiello, Trudy C.; Houghton, Jeffery D. Report Jul 1, 2008 6128
Focus on command excellence. Johnson, Arthur Jul 1, 2008 398
The ABCs of strong leadership. Ashley, Brad Jun 22, 2008 1426
Bases of power and influence tactics: concepts for effective military leadership. Kovack, Christopher T. May 1, 2008 1253
Transforming command: there's more than meets the eye. Knoll, Darcy Feb 1, 2008 2212
Trees for the troops. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article Dec 7, 2007 204
Doubts over Africom. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2007 1581
COCOM, ADCON,OPCON, TACON, support--do you know the difference? Paparone, Christopher R. Nov 1, 2007 1095
Signal Support Company and its relationship with Brigade Special Troops Battalion. Burroughs, Rett B. Jun 22, 2007 549
Leadership: an old dog's View. Anderegg, C.R. Jun 22, 2007 1522
Leading from the front, rear, and center: a squadron commander's approach. Daniels, Christopher T. Jun 22, 2007 2409
Soldiering ahead: since women began advancing into its upper ranks, the U.S. military has become both a more humane workplace and a more lethal fighting force. What role has female leadership played? Yeager, Holly Jun 22, 2007 4790
Reflection on an Ethic of Officership. Swain, Richard Report Mar 22, 2007 8820
Common core course to be requirement for captains' career courses. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 267
Principles for the small unit leader. Shirk, Scott Mar 1, 2007 1854
Reflections on command. Minkin, Steven Editorial Dec 22, 2006 4520
Turf battles: Strategic Command's expanded portfolio prompts skepticism. Magnuson, Stew Dec 1, 2006 1579
News from the command master chief. Warner, Dan Sep 1, 2006 567
Army approves new AMC subordinate command. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 253
Army changes major command structure. Sep 1, 2006 372
An AOE CSS command post in a modular army: the 1st Armored Division Support Command reengineered its command post around processes, off-the-shelf technology, and improved use of systems to create a logistics command post that can function in many environments. Moritz, J.A. Sep 1, 2006 3016
A special operations model for forward support companies with over 10 years of experience in providing multifunctional support, the Special Operations forward support company can serve as a model for conventional forward support companies that are learning to operate as multifunctional, modular units. Bogart, James W. Sep 1, 2006 978
The law: George Bush as Commander in Chief: toward the nether world of constitutionalism. Adler, David Gray Sep 1, 2006 8678
Senior leaders helping to develop the AT & L workforce: Secretary of the Air Force visits Program Management Office Course. Faulk, Bob Sep 1, 2006 427
Department of Army Senior Service College Fellowship at DAU south region. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 267
Wide world of service. Jackson, Paul W. Jul 1, 2006 1231
Command relationships in a combined force. Burton, Matthew V. Jul 1, 2006 927
Pragmatic and skilled leadership: General George H. Thomas at Stones River. Lyons, Marco J. May 1, 2006 7851
Leadership and systems thinking. Reed, George E. May 1, 2006 2659
A message from army knowledge online leadership. Chasteen, Taylor May 1, 2006 441
Operational funding. Santiago, Jennifer C. Jan 1, 2006 1472
Combined Arms Support Command reorganizes for the future. Mullins, Mike G. Sep 1, 2005 733
"What would you have done?". Alexander, Stu Jun 22, 2005 588
SDDC creates transportation terminal group in Kuwait. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 185
Ethical leadership. Haubrich, Lawrence J. Jul 1, 2004 1014
Serving our most important customers: Gen. John W. Handy. Williams, Lisa R. May 1, 2004 1301
No small change of soldiering: the Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Martins, Mark Feb 1, 2004 18731
A survey of leadership: Stonewall Jackson and George S. Patton. Carter, Joseph C.; Finer, Michael S. Jan 1, 2004 3403
The change of command inventory: planning for success: the author offers guidelines to help make the often painful process of conducting a change of command inventory less stressful for an outgoing company commander. Hornstein, Richard J. Nov 1, 2003 1402
Unified commands. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 186
311th TSC generals visit 1st Signal troops. Olney, Amanda Sep 22, 2003 431
Donahue takes command of 516th. McPherson, Bill Sep 22, 2003 919
Engineer equipment platoon leadership: operating in support of a light brigade combat team. San Pedro, Steven J.; Dunn, Joey W. Jul 1, 2003 1327
A legacy of leadership. Apr 29, 2003 1150
Leadership in a changing environment. Apr 26, 2003 6893
Loss of martial ethos. Macri, Dave Aug 1, 2002 1131
Taking the "safety pulse" of your squadron. Figlock, Robert; Ciavarelli, Anthony Mar 1, 2002 1382
People are command's greatest strength. (Transcom CINC). Bellafaire, Mike Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 661
The Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Welcomes a New Commandant. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 247
Transforming Strategic Leader Education for the 21st-Century Army. McCAUSLAND, JEFFREY D.; MARTIN, GREGG F. Sep 22, 2001 7546
The British garrison in Australia 1788 - 1841, guard detachments on convict transports. Sargent, Clem Sep 1, 2001 2681
Facing the CSS Challenge. Judson, Captain William L.; Muraski Jr., Major Richard J.; Bedey, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey A. May 1, 2001 4963
Marine Corps Commandant Extols Benefits of 'Expeditionary' Force. Book, Elizabeth G. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 276
UNIT HISTORY: A TWO-EDGED SWORD. Roberts, Dr. Larry Feb 1, 2001 1546
Yaa Asantewaa: a woman of iron. Agyeman-Duah, Ivor; Boateng, Osei Dec 1, 2000 2259
Same old dog - same old tricks. Taylor, S.R. Nov 1, 2000 538
The Other Kiss. COCKBURN, ALEXANDER Sep 4, 2000 1079
Command Post Operations: For a Company Heavy Team at JRTC. (Training Notes). Compton, Lieutenant Brian L. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 1006
Stopford saga: a poisoned process. Beswetherick, Bill Aug 1, 2000 977
Beat goes on -- more soldiers held hostage. Jaxon, George Aug 1, 2000 835
Cold War warriors: the story of the achievements and leadership of the men of the West Point class of 1950. Book Review Aug 1, 2000 265
Looking for the Perfect Leader. Zimmerman Jr., Ronald E. Jul 1, 2000 2910
Polishing them off? Taylor, S.R. Jul 1, 2000 566
Counterspin. Beswetherick, Bill Jul 1, 2000 247
Canadian officers detained and abused in Congo. Jaxon, George May 1, 2000 1052
In peace and war: Canada's man of Steele. Shannon, Norm May 1, 2000 1322
Combat and command: a major challenge to Richthofen's Jastas, 24 years later Raymond Collishaw crippled the Italian Air Force. Shannon, Norman Apr 1, 2000 2037
Essential to Soldier Care The Commander and the Chaplain. WENGER, WILLIAM V.; CREWS, JAMES P. Jan 1, 2000 2729
Breed apart. Twatio, Bill Dec 1, 1999 1545
Fourth Military Take-Over. Haidari, Iqbal Oct 1, 1999 1689
Narrating Matilda, "Lady of the English," in the Historia Novella, the Gesta Stephani, and Wace's Roman de Rou: The Desire for Land and Order. ANDERSON, CAROLYN Sep 22, 1999 8188
The Leading Manager. STRUBE, RICHARD L., JR. Sep 1, 1999 1611
Where are the ethics? (lack of leadership in Canada's armed forces). Pringle, Brian Sep 1, 1999 801
Brass examinations: career of Canada's Army Commander outshone by those of his peers (Lieutenant-General Bill Leach). Sep 1, 1999 580
An officer and a gentleman: why the concept isn't as silly as it may seem. Summers, Harry G., Jr. Sep 1, 1997 2087
Core values: foundation for the twenty-first century. Simmons, Daniel R. Report Sep 1, 1997 11503
Timeless leadership. Worthington%x+, F.F. May 1, 1997 869
Back to basics: or, some contemporary thoughts on an old document (military officer commissioning scroll). Sweetnam%x+, J.P. May 1, 1997 1093
Quality Air Force in an emergency: leadership principles and concepts for emergency response forces. Bird, David F., Jr. Report Aug 1, 1996 8404
Decision making in complex naval command-and-control environments. Kaempf, George L.; Klein, Gary; Thorsden, Marvin L.; Wolf, Steve Jun 1, 1996 6143
Boys in the barracks: admitting gays into the military isn't about sex - it's about desire. Browning, Frank Cover Story Mar 1, 1993 1421

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