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Command aims to reduce annual training time.

In the near future, Airmen will finish annual ancillary training requirements online in 90 minutes. They currently spend six times that much time attending briefings.

Slated to start as early as Oct. 1, the new program will give Air Force Reservists more time to train in other areas during their monthly unit training assemblies.

The implementation steps that determine which briefings will be part of the new ancillary training program have not been released. However, many of the briefings Airmen have to attend annually will be combined into a new "block instruction" plan. Instead of gelling time-consuming briefings on several subjects, Reservists will receive the information more efficiently.

The 90 minutes of briefings will satisfy most annual training requirements. However, new Airmen arriving at their first duty station or Airmen deploying overseas will continue to get the standard briefings.

The new training format doesn't affect "functional" training, such as chemical biological nuclear explosive defense training and weapons training. (Air Force Reserve Command News Service)
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Title Annotation:Round the Reserve
Publication:Citizen Airman
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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