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Command And Communication Frictions In The Gettysburg Campaign.

Command And Communication Frictions In The Gettysburg Campaign

Phillip M. Cole

Colecraft Industries

970 Mt. Carmel Road, Orrtanna, PA 17353

0977712516, $9.95 1-717-642-5444

Living near Gettysburg, the direct descendent of men who fought at Gettysburg, and working as a licensed battlefield guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park, Phillip M. Cole writes with a particular expertise in "Command And Communication Frictions In The Gettysburg Campaign", a specialized history focusing specifically on the protocols of the command structure and of the functions of battlefield communications. Cole includes everything from changes in the Chain of Command, the arrival of lesser commands, communication styles, insufficient instructions, discretionary orders, the disregarding of orders, failed notifications, communication cutoffs, and so much more. Enhanced with the inclusion of a Bibliography, extensive Notes, and an Index, "Command And Communication Frictions In The Gettysburg Campaign" is a unique and highly recommended addition to academic library Civil War Studies reference collections and the supplemental reading lists of Civil War buffs and Battle of Gettysburg reenactions.
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