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Coming up short.

I remember reading in an issue of Baseball Digest that included a list of pitchers with the most wins at the All-Star break and noted several with 15 victories. I am wondering how many pitchers had 15 victories at the All-Star break but failed to win 20 during that same season?

Dennis Petrak

Cambridge, MA

A pitcher registering 15 or more wins by the All-Star break has been accomplished 23 tunes by 19 different pitchers since the Midsummer Classic began in 1933.

The only pitchers to do it multiple times are Wilbur Wood (3), Bob Feller (2) and Sandy Koufax (2).

Ubaldo Jimenez is the only pitcher to have 15 victories at the All-Star break and fail to win 20 for the year He was 15-1 at the time of the break in 2010 for the Colorado Rockies and ended the season with a 19-8 mark. See the accompanying chart.


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Author:Petrak, Dennis
Publication:Baseball Digest
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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