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Coming up roses in business starts with core principles.


While the football fields at RFK Stadium and the Rose Bowl might seem far away from speaking to business people about ways to better manage and motivate their employees, expert speaker Tom Flick actually characterized his progression from one to the other as pretty natural.

Though his playing days for the University of Washington Huskies NCAA football team as well as multiple NFL franchises are long over, Flick, this year's General Session keynote speaker, said he continues to draw on his experiences from those years. And those years were far from ordinary, as Flick helped lead his Huskies to a Rose Bowl appearance and earned a PAC-10 (Pacific Athletic Conference) Player of the Year award while a college quarterback before enjoying a seven-year career at the game's highest level with the Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers. These achievements and, more importantly, the values that contributed to them are why Flick was chosen by Insight Publishing Company to be a featured contributor in Speaking of Success: World Class Experts Share Their Secrets.

"It's just an extension of playing the position of quarterback," said Flick in the book. "As a quarterback, you're given a vision at the start of the season and a mission to accomplish, and then, it's a matter of execution. Within that process, it's all about people. It's about encouraging them, inspiring them, challenging them and it's about facing the obstacles ... In business today, it is managing change more efficiently and effectively, leading and growing people and, ultimately, making sure that you get the most out of their talent. So it really is quite a nice fit."

In the book's in-depth, inspirational interview conducted by David Wright, president of the International Speakers Network, Flick maintains that he's a firm believer that the ability to show positive results is critical, in both sports and the business world. Just as an athlete doesn't play football with any other intention than to win, a business doesn't operate to watch profits fall or stagnate. But to generate those results, a solid foundation must be in place. Flick said he likes to play off four key principles--trust, unfiltered dialogue around ideas/issues, commitment from the entire team and accountability--to set that foundation for success. Moreover, a true workplace leader needs to not only say he or she embraces these principles, but must walk the walk as well, he intimates.

"Leaders should certainly make sure they are walking in a commendable fashion so that people will want to follow them," said Flick, who calls one's core principles their "North Star, true identity and guiding light." "If they are just out there spouting proclamations, speaking words and dictating to people, you'll find that the ability to lead is not as great as it could be."

Being a role model within a company, especially from an upper management position, gives employees the kind of buy-in they need to reach their potential, not to mention something to strive for on a long-term basis. "Great companies cast a very compelling picture of the future so that, when people come to work, they live on that 'GO' side because they can internally see where they want to be," said Flick, saying of his philosophy that people generally operate under one of two mentalities: "STOP or GO." "There's more value to be there--out in that future picture--than where they are presently. We all move toward the things that most dominate our thought processes and belief systems."

Flick is one of a number of professionals and everyday people chosen for Speaking of Success because of their personal successes and the integrity that got them there. It's a book of inspiration, insight and determination--a tool to get the reader on their own road to success.


General Session is on Monday, May 23, 8:30-10:45 am.

Copies of Speaking of Success are available through the NACM Bookstore (order early to avoid lines on-site!). Be sure to purchase and bring your copy to the NACM booth in the Expo Hall immediately following the opening General Session. Meet Tom, and have your copy autographed ... a wonderful keepsake from the conference.
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