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Coming to life. (Q&A).

Evanescence isn't a household name yet, but due in part to prominent placement of its songs in the film Daredevil, the quintet from Little Rock, Arkansas, recently scored a No. 1 modern rock single ("Bring Me To Life"). UPFRONT talked to lead singer Amy Lee, 20.

You started your band as a teen. Did you find time for school?

I would have been in really big trouble if I had skipped school to be with the band.

How did other students treat you?

Once my band started getting popular in my town, a lot of people who had been mean to me started being my best friend.... Honestly, I always made it a point never to be mean to them ... [but] I wasn't going to invite them over.

Did your parents support the band as long as you stayed in school?

Yeah, absolutely.

Are you used to the attention that female lead singers usually get?

I think the better question is if [band co-founder Ben Moody] is used to it.... We're talking about calling the next session of the tour, The Pampered Princess Tour.
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Title Annotation:singer Amy Lee of Evanescence
Author:Coco, Paul
Publication:New York Times Upfront
Article Type:Interview
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Date:May 9, 2003
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