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Coming soon: advanced practice nursing certification audit.

Advanced practice nurses who completed their programs on or after January 1, 1996 must be certified in the advanced role and specialty that is congruent with their advanced practice nursing education. Certain categories of advanced practice nurses who completed their advanced practice nursing education programs prior to that date are also required to maintain national certification. In order to maintain authorization to practice as an advanced practice nurse, Rule 221.8(a)(1) requires these advanced practice nurses to maintain that national certification.

In the near future, the board will conduct an audit of advanced practice nurses to determine whether they have, in fact, maintained the appropriate national certification as required by current rule. Advanced practice nurses may wish to verify that their certification documents are in order. Certification documents should not be sent to the board office until further instructions are provided. Additional information and instructions regarding the audit will be mailed to advanced practice nurses; therefore, they may wish to ensure that their current address is on file with the board office.

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Publication:Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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