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Coming events--.

* "Spend a Day with Don Ranly: Reinventing Print," April 21, 2004, Ayres Country Inn & Suites, Costa Mesa, CA, sponsored by the Southern California chapter of NEPA.

Don Ranly, renowned University of Missouri journalism professor and expert on writing, editing and publishing (and NL/NL contributing editor) will lead a full-day workshop on how to reinvent print for new media, how to write "right, tight and bright," how to write attention-grabbing headlines, captions and blurbs, and how to present useful information in the most useful way.

Cost is $79, which includes poolside lunch. To register, contact NEPA, address above.

* "ContentBiz Summit 2004: Selling Subscriptions to Internet Content," May 10-11, 2004, New York City, sponsored by Marketing Sherpa, Anne Holland, president.

Eleven online subscription executives will share practical hands-on tactics they've used to sell more subscriptions in the last year. You'll learn: how to raise your conversion rates from free visitors to paid buyers; data on pricing, renewals, average account lifetimes, conversions, etc.; search marketing, e-mail marketing, and affiliate marketing tactics; negotiation tactics for partnerships with resellers, affiliates, agggregators, and portals; and how to maximize autorenewal profits.

Fee is $995 ($100 discount if registering before April 15) and includes two breakfasts, two lunches, a networking cocktail party, and the event transcript.

For more information and to register, go to
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Title Annotation:Who, What, When & Where
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Mar 31, 2004
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