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Coming Viral Attractions?

If you got hit hard by "Melissa" or the "Love Bug," you won't like the malignant code snippets the future promises. Here are some viruses that may head your way several years from now.

Joshua: After entering values in a range of spreadsheet cells, the computer asks you if you would like to play a game. Without waiting for an answer, the program replaces your data with a jumbled jigsaw puzzle. You must solve it within a time limit or the virus obliterates the data on your hard drive.

BurnBabyBurn: Your Internet company has just published its latest financial results online, but the clever little BurnBabyBurn virus knows that your "burn rate" will doom your business in a couple of months. The moment the financial report appears onscreen it starts burning up, leaving only black cinders.

Revenge_of_the_Observed: Your e-mail is being monitored, and this virus knows. It worms into bosses' computers, intercepts all their incoming or outgoing mail, and redirects it to the entire corporation.
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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