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Coming: student Nobelists.

Coming: Student Nobelists

A new program to award $50,000 American Nobel Fellowshipsto graduate students in physics, chemistry, medicine and economics was announced last month by the Westport, Conn.-based American Nobel Anniversary Committee (ANAC). The nonprofit organization was set up in 1941 by Albert Einstein and French emigre Jacques Ferrand to honor Alfred Nobel and U.S. winners of the award named for him.

The new fellowships, to be awarded every other year, will goto students "who show tremendous aptitude, skill and innovative ability in some of the subdisciplines that complement the Nobel awards," according to Henry Singer, ANAC's executive officer. Winners, who will be able to use the fellowships to complete their graduate studies or to finance research, will be chosen by Nobel laureates, Singer says. the first awards are scheduled to be made on Dec. 9, 1988.

Though ANAC is not affiliated with the Stockholm-based NobelFoundation, which offers the Nobel Prize (SN: 10/25/86, p.262), Singer says the Nobel Foundation has offered the ANAC fellowships program its enthusiastic support. Money for the program is to come from corporate sponsors. And these can name the fellowship they endow after anyone they choose, Singer says, "so long as [the fellowship's] ultimate objective is to enhance and nurture the growth and development of future Nobel laureates." An anonymous donor has already contributed the $25,000 needed to set up the chemistry fellowship.
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Title Annotation:American Nobel Fellowships
Publication:Science News
Date:Jan 24, 1987
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