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ZAP COMIX WERE NEVER FOR KIDS! Doherty, Brian Jun 21, 2022 2758
Inside the 'mind-blowing' creepy abandoned home frozen in time for decades; Kyle Urbex, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, found dozens of old comic books dating back to the 1960s decaying on the kitchen counter, while two passports were eerily sprawled across a table. By, Sam Truelove Jun 6, 2022 775
For decades, a Catholic comic book taught young people about church. Guerrieri, Vince Apr 1, 2022 1171
GEMS OF COMAC ART. Cartoon Jan 1, 2022 547
Valentina: Her many faces and origin stories. Nov 19, 2021 878
Korean girls' comic books reflect multifaceted female roles in society. Jul 24, 2021 251
Why Comics Are Awesome for Reluctant Readers! Author Jess Bradley discusses the ways comics can be a key resource to inspire a love of reading in reluctant readers. Bradley, Jess Jun 22, 2021 1092
Graphic Novels: COMICS FOR AGES 5 AND UP. Recommended readings Mar 22, 2021 2369
Comic book artist Whilce Portacio shares his Balikbayan journey. Feb 23, 2021 877
New exhibition explores how Arabic comic books have reflected the socio-political culture of the region. Matt Ross Feb 5, 2021 1226
Ian Rankin's view on the importance of comic books is worth taking seriously - Scotsman comment; When people look back at their early life, comics may well have played a significant part in what it was to be a child. Scotsman comment Jan 5, 2021 327
Binge-read Filipino comics for free on Penlab. Dec 9, 2020 774
Maria Clara in the modern Philippines? This comic book makes that time travel happen. Nov 18, 2020 953
A bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic Pasig City. This comic book artist tells the story. Nov 7, 2020 1003
Them: A Pitch. Tremblay, Paul Short story Sep 22, 2020 885
Where to get comic books now that Comic Quest is closing. Sep 18, 2020 507
Mumbai Comic Con 2019: What to expect. Dec 6, 2019 1137
Got Cool Comics? What are your favorite comics and graphic novels? Check out these awesome finds! Brunetti, Julia Nov 1, 2019 1073
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
Free iconic comic books being left on trains and buses today; Is your spidey-sense tingling? Neil Shaw Oct 9, 2019 727
On Comics, Crime, and Football: A Conversation with Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. Franklin, Tom Interview Sep 22, 2019 4608
BEYOND THE CAPE: "[The exhibition] delves into the world of comics and graphic novels and their influence on contemporary artists. Their work defies commonalities, but comes together to present a boldly visual, eye-opening mirror of our contemporary world and present issues.". Jul 1, 2019 753
Introduction: "Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels: An Annotated Bibliography". Callison, Camille; Rifkind, Candida Bibliography Jun 22, 2019 5522
Learn about writing comic books. Jun 18, 2019 105
Comic books portray exaggerated physical differences between male and female superheroes. May 2, 2019 581
The power of imagination. Choruma, Allen Column Jan 1, 2019 1324
Comics in Sequence: Comics, Libraries and Literacy. Olson, Russell Sep 22, 2018 1896
Adams, Neal, Rafael Medoff, and Craig Yoe. We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust. Frank, Ellen Brief article Aug 1, 2018 288
iKuwento restores classic Pinoy comic books. May 20, 2018 568
How Comic Books Taught American Kids about the Holocaust. May 7, 2018 905
Get free comic books. Apr 26, 2018 200
UP,UP AND AWAY! USING COMIC BOOKS FOR CTE PROGRAM PROMOTION. Schutt, Craig W.; Washer, Bart; Conrad, Michelle Feb 1, 2018 1905
Bridging Transpersonal Ecosophical Concerns with the Hero's Journey and Superheroes Through Comicbook (1) Lore: Implications for Personal and Cultural Transformation. Schroll, Mark A. Report Dec 1, 2017 18586
CairoComix Festival showcases Arab comic books. Nov 1, 2017 136
Fighting a supervillain: A love of comic books offers surprising lessons in living with MS. Rutberg, Shara Sep 22, 2017 798
Comic books and beyond at AsiaPOP. Sep 10, 2017 1018
Comic books galore. Clabough, Raven Brief article Jul 10, 2017 338
'Archie' Comic Books To Kill Off Betty? Jun 22, 2017 411
Anniversary mix: another year has passed and that means another anniversary for this column. Kan, Kat Column Feb 1, 2017 2043
Will millennial care about Archie? The CW has had great success turning comic books into hit series, but Riverdale presents its toughest branding challenge yet. Lynch, Jason Jan 16, 2017 673
Promoting commodities through comic books: a framing analysis of the Captain Citrus campaign. Rogers, Tiffany M.; Rumble, Joy N.; Lundy, Lisa K. Dec 1, 2016 7232
Playster enters into partnership with IDW Publishing to add comic books and graphic novels to portfolio of music, movies, books and games. Nov 2, 2016 155
Playster enters into partnership with IDW Publishing to add comic books and graphic novels to portfolio of music, movies, books and games. Nov 2, 2016 129
From carrier pigeons to comic books: is there a future for microfiche? Lardner, Kayla Nov 1, 2016 175
How Does Rick Grimes Lose His Hand In 'The Walking Dead' Comic Books? Oct 22, 2016 499
4 Scariest Negan Scenes From 'Walking Dead' Comic Books. Oct 21, 2016 429
Comic books' fans call for literary club. Oct 3, 2016 837
All kinds of good books. Kan, Kat List Aug 1, 2016 2096
Sneak Peek Into a New World in Comic Books. Jun 15, 2016 453
Comics: a step toward the future of medicine and medical education? Guest editorial Jun 1, 2016 1208
More graphic greats. Recommended readings May 1, 2016 210
Fremok: Comics Out-of-Bounds. Dejasse, Erwin Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 2776
International comics: 5 groundbreaking publishers. Kartalopoulos, Bill Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 3338
Discovering International Comics. Kartalopoulos, Bill Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 1413
Ilan Manouach: Defamiliarizing Comics. Kartalopoulos, Bill Biography Mar 1, 2016 2935
The man who cast Batman's shadow: Bob Kane blazed a trail for cinema's superheroes. Manning, Matthew K. Oct 20, 2015 639
Drawn to diversify: women quietly become a force in the comic-book arena. Maxwell, Erin Oct 6, 2015 964
So many good books! Kan, Kat Oct 1, 2015 2043
Public and academic library collaboration through an anime and comics enthusiasts convention (ACEcon). Knipp, Paula J.; Walker, Karen R.; Durney, Kiki; Perez, Jorge E. Oct 1, 2015 4086
Visions of Monstrosity: Lovecraft, Adaptation and the Comics Arts. Janicker, Rebecca Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 7793
"And it had everything in it": Building Stories, comics, and the book of the future. Kashtan, Aarons Essay Sep 22, 2015 10673
The comic gene: how a seemingly ordinary high school teacher became a teen-lit superhero. Mechanic, Michael Interview Sep 1, 2015 864
Copyright comics. Suderman, Peter Brief article Jul 1, 2015 159
Making the Invisible Visible: Lesbian Romance Comics for Women. Wood, Andrea Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 10850
Iowa man shares passion for comics at community college: from superman to dark knight, longtime collector teaches history of comic books. O'Leary, Josh Jun 8, 2015 969
(Fan) scholars and superheroes: the role and status of comics fandom research in Australian media history. Patrick, Kevin Report May 1, 2015 5044
Comics, War, and Ordinary Miracles. Mahmutovic, Adnan; Durneen, Lucy Essay May 1, 2015 3552
Everything I know about comic books (and what I am afraid to ask). Durneen, Lucy Essay May 1, 2015 5303
Arabic comic books come to the UAE. Apr 10, 2015 203
Super science. Pero, James Apr 1, 2015 593
Je Suis Charlie: cartoonists respond to Charlie Hebdo massacre book will benefit affected families. Hebdo, Charlie Brief article Mar 1, 2015 131
Dick Tracy gets smacked down: comic crimes in Manitoba. Burchill, John Essay Jan 1, 2015 5639
Pulp journalism: how publishers can use comics to tell better stories. Kane, Rich Jan 1, 2015 545
Little island comics goes to university! Woodrow-Butcher, Andrew Essay Dec 22, 2014 1606
A gallery of indian comics art. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 294
Editorial note. India, Comics in Column Dec 1, 2014 476
A brief history of comics. Dec 1, 2014 340
Telling stories and building community: making comics in India. Stoll, Jeremy Essay Dec 1, 2014 4104
Panels, registers and frames: creative engagements with traditional visual narrative forms. Sabhaney, Vidyun Essay Dec 1, 2014 5778
Art in comics. Gopalakrishnan, Gokul Dec 1, 2014 3395
City of the ninth art. Patil, Amwta Essay Dec 1, 2014 931
Growing up (and raising kids) with comic books. Menezes, Vivek Dec 1, 2014 2390
Grassroots comics: An indigenous global movement. Sharma, Sharad Dec 1, 2014 4583
Issued in the public interest. Kumar, Amitabh Essay Dec 1, 2014 2736
Shut up about the market and show me your internal organs. Khanna, Rakesh Dec 1, 2014 2183
Metadata for Graphic Novels and Comic Books: Comic Book Markup Language and Advanced Comic Book Format. Wright, Vonda E. Dec 1, 2014 4494
The movies are great ... but what about the comic books? Infante, Victor D. Nov 7, 2014 662
Women and kids are focus as New York comic con draws 150,000+. Nov 3, 2014 346
The geek shall inherit the earth. Coffin, Bill Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2014 635
Editorial. Rennie, Jennifer Editorial Oct 1, 2014 390
The role of semiotic resource complexes in emergent multimodal reading processes: insights from a young student's reading of a comic book. Ranker, Jason Report Oct 1, 2014 6982
TV's super battle: the fight between DC and marvel for comicbook-based supremacy has spilled over from bigscreen to small. Prudom, Laura; Friedlander, Whitney Sep 16, 2014 1571
Celebrating the freedom to read graphic novels: this banned books week! Baur, Jack Column Aug 1, 2014 879
Pan Mac to publish Laughter Lines by Des O'Connor. Brief article Jul 16, 2014 110
Disreputable sources: fabrice stroun on art and comics. Stroun,Fabrice Jun 22, 2014 1982
Eye of doom, hand of glory. Jun 22, 2014 1023
Wonder worlds: Stephen Burt on histories of comics. Burt, Stephen Jun 22, 2014 3898
Hillary chute on Julie Doucet. Chute, Hillary Jun 22, 2014 549
Ida applebroog. Jun 22, 2014 353
Comic books, mock trials, and zombies: engaging integrative biopsychology themes in the classroom. Struthers, William M. Jun 22, 2014 8310
The more the merrier. Kan, Kat Column Jun 1, 2014 2122
Beyond graphic novels: illustrated scholarly discourse and the history of educational comics. Humphrey, Aaron Essay May 1, 2014 3985
Comic books and American cultural history; an anthology. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 134
Vampires and witches and commandos, oy vey:comic book approprations of lilith. Dennis, Geoffrey; Dennis, Avi S. Essay Mar 22, 2014 10015
The core of story: how comics can enhance reader engagement and bring new audiences to narrative nonfiction. Polgreen, Erin Column Mar 22, 2014 877
Drawn to change: comics and critical consciousness. Carleton, Sean Report Mar 22, 2014 10693
Three Studio Team Illustrates Comic Books and Graphic Novels for Filmmakers and Script Writers. Mar 6, 2014 297
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers from Comic Books: New Characters in Season 4, Surprise Ending in Store for Fans. Jan 16, 2014 325
Don't you just love these comic books? Oct 5, 2013 908
Visualizing the romance: uses of Nathaniel Hawthorne's narratives in comics. Essay Sep 22, 2013 10224
When nerds gather, the industry takes notice. Thielman, Sam Jul 22, 2013 2000
10 comics to watch: whether booking roles or honing their acts onstage, these laughmakers are on their way up. Jul 8, 2013 2276
Comic Books and American Cultural History: An Anthology. Romero-Jodar, Andres Jul 1, 2013 2192
Minorities depicted in comic book filmic adaptations. Lipiner, Michael Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 3305
Comic books y novelas graficas en su contexto generico. Hacia una definicion y clasificacion de los textos iconico narrativos. Romero-Jodar, Andres Essay Jun 1, 2013 8089
Angelic Wars Comic Book Will Revolutionize Comic Books and Our View of the War in Heaven. May 24, 2013 243
Anti-foreign imagery in American pulps and comic books, 1920-1960. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 104
Heroes & villains brought to life. Jan 1, 2013 613
Jim Sturgess And Zachary Levi Vie For Role In Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Dec 26, 2012 424
Heroes, and Princesses, and Turtles! Kan, Kat Column Dec 1, 2012 2170
Mutant ninjas are turtley awesome. Nov 1, 2012 553
Stephen King book by book. Smith, Patrick Nov 1, 2012 3813
The meaning of superhero comic books. Book review Oct 1, 2012 186
AutoBio Comics Amplifies Marketing for Companies Via Comic Books. Aug 5, 2012 289
Comic books and the Cold War, 1946-1962; essays on graphic treatment of communism, the code and social concerns. Book review Jun 1, 2012 167
Comic book confidential. Osterer, Irv Jun 1, 2012 498
Do fans own digital comic books? Examining the copyright and intellectual property attitudes of comic book fans. Stevens, J. Richard; Bell, Christopher Edward Report Apr 12, 2012 9384
Drawing history into today's news. Seitz, Jonathan Mar 22, 2012 411
Comic relief: bridging the gap between comic book creators, publishers and consumers. Pahle, Rebecca Mar 1, 2012 1597
The pictures! The stories! The partnerships! Graphic novel illustrators and authors bring energy and passion to important stories. Robins, Scott Interview Jan 1, 2012 3150
Comic books' latest plot twist: enhancing literacy instruction: graphic novels can add value to literacy instruction, especially for struggling or disaffected readers. Rapp, David N. Dec 1, 2011 2115
A user's guide to superhero event comics. Baur, Jack Dec 1, 2011 1827
"You're forever stuck in neutral, manmeat": hobbesian biopolitics and the rise of the Transhuman. Lolis, Thomas Report Dec 1, 2011 4355
-MMC sets foot in French comic books market. Oct 14, 2011 116
The popularity of postmodernism. Chute, Hillary Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 3536
Comic books portraying politicians as superheroes flying off shelves! Sep 12, 2011 148
Panel Discussion. Leibovitz, Liel Aug 4, 2011 1140
Dark knights of the soul: comic books into movies. Pacatte, Rose Jul 22, 2011 1191
Creating comics. Williams, John E. Jul 1, 2011 516
The Fantastic Four of mathematics assessment items: Jane Greenlees makes reference to four comic book characters to make the point that together they are a formidable team, but on their own they are vulnerable. Read on to find out the Fantastic Four of Assessment and how they work together. Greenlees, Jane Jun 22, 2011 2916
From black & white to color and back: what does it mean (not) to use color? Baetens, Jan Report Jun 22, 2011 8262
Animal subjects of the graphic novel. Chaney, Michael A. Report Jun 22, 2011 8458
New Comic Book To Celebrate Lucille Ball's Centennial. Brief article Jun 10, 2011 215
The comics code goes cold. Walker, Jesse Brief article Jun 1, 2011 217
From Ponyo to "My Garfield Story": using digital comics as an alternative pathway to literary composition. Yuan, Ting Report May 11, 2011 2628
Graphic novels and comic books. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 110
The breakdown of heroism in the 1970s: miserable men in Franco-Belgian Western comics. Ackermann, Kira Essay Apr 1, 2011 4118
Captain copyright. Lum, Lydia Cover story Mar 31, 2011 615
Jewish comics; or, visualizing current Jewish narrative. Royal, Derek Parker Report Jan 1, 2011 5095
The "outsider": Neil Gaiman and the Old Testament. Camus, Cyril Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 8285
Corpses, crimes, and comic books: Old Testament justice in the horror comics of the '50s. Beato, Greg Oct 15, 2010 1028
Comic books from the Federal Reserve. McManus, John F. Sep 27, 2010 826
Comic books could educate young men about testicular cancer: Study. Report Sep 24, 2010 399
De servical a senhor de sua propria historia: um olhar sobre a representacao do negro nos quadrinhos brasileiros. Vergueiro, Waldomiro; Chinen, Nobuyoshi Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 5459
Encyclopedia of comic books and graphic novels; 2v. Book review Aug 1, 2010 194
Dr Peter Venkman: 'scuse me Egon? You said crossing the streams was bad!...': Dr Ray Stanz: 'Cross the streams...': Comics, manga, graphic novels and the challenge and excitement of cross-curricular work (with apologies to Ghostbusters [1984]). Gibson, Mel Mar 22, 2010 1695
New evidence reveals Double Falsehood may be attributed to Shakespeare. Brief article Mar 16, 2010 164
Jemima flies the family nest with bird paintings; Artist Jemima Canegrati is one of eight children and says that growing up in a large family helped her to become a strong individual. She began drawing as a child and still has scores of comic books that she produced as an outlet for her imagination. Her most recent work is currently being shown in an exhibition in Huddersfield. She talked to Hilarie Stelfox. Jan 6, 2010 783
Hey citizens! Comics! Doherty, Brian Brief article Jan 1, 2010 168
1000 Comic Books You Must Read. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 103
An art without a tradition: a survey of Indian comics. Murthy, Bharath Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 5091
Move Over Spiderman - Here Comes Rabbi Ben-Eliezer. Brief article Nov 9, 2009 84
Polish Comic Books Cover Nazi Camps. Nov 2, 2009 729
Getting students to write using comics. Crilley, Mark Oct 1, 2009 2241
Graphic novels, digital comics, and technology-enhanced learning: Part 2. Lamb, Annette; Johnson, Larry Oct 1, 2009 3171
New 'Rose is Rose' Collection Hits Bookstores. Brief article Sep 25, 2009 107
Teaching the axial age: through a biographical comic book of Buddha's life. Greenstone, Daniel Sep 22, 2009 2218
Autorepresentation et heterostigmatisation en bandes dessinees. La vie de Pahe de Bitam a Panam. Boukala, Mouloud Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 6220
The war of the worlds? Classics, comics and ways of thinking about adaptations. Gibson, Mel Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 1889
Comic books an untapped medium for health promotion. Branscum, Paul; Sharma, Manoj Sep 22, 2009 6622
Comic-Con: where the alt-universe becomes reality. Aug 3, 2009 610
Goggas brings Korean comic books and more to English readers. Jul 13, 2009 297
Creators Syndicate Brings Comics to iPhones. Brief article Jun 30, 2009 238
Savvy solutions. Robinson, Tennille M. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 285
United Nations Looks to Hire -- a Cartoonist? Brief article May 21, 2009 192
Just What the Recession Ordered: Web Comics. Gutierrez, Peter May 1, 2009 836
The comic book as symbolic environment: the case of Iron Man. Hogan, Jon Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 7480
'Holy Grail of comic books' up for grabs. Feb 27, 2009 213
Anti-government superheroes. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 247
Universal Comic Gift Ideas Up on Brief article Dec 11, 2008 112
Nickelodeon Magazine Seeks Votes for Comics Award. Brief article Dec 5, 2008 103
Idaho Potato Commission Comic Book Crusaders Rescue Retailers from Dwindling Produce Sales. Brief article Oct 17, 2008 201
'Welcome' to a Story About a 'Zippy' Book and Appearances. Brief article Oct 2, 2008 163
'Pain' Ends as Massive Cartoon Cargo Arrives in Ohio. Astor, Dave Brief article Oct 1, 2008 314
9/11 aftermath inspires comic book writers. Sep 1, 2008 448
Manga in Manhattan, Scott McCloud's twelve revolutions, and comics' perfect storm. Vollmar, Rob Interview Sep 1, 2008 2685
A Round of Applause for AJAAJ - the UAE,COs First Superhero. Aug 20, 2008 691
Super efforts in P.R. Graser, Marc Brief article Jul 28, 2008 168
H'w'd woos nerd herd: the event's early days: sweet nerd of youth. Lowry, Brian Jul 14, 2008 658
Comics as fine art. Debruge, Peter Jul 14, 2008 188
Breen, Peters, and Wilkinson Among San Diego Comic-Con Guests. Brief article Jun 12, 2008 180
Grant Is Awarded to Syracuse University's Cartoon Collection. Brief article Jun 10, 2008 114
Two 'Peanuts' Comics Auctioned for a Combined $106,270. Brief article May 7, 2008 155
Stores offer free comic books in a bid to cultivate new fans. May 4, 2008 494
Comic books in the classroom? Brief article May 1, 2008 203
Short Animation Promotes 'Zits' Comics Collection. Brief article Apr 23, 2008 120
'One Nation, Oh My God!' for 'Slowpoke' Cartoon. Brief article Apr 18, 2008 117
A half-naked muscleman in trunks: Charles Atlas, superheroes, and comic book masculinity. Landon, Richard Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 6568
'Diesel Sweeties' Comic Archive to Get Digital Release. Brief article Mar 11, 2008 136
'Magic in a Minute' Feature Offered by Universal. Brief article Feb 13, 2008 127
Statistics Show the Difficulties for Cartoonists of Color. Survey Feb 8, 2008 399
Soft power: U.S. special forces target hearts and minds. Magnuson, Stew Cover story Feb 1, 2008 2543
'Tumbleweeds' Comic to End This Month After 42 Years. Staff, E&P Brief article Dec 21, 2007 114
The revolt of the comic books: America's superheroes take on preemptive war, torture, warrantless spying, and George W. himself. Sanchez, Julian Critical essay Nov 1, 2007 1872
'Dilbert' Creator's New Book Inspires Blurb Contest. Staff, E&P Brief article Oct 23, 2007 127
L.A. 'Daily News' to Reinstate at Least Three Comics. Staff, E&P Brief article Jul 23, 2007 259
Supergirls gone wild: torture me. Kill me off. My fans shall avenge me. Anders, Charlie Essay Jul 1, 2007 1507
China confiscates about 6,000 'Death Note' comic books. Jun 18, 2007 234
'Secret Asian Man' Joining United's Comics Roster. Staff, E&P Brief article Jun 12, 2007 106
'Opus' Strip's 'Two Moms' Theme Irks Conservative Blogger. Staff, E&P Brief article Jun 12, 2007 247
'Cul de Sac' on the Road to Syndication with Universal. Staff, E&P Brief article Jun 11, 2007 101
"Africa Comics": Studio Museum in Harlem. Moore, Allison Apr 1, 2007 590
Introduction. Apr 1, 2007 967
Will Eisner Exhibit Coming to Ohio State. Staff, E&P Brief article Mar 15, 2007 103
Biblical superheroes: artist joins Christian media firm to launch a line of faith-based comic books. Gilliam, Stacy Mar 1, 2007 509
Comix poetics. Arnold, Andrew D. Mar 1, 2007 1533
2 great places to find more comics. Shook, David Mar 1, 2007 403
Comics, not only for fun. Dec 1, 2006 387
Speakers to Discuss Comics at N.J. Museum. Staff, E&P Brief article Oct 12, 2006 147
Queering the comics: superheroes--coded, metrosexual, lesbian--and LGBT writers and artists will make this July's Comic-Con International in San Diego one of the gayest ever. Ferber, Lawrence Jul 18, 2006 366
Beyond funny: black voices in the world of comics and graphic novels. Fleming, Robert Jul 1, 2006 2352
Comical reality. Voo, Jocelyn Brief article Jul 1, 2006 282
Gay in the comics. Mangels, Andy Brief article May 23, 2006 171
What I learned from superman; with Superman Returns headed at us faster than a speeding bullet, Advocate arts and entertainment editor and lifelong comics fan Alonso Duralde looks at superheroes and their appeal to gays and lesbians. Duralde, Alonso Cover story May 23, 2006 2329
Comics bring new shadings to 9/11. Garrett, Diane Brief article May 8, 2006 218
Yaoi 101: girls love "boys' love". Camper, Cathy May 1, 2006 2610
Shojo and adult women: a linguistic analysis of gender identity in manga (Japanese comics). Ueno, Junko Mar 22, 2006 8306
There's Life After Editorial Cartooning. Astor, Dave Mar 1, 2006 546
Trendspotting: Yaoi zowie. Ferber, Lawrence Brief Article Nov 22, 2005 219
Andrews & McMeel. Donovan, Diane C. Aug 1, 2005 414
The real Mr. Fantastic: gay writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tackles the Fantastic Four as the comic book starts getting mainstream buzz. Kim, Chuck Brief Article Jul 19, 2005 157
D.C. comics. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 241
Holy Land heroes flex their media muscle. Jaafar, Ali Brief Article Mar 14, 2005 261
Students real comics! Fried, Brian Mar 1, 2005 588
Reaching teens: back to the future: how teachers are using old favorites to hook the newest generation of reluctant adolescent readers. Grillo, Thomas Feb 1, 2005 1770
The wisdom of mad. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 457
Not just condensation: how comic books interpret Shakespeare. Perret, Marion D. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 10191
"No more yielding than a dream": the construction of Shakespeare in The Sandman. Castaldo, Annalisa Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 7892
Get students in on the comic-book writing act: grades 4-12. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 301
Artful ways to fit comic books into your curriculum: an interview with Michael R. Lavin. Interview Sep 1, 2004 1827
Geek chic ... but 'Netsters wary of showbiz wooing. Fritz, Ben Aug 2, 2004 1160
'Hire calling: BMW steers pix to comics. Graser, Marc Brief Article Aug 2, 2004 177
Autograph seekers keep celebrity alive. Lowry, Brian Aug 2, 2004 945
Flying up and flying down: the rise and fall of the American superhero. Mason, Wyatt Aug 1, 2004 4858
Appraise comic book collection. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 320
Pros of the con: studios pitch genre film, TV projects to influential fan auds. Phillips, Jevon Jul 19, 2004 1162
Small press thinks big: indies use diversity to attract fans, Hollywood. Goldworm, Adam Jul 19, 2004 883
Foreign flavors grow readership. McLean, Thomas J. Jul 19, 2004 766
Unique collaborations set Marvel apart. McLean, Thomas J. Jul 19, 2004 910
Move over Mickey, PangPond's here. Amnatcharoen, Bam Brief Article Jul 19, 2004 273
The amazing, 35-year-old Comic-Con. Evanier, Mark Jul 19, 2004 979
Hero worship: film, TV talents jump at chance to write their favorites. McLean, Thomas J. Jul 19, 2004 1116
Hot numbers. Jul 12, 2004 193
Holy warrior nuns, Batman! Comic books take on the world of faith and spirituality. Wade, David Jul 1, 2004 1289
Tooning up new titles: Circle of Confusion hopes to mine franchises from comics. LaPorte, Nicole Jun 14, 2004 537
Comic relief. Berger, Judson Apr 1, 2004 498
Disney launches W.I.T.C.H. book series. Brief Article Mar 24, 2004 142
Legends with a modern twist. Petten, Cheryl Jan 1, 2004 723
TV TO CHANNEL 'LUANN'? Astor, Dave Nov 17, 2003 499
Aaron McGruder's right to be hostile. Moore, Michael Nov 17, 2003 943
He's the 'Best Man' for various roles. Astor, Dave Oct 20, 2003 608
Anime, mon amour: forget Pokemon--Japanese animation explodes with gay, lesbian, and trans themes. Solomon, Charles Oct 14, 2003 1025
Opus perhaps? Holcombe, Carl D. Oct 13, 2003 396
'Candorville' comic coming. Astor, Dave Brief Article Sep 29, 2003 178
'Far Side' back for an 'encore'. Astor, Dave Brief Article Sep 29, 2003 131
A superhero's story: Rick Christie is a comic crusader. (Personal Passions). Alleyne, Sonia Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 340
Comic imagery no laughing matter for today's artists: some of today's most sought-after contemporary artists find inspiration in the comic style. Silberman, Vanessa Aug 1, 2003 2080
UPDATE ON GIVING CREATORS A BREAK. Astor, Dave Jul 14, 2003 653
MUSEUM DRAWS ON LEGACY OF 'PEANUTS'. Astor, Dave Jun 16, 2003 411
'Lucky' large in Mississippi. Astor, Dave Brief Article Jun 16, 2003 141
Who will save the day? In the pantheon of superheroes and superpowers, Jesus offers us a different model. (culture in context). McCormick, Patrick Jun 1, 2003 1343
Outed in Batman's backyard: writer Greg Rucka brings lesbian cops to the ongoing story of DC Comics' Gotham Central. (culture). Mangels, Andy Interview May 27, 2003 517
Comic bureaucracy. (E.U. Superheroes). Alembakis, Rachel May 1, 2003 439
Make Mine mutants! Marvel comics and plenitude in contemporary America. (Culture and Reviews). Gillespie, Nick May 1, 2003 847
Hey! baby. Apr 1, 2003 402
Obscene prosecution. (Comic Book Conviction). Doherty, Brian Apr 1, 2003 374
Comics in the classroom. (Curriculum update: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies). Ezarik, Melissa Apr 1, 2003 358
et cetera ... Astor, Dave Mar 31, 2003 241
Batman versus the man. Williams, Kristian Mar 1, 2003 1333
CARTOON MUSEUM GROWS BY THE BAY. Astor, Dave Feb 10, 2003 430
The Wilde West. (the Buzz). Brief Article Feb 4, 2003 282
Update on 'Peanuts' suit. Astor, Dave Brief Article Jan 13, 2003 161
'Bizarro' biz will move to King. Astor, Dave Brief Article Dec 9, 2002 191
Dilbert leaves the cubicle. (Lifestyle). Sherwood, Sonja Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 259
FEATURES of the Year (4). Astor, Dave Nov 25, 2002 713
Latino life is reflected in 'La Cucaracha' comic strip. Astor, Dave Brief Article Nov 25, 2002 155
'Goose' will migrate to King. Astor, Dave Brief Article Nov 25, 2002 272
et cetera ... Astor, Dave Brief Article Nov 18, 2002 260
Bang, you're dead. (Soundbite). Rimensnyder, Sara Interview Nov 1, 2002 453
Charles M. Schulz Museum. (Museum Matters). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 127
Two comics, one campaign in sequence by Holbrook. Astor, Dave Brief Article Sep 30, 2002 116
Undercover homo. (The Buzz). Brief Article Jul 9, 2002 103
There oughta be a cartoon. (Comics). McManus, Reed Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 740
Comic capers captivate studios: Hollywood hung up on adapting strips. (Film). Bloom, David Statistical Data Included Jun 24, 2002 1103
Serious change in Canadian funny pages. Astor, Dave Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 258

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