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Comic book stature is rising.

Comic book stature is rising

CDR Roundup - The importance of comic books is often overlooked by retailers. Once dismissed as a nuisance that interfered with education and wasted time, comics are now used to advise children on such matters as illicit drugs, child abuse and education.

Retailers are quickly realizing that promoting comics can pay dividends both for themselves and for young readers. "Comics," says John Winkler, circulation manager at Archie Comic Publications Inc., "are reader breeders. Children who read comics today will be book readers of the future."

Comic book publishers are eager to assist retailers in generating business. For example, Marvel Entertainment Group Inc. is working with Walgreen Co. to set up a program that will feature its comics on endcaps. Jim Sokolowski, director of newsstand sales, says that the company is developing a rotating rack to maximize coverage in a limited space.

Winkler notes that both Walgreens and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. are developing their comic book businesses with expanded freestanding fixtures and wall racks.

Comic book makers are also offering such special publications as Spider-Man antidrug issues, which can be used as tie-ins with local school and police programs.

Batman and Dick Tracy tie-ins have produced significant increases in customer traffic and sales at many stores during the past several years. Retailers can even arrange for comic book characters to appear at their stores.

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Title Annotation:comic books now used to promote reading among children and alert them to social issues
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Apr 8, 1991
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