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Comfort Zone 20[TM] provides more uniform heat.

Retrolite and Sylvania have teamed to produce a heat lamp system designed specifically for the swine industry. Farrowing creep heat systems have traditionally been a challenge as newborn 1-kilogram- (2.2-pound-) piglets are confined adjacent to 200-kilogram- (440-pound-) sows. Piglets and sows have very divergent comfort levels for optimum production--sows at 18[degrees]C (64[degrees]F), and piglets 35[degrees]C (95[degrees]F) at birth to about 27[degrees]C (81[degrees]F) at weaning. The Comfort Zone 20[TM] system consists of two main components: The Hang Straight Heat Lamp Fixture (HSHLF) and the Sylvania 175 W PAR 38 energy efficient heat lamp. This system provides more uniform heat at 35[degrees]C (95[degrees]F) within a 51-centimeters (20-inch) diameter circle beneath a heat lamp at an operating height of 51 centimeters (20 inches). There are no hot spots directly beneath the heat lamp. Piglets rest where they should, reducing crushing losses and improving overall health with improved, more uniform microclimate.


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Title Annotation:Resource Magazine's Outstanding Innovations 2004
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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