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Come to the Ugly-Bug Ball!

Have you ever been "zapped" by a door handle? On very dry days, or in mid-winter when the heat is on, static electricity builds up when you walk on carpet. Rubber-soled shoes make it build up even faster. When you touch the door handle, the electricity discharges. Touch a friend, and he or she gets an electric shock! On a day like that, have a "ball" mystifying your friends with "ugly bugs" powered by static electricity.

You Will Need:

* Colored tissue paper

* Pencil and ball point pen

* Scissors

* A plastic or rubber comb (or a hairbrush)


1. Cut out a one-inch square of tissue, and fold it in half.


2. Draw a bug body on one side of the folded tissue. Here are some bug body ideas.


3. Carefully cut out your bug, keeping the tissue folded. When you unfold it, both sides should be the same.


4. Make as many bugs as you like. Draw on your bugs to make them look even better. Here are some examples:


5. Brush or comb your hair vigorously. Hold the comb or brush a few inches above bugs, and they will "fly" up to it. Have races: Who can collect the most ugly bugs in the least time?

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Title Annotation:static electricity
Author:Hayes, Helen
Publication:Jack & Jill
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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