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Come to Dinosaur for bones, stay for scenery.

Come to Dinosaur for bones, stay for scenery Dinosaur National Monument is drama--paleontological and geological drama of the highest order. A hundred and fifty million years ago, this land was inhabited by some of the largest, fiercest creatues ever to walk the earth. Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Allosaurus--their remains, preserved in sedimentary rock, have made these Utah-Colorado borderlands one of the most important fossil grounds in North America.

But Dinosaur is a drama played before a relatively small audience. Its main Green River campground almost never hangs out the "Sorry, Full" sign, and even those visitors who pull up at 6 P.M. can usually find a motel room in nearby Vernal, Utah. The stretches of Green and Yampa rivers that flow through the monument are among the most spectacular in the West. With 11 companies running them from now into September, you should be able to find space on a one-day or multiday trip without any problem.

The dinosaurs themselves are the biggest draw here, and they're enshrined in a newly renovated visitor center built around the quarry where most of the first fossils were found.

For additional information about Dinosaur National Monument, including details on outfitters that run the Green and Yampa rivers, call (303) 374-2216. For information on lodging in Vernal, call (800) 477-5558.
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Title Annotation:Last-Minute Vacation '91; Dinosaur National Monument
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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