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Come on you Reds/Blues/Yellows/Greens...

There was once a time when football fans contented themselves with a scarf their mother knitted and a rattle in order to show devotion to their team.

But the World Cup stadiums look more like Mardi Gras meets Braveheart as spectators daub on body paint, cover themselves in glitter and sequins and reach for the nearest big bass drum.

See Friday's back page for an England v Trinidad and Tobago picture special from Fan Park at Millennium Point


Left, Argentina fans offer some musical encouragement before their squad faces the Ivory Coast' above, a rickshaw puller carries supporters of Brazil soccer team in Calcutta, India' Above left, Sweden fans show their colours before Trinidad & Tobago match' above right, a Trinidad & Tobago supporter goes for glamour' Clockwise from far left, A young German fan celebrates the 4-2 victory over Costa Rica' a Mexico supporter demonstrates his allegiance before the game against Iran' the smiles on the faces of these US fans will soon turn to frowns as the team loses 3-0 to the Czech Republic' A dejected Sweden fan after a disappointing goalless draw against Trinidad & Tobago
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 14, 2006
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