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The most powerful renewable energy. Jul 31, 2020 1041
A new way of thinking. Jul 31, 2020 1074
Combustion, not nicotine, is the problem - PMI. Jul 18, 2020 770
Simec Atlantis praises results from waste combustion tests at Uskmouth. Jun 24, 2020 457
Furnace may need sealed to platform Stone: Animals damage insulation. Jun 14, 2020 411
Gas furnace not sealed to the platform. Barry Stone Jun 14, 2020 545
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2020 10381
Study on Mechanical Properties and Fire Resistance of Epoxy Nanocomposite Reinforced with Environmentally Friendly Additive: Nanoclay I.30E. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Pham, Thi Mai Huong; Dang, Thi Huong; Do, Thi Hanh; Nguyen, Quang Tung Report May 31, 2020 6124
Experimental Study on Spray Characteristics of Gasoline/ Hydrogenated Catalytic Biodiesel under GCI Conditions. Yuan, Wenhua; Liao, Jingjing; Li, Bei; Zhong, Wenjun Report May 31, 2020 4629
MHPS mulls bringing hydrogen fuel combustion tech to Mena. May 13, 2020 696
11. Environment. May 1, 2020 10545
Experimental Investigation of Water Droplet Phase Change in Humidified Air Flow. Ramanauskas, Virginijus; Paukstaitis, Linas; Miliauskas, Gintautas; Puida, Egidijus May 1, 2020 5716
Effects of Ethanol Blending on the Formation of Soot in n-Heptane/Air Coflow Diffusion Flame. Ya, Yuchen; Nie, Xiaokang; Peng, Licheng; Xiang, Longkai; Hu, Jialong; Dong, Wenlong; Chu, Huaqiang Apr 30, 2020 5235
Shrinkage Effects of Using Fly Ash instead of Fine Aggregate in Concrete Mixtures. Zhang, Dongsheng; Han, Pengfei; Yang, Qiuning; Mao, Mingjie Apr 30, 2020 6006
Can effective combustion control reduce emissions by 10% each year? Martin Thirsk, managing director of Energy Technology and Control, explains to Plant and Works Engineering how effective combustion control can reduce emissions by up to 10% each year, saving industrial burner operators thousands in energy costs. Apr 1, 2020 877
Comparative Environmental Evaluation of Straw Resources by LCA in China. Shang, Xiaoyu; Song, Siqi; Yang, Jingwei Mar 31, 2020 9579
Synergistic Fire Retardancy of Bis(1-methoxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-4-yl)sebacate and Tris(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)-1,3,5-triazine/[Sb.sub.2][O.sub.3] in HIPS. Wu, Hongzhi; Liu, Junhong; Zhang, Qi; Sun, Mingmei; Yang, Jingwei; Tang, Linsheng Mar 31, 2020 7501
Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Spray Jet Flame Using Filtered Tabulated Chemistry. Chatelier, Adrien; Fiorina, Benoit; Moureau, Vincent; Bertier, Nicolas Mar 31, 2020 8109
Experimental Investigation of the Continuous Transition of Flame-Spreading near the Blow-Off Limit. Komizu, K.; Saito, Y.; Tsuji, A.; Nagata, H. Mar 31, 2020 2880
Do I get myself a Subaru Impreza or Subaru Forester? Mar 18, 2020 2069
Carbon monoxide remediation. Mar 18, 2020 453
What happens when petrol cars run dry? Is it finally the end of the road for the internal combustion engine? With Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announcing that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned within 15 years, it certainly looks like their days could be numbered. MARK ANDREWS Mar 11, 2020 975
Car fumes kill more than tobacco smoking - study. Mar 10, 2020 670
SIMEC Atlantis successful produces 100 tonnes of fuel pellets for large scale combustion testing. Mar 3, 2020 399
Emission and Performance Optimization of Marine Four-Stroke Dual-Fuel Engine Based on Response Surface Methodology. Wang, Huaiyu; Gan, Huibing; Wang, Guanjie; Zhong, Guoqiang Mar 1, 2020 5552
Exploring the Benefits of Annular Rectangular Rib for Enhancing Thermal Efficiency of Nonpremixed Micro-Combustor. Wang, Hongcai; Fang, Hongru; Lou, Bingqian; Abubakar, Shitu; Li, Yuqiang; Meng, Lei Mar 1, 2020 7148
The Role of Magnetic Field Orientation in Vegetable Oil Premixed Combustion. Perdana, Dony; Yuliati, Lilis; Hamidi, Nurkholis; Wardana, I.N.G. Mar 1, 2020 5687
Parametric Studies of Cement Production Processes. John, John P. Mar 1, 2020 10335
Coal fires set to be a thing of the past with new ban -and it'll hit wood stoves too; Both coal and 'wet' wood will be phased out for domestic burning in England by 2023 -with householders told to use treated, dry wood and manufactured solid fuels instead. By, Mikey Smith Feb 21, 2020 456
Probe finds that Kronospan fire caused by natural combustion. SUE AUSTIN Feb 8, 2020 481
The Effect of Different Smoke Suppressants with APP for Enhancing the Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression on Vinyl Ester Resin. Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Weiwei; Zeng, Gaofeng; Du, Jianxin; Zhang, Wenchao; Yang, Rongjie Feb 1, 2020 6403
Synergistic Flame Retardant Effect of Organic Phosphorus-Nitrogen and Inorganic Boron Flame Retardant on Polyethylene. Ai, Lianghui; Yang, Liu; Hu, Junfeng; Chen, Shanshan; Zeng, Jinming; Liu, Ping Feb 1, 2020 5638
Subtle but Potentially Serious: Long-Term Ambient [PM.sub.2.5] Exposure and Risk of Cardiopulmonary Mortality. Barrett, Julia R. Feb 1, 2020 1322
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2020 23739
Force Motors launches first shared mobility platform for both internal combustion engines and 100 percent electric drive. Jan 23, 2020 130
Air travel is a major cause of pollution too. Parke Wilde (Debate) Jan 23, 2020 707
UAE: A gas heater can kill you, here's why. Karishma H. Nandkeolyar, Web Editor Jan 22, 2020 489
We'll not hit CO2 targets while we keep the engine; He'll put you on the right road. John Curtis Jan 17, 2020 404
Barbecue, heating rule in UAE: Abu Dhabi Police warn residents. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Editor - Online Jan 16, 2020 308
New future for Alberta bitumen in advanced materials. Jan 15, 2020 542
Variable Speed Generator Market 2020/ Global Analysis by Generator Type, Rating, Technology, Prime Mover, End-User, Application, Demand and Forecast to 2023. Jan 2, 2020 981
RELOADING AMMO A Case of Combustion: Spend less on spent shells by learning to resize, charge, and package casings for rifles and handguns. Biswell, Dennis Jan 1, 2020 2086
Premix burners now up to 3MW. Jan 1, 2020 124
A Model for Igniter Mass Flow Rate History Evaluation for Solid Rocket Motors. Ma, Yanjie; Bao, Futing; Hui, Weihua; Liu, Yang; Gao, Yijie Jan 1, 2020 7916
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2020 11861
Effect of Acetone-n-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) as an Oxygenate on Combustion, Performance, and Emission Characteristics of a Spark Ignition Engine. Wu, Gang; Wu, Deng; Li, Yuelin; Meng, Lei Jan 1, 2020 5983
Dynamic Modelling and Performance Evaluation of a Chemisorption Heat Pump for Cold Climate. Yang, Zhiyao; Qu, Ming; Gluesenkamp, Kyle R. Jan 1, 2020 3333
Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Catalysis: a Study of N2O Mitigation Reaction Over Modified Zeolite Catalysts. Naseer A. Khan and Naveed ul Hasan Syed Dec 31, 2019 3743
Chemical Kinetics in Combustion and Reactive Flows, 2019 - Modeling Tools and Applications. Dec 19, 2019 747
Time for carbon tax. Aqdas Afzal Dec 12, 2019 837
Playing With Fire: Astronauts To Experiment With Fire Aboard ISS. Athena Chan Dec 7, 2019 559
Global Combustion Controls, Equipments & Systems Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 6, 2019 605
Raven SR's Non-Combustion Technology Reaches New Highs in Hydrogen Production Efficiency. Dec 4, 2019 503
Siemens Delivers World's First HL-Class Gas Turbine to power station in US. Baset Asaba Dec 1, 2019 471
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2019 30664
Reconstruction of 3D Temperature Profile of Radiative Participatory Flame Based on Digital Refocusing Technique of Light Field Camera. Zhang, Biao; Wang, Chen; Liu, Yudong; Xu, Chuanlong; Qi, Qi Dec 1, 2019 6943
Thermoacoustic Stability Boundaries in the Model Combustion Chamber with a Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial Injector. Min, Yong Ho; Sohn, Chae Hoon; Yoon, Youngbin Dec 1, 2019 5426
Numerical Investigation of the Combustion in an Improved Microcombustion Chamber with Rib. Chen, Hai; Liu, Wei-qiang Dec 1, 2019 5950
Combustion Characteristics of Horizontal Diesel Spray Burner in Low-Pressure Chamber Based on Multivariate Correlation Analysis. Xie, Kai; Cui, Yunjing; Qiu, Xingqi; Wang, Jianxin Dec 1, 2019 6723
Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Study of Straw co-Firing with Gas. Barmina, Inesa; Kalis, Harijs; Kolmickovs, Antons; Marinaki, Maksims; Ozola, Liiva; Strautins, Uldis Dec 1, 2019 9907
Evaluation of a Combustion-Based Mesoscale Thermal Actuator in Open and Closed Operating Cycles. Burugupally, Sindhu Preetham Dec 1, 2019 4407
Simulation and Experimental Study on Drying Process of the Household Gas Clothes Dryer. Huang, Xiao-mei; Zhao, Yi; Liu, Hui-qing Dec 1, 2019 11332
Comparison of Conventional and Modern Controllers for a Gas Turbine Power Plant. Arikusu, Yilmaz; Bayhan, Nevra; Tiryaki, Hasan Report Dec 1, 2019 4495
Lehigh Cement and the International Knowledge Centre Pioneering a Feasibility Study of Full-Scale Carbon Capture Storage on Cement - Press Release issued by Lehigh CCS Feasibility Study. Nov 29, 2019 1665
CO poisoning advice on offer. Nov 13, 2019 245
Global Markets for Automotive/Consumer Vehicle Fuel Efficiency, 2024: Focus on Internal Combustion Engine Advances. Nov 12, 2019 1360
Clean Coal Technology Market Future Prospects 2024 / Shanghai Electric, Peabody, Coal India. Nov 12, 2019 955
Bishkek residents to be fined for burning leaves, rubber and garbage. Nov 11, 2019 103
Successful Sports Activity Vehicle now also available with plug-in hybrid drive: the new BMW X3 xDrive30e. Nov 4, 2019 1604
Entergy Mississippi Acquires Choctaw County Generating Station. Nov 1, 2019 937
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market To Grow Due To Rising Demand For Renewable Fuel Sources And Increasing Environmental Concerns Owing To Pollutions Till 2028 / Million Insights. Nov 1, 2019 794
Analytical and Experimental Study of a Naturally Aspirated Indirect Injection 4-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine. Slimane, Boussad A.I.T.; Menacer, Brahim; Bouchetara, Mostefa Report Nov 1, 2019 4346
Blowout Accident Impact Analysis Method for the Siting of Offshore Floating Nuclear Power Plant in Offshore Oil Fields. Lan, Zhigang Nov 1, 2019 5260
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2019 11494
Improving efficiency in off grid production: The introduction of tighter regulations around carbon emissions for thermal combustion plants is encouraging industrial businesses to explore cleaner fuel options. Oliver Knight, Industry sales manager, at Calor discusses the options for off-grid manufacturers and explains how one dairy producer has already cut its energy costs by nearly 29% per year. Nov 1, 2019 611
CEA announce an increased uptake for l-GAS: Since the inception of the Industrial Gas Accreditation Scheme commonly referred to as IGAS, accredited by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) in 2015 there has been a steady increase in its recognition. Nick Evans reports. Nov 1, 2019 500
Premix burners now up to 3MW. Nov 1, 2019 145
Study on Pyrolysis Characteristics of Coal and Combustion Gas Release in Inert Environment. Dong, Liang; Wang, Ziming; Zhang, Yadong; Lu, Junyu; Zhou, Enhui; Duan, Chenlong; Cao, Xiaoqiang Report Nov 1, 2019 4667
Producing Effective and Clean Coke for Household Combustion Activities to Reduce Gaseous Pollutant Emissions. Liu, Shoujun; Shangguan, Ju; Yang, Song; Du, Wenguang; Yan, Xudong; Zhang, Kaixia Nov 1, 2019 9256
Artificial Bee Colony Optimization of NOx Emission and Reheat Steam Temperature in a 1000MW Boiler. Gao, Xian-hua; Su, Zhi-gang Nov 1, 2019 8506
Ansaldo Energia and Equinor collaborate on validation of 100% hydrogen gas turbine combustor. Baset Asaba Oct 26, 2019 366
BorgWarner Offers Products for Every Facet of Commercial Vehicle Powertrain and Propulsion Needs. Oct 25, 2019 1180
No Internal Combustion Engines in Brussels after 2035. Oct 25, 2019 189
BorgWarner Offers Products for Every Facet of Commercial Vehicle Powertrain and Propulsion Needs. Oct 24, 2019 1180
Gas Turbine Market Is Projected To Register Tremendous Growth Due To Increasing Demand For Mobility Services And Industrial Products Till 2025 / Million Insights. Oct 21, 2019 1156
With GE's Technology, Nigeria's Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Boosts Power Plant's Output and Availability. Oct 7, 2019 519
Carbon Capture and Storage Market 2019: Historical Analysis, Recent Trends, Global Share, Opportunity Assessment, Future Scope and Key Industry Expansion Strategies by Forecast 2023. Oct 7, 2019 935
Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Dual Fuel Lean Flames Using Local Burning Velocity and Critical Chemical Timescale. Muppala, Siva; Vendra, C. Madhav Rao; Aluri, Naresh K. Oct 1, 2019 7510
Experimental Studies of the Effect of Ethanol Auxiliary Fueled Turbulent Jet Ignition in an Optical Engine. Bureshaid, Khalifa; Shimura, Ray; Feng, Dengquan; Zhao, Hua; Bunce, Mike Oct 1, 2019 5358
Formation of Incrustations during the Cocombustion of Biomass in Fluidised Bed Boilers. Buryan, Petr Oct 1, 2019 3591
Premix burners now up to 3MW. Oct 1, 2019 145
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2019 11357
The Almighty Exhaust! Sep 27, 2019 1094
Sustainable driving pleasure with two power units and intelligent all-wheel drive. The new BMW X1 xDrive25e. Sep 25, 2019 1287
Daimler stops internal combustion development to concentrate on electric vehicles. Sep 20, 2019 146
Daimler Bids Goodbye To Internal Combustion Engine, Will Go Totally EV. Arthur Villasanta Sep 20, 2019 440
Why does my car emit blue smoke? Sep 19, 2019 383
Greenpeace under probe for defacing Hyundai's billboard. Sep 16, 2019 514
NASA Intentionally Starting Fires In Space For Science. Sep 13, 2019 374
Current and future trends of the automotive industry. Schramm, D. H. Sep 10, 2019 430
Babcock & Wilcox enters strategic collaboration with JZHC. Sep 3, 2019 125
Reactivities of American, Chinese and Estonian oil shale semi-cokes and Argonne premium coal chars under oxy-fuel combustion conditions. Culin, Chris; Tente, Kevin; Konist, Alar; Maaten, Birgit; Loo, Lauri; Suuberg, Eric; Kiilaots, Indre Sep 1, 2019 6315
Combustion reaction kinetics of char from in-situ or ex-situ pyrolysis of oil shale. Linghu, Rongxuan; Zhang, Yuming; Zhao, Mengxuan; Huang, Lei; Sun, Guogang; Zhang, Shu Sep 1, 2019 5681
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Preheating Corn Oil Methyl Ester in CI Engine. Gopinath, V.; Selvakumar, G.; Periyasamy, R. Sep 1, 2019 3120
11. Environment. Sep 1, 2019 11662
Rapid Industrialization to Boost Harmonic Dampers Market Growth by 2019 2029. Aug 24, 2019 776
Rapid Industrialization to Boost Harmonic Dampers Market Growth by 2019 2029. Aug 23, 2019 790
Industrial Air Preheaters Market Portrays High-End Demand across Major Geographies during 2018-2028. Aug 15, 2019 724
Industrial Air Preheaters Market Portrays High-End Demand across Major Geographies during 2018-2028. Aug 14, 2019 738
Automotive Turbochargers Market Size, Share & Trend / Industry Analysis Report, 2022. Report Aug 13, 2019 729
EGR Valve Market To Grow At Rapid Pace Owing To The Capability To Improve Engine Efficiency And Fuel Economy Of Automobile Till 2023 / Million Insights. Aug 8, 2019 949
Smoke Detector Market Set To Record Rapid Growth At A CAGR Of 8.7% During The Forecast Period 2018-2023 / Million Insights. Aug 6, 2019 938
GE's 7F DLN2.6+ Flex Technology Helps Southern California Public Power Authority Obtain More Operational Flexibility. Aug 6, 2019 586
Market reaches new heights: Focused on enhancing productivity, gaining efficiencies and improving labor utilization in the warehouse and DC, companies buoy the lift truck market by continuing to invest in both electric and internal combustion vehicles. McCrea, Bridget Aug 1, 2019 2430
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2019 10966
Experimental Research on the Performance of the Macromolecule Colloid Fire-Extinguishing Material for Coal Seam Spontaneous Combustion. Fan, Shixing; Wen, Hu; Zhang, Duo; Yu, Zhijin Aug 1, 2019 4995
Propulsion and Thermodynamic Parameters of van der Waals Gases in Rocket Nozzles. Costa, Fernando S.; Fischer, Gustavo A.A. Aug 1, 2019 6420
A Two-Fluid Conditional Averaging Paradigm for the Theory and Modeling of Turbulent Premixed Combustion. Zimont, Vladimir L. Aug 1, 2019 19737
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Status, Segment by Region, Type and Future Forecast Until. Jul 26, 2019 874
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Application, Leading Players, Regions and Forecast till 20. Jul 26, 2019 889
An Overview of iQOS[R] as a New Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Product and Its Potential Effects on Human Health and the Environment/Isitmali Tutun Urunu iQOS[R] Hakkinda Degerlendirme, Insan ve Cevre Sagligi Uzerindeki Etkileri. Basaran, Rahman; Guven, Naile Merve; Eke, Benay Can Jul 25, 2019 2906
Innovative Trends Steer Demand for Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market during 2019 2029. Jul 22, 2019 805
Harmonic Dampers Market Scope and Opportunities Analysis 2019 -- 2029. Jul 22, 2019 899
Harmonic Dampers Market Trends Research and Projections for 2019 -- 2029. Jul 22, 2019 914
Innovative Trends Steer Demand for Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market during 2019 2029. Jul 22, 2019 819
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Revenue, Price, Trend Analysis and Growth Rate to 2029. Jul 19, 2019 874
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market New Trends and Global Forecast To 2029. Jul 18, 2019 889
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Investigation Reveals Enhanced Growth during the forecast. Jul 16, 2019 889
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Demand during Forecast. Jul 16, 2019 874
Industrial Air Preheaters Market Prominent Manufacturers Steering Growth during 2018-2028. Jul 15, 2019 724
Industrial Air Preheaters Market Prominent Manufacturers Steering Growth during 2018-2028. Jul 15, 2019 738
Fuel Oxygenates Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2028. Jul 3, 2019 911
Fuel Oxygenates Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2028. Jul 3, 2019 897
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Dem. Jul 1, 2019 819
Automotive Camshaft Phase Variator Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Dem. Jul 1, 2019 805
Investigation of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in a Residential Furnace During Rapid Thermal Cycling. Milcarek, Ryan J.; Chu, Mengyuan; Ahn, Jeongmin Jul 1, 2019 1202
Statistical Analysis of Flame Oscillation Characterization of Oxy-Fuel in Heavy Oil Boiler Using OH Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence. Yu, Xin; Cao, Zhen; Peng, JiangBo; Yu, Yang; Chang, Guang; Ma, Yufei; Li, XiaoHui; Yang, Chaobo; Wan Jul 1, 2019 5045
Coagulation of the Ionized Combustion Products in a Dust Flame of Aluminum Particles. Poletaev, N.I.; Khlebnikova, M.Y. Jul 1, 2019 9614
Noise Source Separation of an Internal Combustion Engine Based on a Single-Channel Algorithm. Yao, Jiachi; Xiang, Yang; Qian, Sichong; Wang, Shuai Jul 1, 2019 8893
Automatic Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engine Noise Based on an Auditory Model. Liang, Kai; Zhao, Haijun Jul 1, 2019 5311
Premix burners now up to 3MW. Jul 1, 2019 131
Regularities of Enthalpies of Combustion of Nitrogen-Containing Organic Compounds. Ryskaliyeva, Alma Kairlapovna; Baltabayev, Murat Ergalievich; Abaeva, Kurmankul Tuleutaevna Technical report Jun 30, 2019 2531
Social dimension is what the world needs. Jun 25, 2019 2473
Improve combustion efficiency of Waste Incineration Plants with HGH's latest generation High Temperature Cameras. Jun 25, 2019 383
Recovery of DNA from Teeth Exposed to Variable Temperatures. Federchook, Taylor J.; Pokines, James T.; Crowley, Kate; Grgicak, Catherine M. Jun 22, 2019 6699
ClearSign Combustion enters into a collaborative agreement wit Ashcor. Jun 18, 2019 119
Automotive Catalytic Converter Devices Market Latest Advancements & Market Outlook 2018 to 2027. Industry overview Jun 14, 2019 1170
Automotive Catalytic Converter Devices Market Latest Advancements & Market Outlook 2018 to 2027. Industry overview Jun 13, 2019 1185
ClearSign Combustion signs new expanded MOU with Chinese heating district. Jun 5, 2019 188
Innovative Combustion Solutions for Lower Emissions & Fuel Consumption: NEW SENSORS MONITOR MULTIPLE PARAMETERS AND WITHSTAND HARSH VEHICLE ENVIRONMENTS. Kamel, Bernard Jun 1, 2019 1201
12. Environment. Jun 1, 2019 29671
Mapping of Fuel Anti-Knock Requirements for a Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Engine. Ausserer, Joseph K.; Polanka, Marc D.; Baranski, Jacob A.; Litke, Paul J. Jun 1, 2019 9312
High Power-Density, High Efficiency, Mechanically Assisted, Turbocharged Direct-Injection Jet-Ignition Engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Boretti, Alberto Jun 1, 2019 7763
Role of Piston Bowl Shape to Enhance Late-Cycle Soot Oxidation in Low-Swirl Diesel Combustion. Eismark, Jan; Andersson, Mats; Christensen, Magnus; Karlsson, Anders; Denbratt, Ingemar Jun 1, 2019 9460
A Novel Laminar Flame Speed Correlation for the Refinement of the Flame Front Description in a Phenomenological Combustion Model for Spark-Ignition Engines. De Bellis, Vincenzo; Malfi, Enrica; Teodosio, Luigi; Giannattasio, Pietro; Di Lenarda, Fabio Jun 1, 2019 10958
Performance, Fuel Economy, and Economic Assessment of a Combustion Concept Employing In-Cylinder Gasoline/Natural Gas Blending for Light-Duty Vehicle Applications. Wallner, Thomas; Pamminger, Michael; Scarcelli, Riccardo; Powell, Christopher; Simeu, Severin Kamgui Jun 1, 2019 9966
Conceptual Investigations on Full Optical Accessibility to Large-Bore Medium-Speed Engines. Karmann, Stephan Bernhard; Prager, Maximilian; Wachtmeister, Georg Jun 1, 2019 11051
Using Ducted Fuel Injection to Attenuate Soot Formation in a Mixing-Controlled Compression Ignition Engine. Nilsen, Christopher W.; Biles, Drummond E.; Mueller, Charles J. Jun 1, 2019 7374
Gasoline Fueled Pre-Chamber Ignition System for a Light-Duty Passenger Car Engine with Extended Lean Limit. Stadler, Andreas; Wessoly, Maximilian; Blochum, Sebastian; Hartl, Martin; Wachtmeister, Georg Jun 1, 2019 10094
Experimental Studies on Liquid Phase LPG Direct Injection on a Two-Stroke SI Engine. Dube, Adwitiya; Vivekanand, M.; Ramesh, A. Jun 1, 2019 8241
Capturing the Impact of Fuel Octane Number on Modern Gasoline Vehicles with Octane Indices. Jehlik, Forrest; Lohse-Busch, Henning; Lliev, Simeon; Hall, Carrie Jun 1, 2019 11100
Assessment of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Applicability as an Alternative Marine Fuel Based on Its Performance and Emissions Characteristics. Ushakov, Sergey; Lefebvre, Nicolas Jun 1, 2019 7000
Thermogravimetric Analysis and Kinetics of Mixed Combustion of Waste Plastics and Semicoke. Xing, Xiangdong; Wang, Sha; Zhang, Qiuli Jun 1, 2019 6048
Fuel Oxygenates Market Production, Size, Supply, Sales and Future Demand 2028. May 3, 2019 964
Fuel Oxygenates Market Production, Size, Supply, Sales and Future Demand 2028. May 3, 2019 926
Combustion management system. May 1, 2019 135
Dynamic Simulation on Deflagration of LNG Spill. Sun, Biao; Guo, Kaihua; Pareek, Vishnu K. May 1, 2019 6332
Synthesis of h-BN by the Combustion of B/KN[O.sub.3]/Octogen Mixture under Nitrogen Atmosphere. Hu, Song-qi; Wang, Yin; Liu, Lin-lin May 1, 2019 3298
Investigation of Pressure Rise and Flame Acceleration Characteristics in a Single Channel of Wave Rotor Combustor with Spoilers. Li, Jianzhong; Zhang, Kaichen; Li, Wei; Yuan, Li May 1, 2019 7175
Regular Analysis of Aero-Diesel Piston Engine between Combustion Chamber Size and Emission. Pan, Zhongjian; Deng, Yu; Cheng, Lizhi May 1, 2019 5546
Two-Stroke Thermodynamic Cycle Optimization of a Single-Cylinder Free-Piston Engine Generator. Yu, Houliang; Xu, Zhaoping; Zhang, Qinglin; Liu, Liang; Hua, Ru May 1, 2019 5679
Internal Combustion Engine Fault Identification Based on FBG Vibration Sensor and Support Vector Machines Algorithm. Zhang, Faye; Jiang, Mingshun; Zhang, Lei; Ji, Shaobo; Sui, Qingmei; Su, Chenhui; Lv, Shanshan May 1, 2019 4188
Numerical Study on Internal Ballistics Characteristics of a Solid Propellant Rocket Motor. Rackauskas, Saulius; Fedaravicius, Algimantas; Survila, Arvydas Report May 1, 2019 6635
The Application of Model-Based Tests for Analysing the Consequences of Methane Combustion in a Mine Heading Ventilated Through a Forcing Air Duct. Brodny, Jaroslaw; Tutak, Magdalena; John, Antoni May 1, 2019 2754
Air Quality, Climate: Better With Electric Cars. Apr 14, 2019 625
Study explains how electric vehicle improves air quality and climate outlook. Apr 13, 2019 564
'Current and future trends of the automotive industry'. Schramm, D.H. Apr 11, 2019 425
GE Power wins Rs 142 crore contract to reduce NOx across 10 GW of power plants. Apr 10, 2019 392
MHPS Receives Order for Two H-25 Gas Turbines at Distributed Power Plant in Zhuhai, China. Apr 3, 2019 728
Finesse and Fire, Creativity and Combustion. Breedlove, Byron Apr 1, 2019 1143
12. Environment. Apr 1, 2019 11331
Simulacao computacional de dispositivos de mistura em camara de combustao para gases de carbonizacao/Computational simulation of mixing devices in combustion chamber for carbonization gases. Gomes, Arthur Freitas; Martins, Mareio Aredes; Pereira, Emanuele Graciosa Apr 1, 2019 5116
A Study of Probabilistic Diagnosis Method for Three Kinds of Internal Combustion Engine Faults Based on the Graphical Model. Liu, Jiameng; Ma, Bo; Jiang, Zhinong Apr 1, 2019 6157
A Facile Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Activity of Magnesium Ferrite Nanoparticles via the Solution Combustion Method. Nguyen, Loan T.T.; Nguyen, Lan T.H.; Manh, Nhuong Chu; Quoc, Dung Nguyen; Quang, Hai Nguyen; Nguyen, Apr 1, 2019 5258
Combustion Synthesis Porous Nitinol for Biomedical Applications. Aihara, H.; Zider, J.; Fanton, G.; Duerig, T. Apr 1, 2019 6823
Influence of the [La.sup.3+], [Eu.sup.3+], and [Er.sup.3+] Doping on Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of BiFe[O.sub.3] Nanoparticles Synthesized by Microwave-Assisted Solution Combustion Method. Wrzesinska, Angelika; Khort, Alexander; Busiakiewicz, Izabela Bobowska Adam; Wypych-Puszkarz, Aleksa Apr 1, 2019 7520
An Approach to Analysing Erosive Characteristics of Two-Channel Combustion Chambers. Ma, Yanjie; Bao, Futing; Hui, Weihua; Liu, Yang; Wei, Ran Apr 1, 2019 6190
Large Eddy Simulation of Premixed Stratified Swirling Flame Using the Finite Rate Chemistry Approach. Xiao, Yinli; Lai, Zhengxin; Song, Wenyan Apr 1, 2019 8266
Electrocatalytic Properties of Calcium Titanate, Strontium Titanate, and Strontium Calcium Titanate Powders Synthesized by Solution Combustion Technique. Jongprateep, Oratai; Sato, Nicha; Techapiesancharoenkij, Ratchatee; Surawathanawises, Krissada Apr 1, 2019 3919
Impact of Leather on the Fire Resistance of Leather-Wood Fibreboard: FT-IR Spectroscopy and Pyrolysis-GC-MS Investigation. Schnabel, T.; Barbu, M.C.; Windeisen-Holzhauser, E.; Petutschnigg, A.; Tondi, G. Apr 1, 2019 4069
The Effect of CuO on the Thermal Behavior of the High-Energy Combustion Agent of the Al/Mn[O.sub.2] System. Wang, Hao; Guo, Tao; Ding, Wen; Yao, Miao; Fang, Xiang; Song, Jia-Xing Apr 1, 2019 4680
Biofuel for aircraft, missiles could decrease costs, save earth. Mar 27, 2019 653
How Tech Made Smoking Safer. Mar 23, 2019 577
WELDING DISSIMILAR METALS IN THE SHIPBUILDING AND AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES: In advance of his plenary presentation at ILAS, Dr Stefan Kaierle shares how the ability to join dissimmilar materials with laser beam welding could be used to decrease the weight of ships and cars, leading to a reduction in their carbon emissions. Kaierle, Stefan Mar 22, 2019 1079
American Combustion Service receives Top 10 honor. Mar 15, 2019 113
Fire Retardancy Effect of Phosphorus-Modified Halloysite on Polyamide-11 Nanocomposites. Sahnoune, Mohamed; Taguet, Aurelie; Otazaghine, Belkacem; Kaci, Mustapha; Lopez-Cuesta, Jose-Marie Report Mar 1, 2019 5798
Exhaust Essentials: Piston-aircraft exhaust systems are more complicated than they look, and you depend on them for carburetor and cabin heat. Berry, Mike Mar 1, 2019 1994
A Novel Approach for Fabricating LaMN[O.sub.3] Thin Films Using Combined Microwave Combustion and Pulsed Electron Deposition Techniques. Tran, Thi Ha; Tang, Thi Trung Anh; Pham, Nguyen Hai; Bach, Thanh Cong; Sai, Cong Doanh; Nguyen, Quan Mar 1, 2019 4825
Generating Plasma by Cumulative Detonation in a Combustion Chamber. Sonsky, Jiri; Tesar, Vaclav Mar 1, 2019 5171
Experimental Study of Single Expansion Ramp Nozzle Performance Using Pitot Pressure and Static Pressure Measurements. Laiton, Sergio Nicolas Pachon; de Araujo Martos, Joao Felipe; Rego, Israel da Silveira; Marinho, Geo Mar 1, 2019 6900
12. Environment. Mar 1, 2019 30195
Powered Up: Aftermarket turbochargers and superchargers can give antique tractors a boost, but make you're getting into. Pripps, Robert N. Mar 1, 2019 1355
MDU Resources subsidiary to retire three aging electric generation units. Feb 19, 2019 206
12. Environment. Feb 1, 2019 11715
A Study of Low Temperature Plasma-Assisted Gasoline HCCI Combustion. Shiraishi, Taisuke Technical report Feb 1, 2019 6899
REPORT: Diesel combustion drives this PM2.5 mess, said PCD latest study. Jan 19, 2019 761
SHOULD YOU BUY AN ELECTRIC CAR? Turner, Adair Column Jan 1, 2019 967
12. Environment. Jan 1, 2019 11565
Survey of low flammability plants in burned areas of Cerrado in the Federal District and analysis of their physical properties/Levantamento de plantas de baixa inflamabilidade em areas queimadas de Cerrado no Distrito Federal e analise das suas propriedades fisicas. de Souza, Michel Aquino; do Vale, Ailton Teixeira Jan 1, 2019 6059
Hyundai unveils solar charging tech for vehicles. Dec 11, 2018 604
Smoke Emissions from Shinas Copper Mine Due to Sulphide Combustion. Dec 11, 2018 427
LIGHT SPEED: How electric vehicles are driving a new wave of lightweighting in the automotive industry. Osborne, John Dec 1, 2018 1711
On-Board Ultrasonic Water-in-Diesel Emulsion (WiDE) Fuel System for Low-Emission Diesel Engine Combustion. Kojima, Kotaro; Kojima, Jun Technical report Dec 1, 2018 7715
ACTIVATION OF OIL SHALE ASHES FOR SULFUR CAPTURE. Trass, Olev; Kuusik, Rein; Kaljuvee, Tiit Report Dec 1, 2018 3447
Transient Operation and Over-Dilution Mitigation for Low-Pressure EGR Systems in Spark-Ignition Engines. Siokos, Konstantinos; Prucka, Robert Dec 1, 2018 7876
Experimental Investigation of Ethanol-Diesel-Butanol Blends in a Compression Ignition Engine by Modifying the Operating Parameters. Prabakaran, B.; Vijayabalan, Palanimuthu; Balachandar, M. Report Dec 1, 2018 5670
Direct Versus Indirect Acting Piezoelectric CR Injectors: Comparison of Hydraulic Performance, Pollutant Emissions, Combustion Noise, and Fuel Consumption. d'Ambrosio, Stefano; Ferrari, Alessandro Dec 1, 2018 15930
A Study on Optimal Powertrain Sizing of Plugin Hybrid Vehicles for Minimizing Criteria Emissions Associated with Cold Starts. Hamza, Karim; Laberteaux, Kenneth Dec 1, 2018 6783
Virtual 48 V Mild Hybridization: Efficient Validation by Engine-in-the-Loop. Klein, Serge; Griefnow, Philip; Guse, Daniel; Xia, Feihong; Andert, Jakob Dec 1, 2018 6555
Assessing a Hybrid Supercharged Engine for Diluted Combustion Using a Dynamic Drive Cycle Simulation. Nazari, Shima; Middleton, Robert; Sugimori, Kanji; Siegel, Jason; Stefanopoulou, Anna Dec 1, 2018 10086
Active Crosswind Generation and Its Effect on the Unsteady Aerodynamic Vehicle Properties Determined in an Open Jet Wind Tunnel. Stoll, Daniel; Wiedemann, Jochen Dec 1, 2018 10504
First-Ever Plane With No Moving Parts. Nov 24, 2018 1135
ClearSign Combustion urges shareholders to reject DiGiandomenico's request. Nov 12, 2018 198
Global Industrial Air Preheaters Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2028. Nov 12, 2018 1054
Toyota Develops World's First General-purpose Hydrogen Burner for Industrial Use. Nov 8, 2018 564
Global Automotive Catalytic Converter Devices Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2. Nov 1, 2018 1073
Global Automotive Catalytic Converter Devices Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2. Nov 1, 2018 1105
Halogen-Free Flame Retarded Rigid Polyurethane Foam: The Influence of Titanium Dioxide Modified Expandable Graphite and Ammonium Polyphosphate on Flame Retardancy and Thermal Stability. Pang, Xiu-Yan; Chang, Ran; Weng, Meng-Qi Report Nov 1, 2018 7965
Questioning the Electric Vehicle Orthodoxy. Sawyer, Christopher A. Nov 1, 2018 1371
12. Environment. Nov 1, 2018 11130
Uncertainty Assessment of Octane Index Framework for Stoichiometric Knock Limits of Co-Optima Gasoline Fuel Blends. Vuilleumier, David; Huan, Xun; Casey, Tiernan; Sjoberg, Magnus Technical report Nov 1, 2018 13885
Taxes and caps on carbon work differently but calibrating them poses same challenge. Oct 31, 2018 593
'Get a grip' - Ban on petrol and diesel cars must be brought forward to 2032 - but first we need more charge points; The current 2040 target puts the UK behind several countries including Norway, which is aiming for an end to combustion engine cars in 2025, and India, China, the Netherlands and Ireland with a 2030 goal. Oct 19, 2018 676
Valve Seat Inserts Market to Register Steady Expansion During 2018 -- 2028. Oct 17, 2018 340
Automotive Intake Manifold Market Size Projected to Rise Lucratively during 2027. Oct 4, 2018 553
SPUD LOVE. Cooper, Max; Dabbs, Will Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2018 331
The Ongoing Relevance of the Internal Combustion Engine. Vasilash, Gary S. Oct 1, 2018 1260
12. Environment. Oct 1, 2018 29974
A Method for Turbocharging Single-Cylinder, Four-Stroke Engines. Buchman, Michael; Ramanujan, Devarajan; Winter, Amos G. Technical report Oct 1, 2018 6323
Active Control of Cylinder Charge Motion Using Vortex Generating Jets (VGJs) on Generic Intake Port Geometries. Sun, Shaowei; Eilts, Peter; Scholz, Peter; Haubold, Stefanie Technical report Oct 1, 2018 7293
Compression Ratio Control of Free Piston Linear Generator with In-Cylnder Pressure Feedforward. Lin, Lianlian; Wang, Zhe; Zang, Pengfei Oct 1, 2018 4528
Use of Santilli Magnecules to Clean Fossil Fuel Combustion. Sep 22, 2018 468
Error regards emissions. Sep 19, 2018 179
Southwest Research Institute to launch second Advanced Combustion Catalyst and Aftertreatment Technologies II consortium. Sep 12, 2018 163
How to Clean a Chimney. Chartier, Jeremy Sep 1, 2018 1143
Effect of Expandable Graphite on Thermal and Flammability Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Starch/Poly([epsilon]-Caprolactone) Blend Systems. Mngomezulu, Mfiso E.; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Chapple, Steve A.; John, Maya J. Report Sep 1, 2018 7601
12. Environment. Sep 1, 2018 10919
Exploring the Potential of Combustion on Titan. Depcik, Christopher Report Sep 1, 2018 10697
Thunder Energies (TNRG) Announces the Development of the New HyperCombustion for the Clean Burning of Fossil Fuels. Aug 28, 2018 483
Sunpower clinches top prize at prestigious SINOPEC Science and Technology Progress Award. Aug 13, 2018 857
Siemens 3D-prints combustion part for turbine. Aug 9, 2018 441
Mazda, Saudi Aramco and AIST Begin Joint Research Project. Aug 8, 2018 366
Story of the Indian Monsoon. Aug 3, 2018 1054
Indian Monsoon: Mysteries explained. Aug 3, 2018 1032
3. Petroleum. Aug 1, 2018 31185
12. Environment. Aug 1, 2018 10994
12. Environment. Jul 1, 2018 11152
Combustible Organic Materials: Determination and Prediction of Combustion Properties. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 103
Evaluation of the Energy Consumption of a Thermal Management System of a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using the Example of the Audi Q7 e-tron. Menken, Jan Christoph; Strasser, Klaus; Anzenberger, Thomas; Rebinger, Christian Technical report Jul 1, 2018 4112
3D-CFD-Study of Aerodynamic Losses in Compressor Impellers. Zhang, Fangming; Baar, Roland Jul 1, 2018 4864
Carbon Monoxide Density Pattern Mapping from Recreational Boat Testing. Warner, Mark Jul 1, 2018 4882
MHPS: Combustion Tuning System Using AI Technology Shown to Provide Cost Reduction Effect of Around $1M Annually. Jun 11, 2018 678
Effects on the Female Reproductive System of Air Pollution Produced by the Use of Wood Combustion for Residential Heating: Challenges and Perspectives of Morphological Studies/ Efectos Sobre el Sistema Reproductivo Femenino de la Contaminacion del Aire Producido por el Uso de la Combustion de Madera para Calefaccion Residencial: Retos y Perspectivas de los Estudios Morfologicos. Salinas, Paulo Jun 1, 2018 4158
How to cut fuel costs with integral economizers: Chris Horsley, managing director of Babcock Wanson, asks why more companies aren't reaping the benefits of thermal fluid heating systems with integral economisers. Horsley, Chris Jun 1, 2018 617
Embracing MCPD: In a move that sees Fulton fully embrace the requirements of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), the company has announced a series of plans--including a review of its product portfolio--to strengthen its position as a leading global provider of heat transfer solutions. PWE reports on the plans. Jun 1, 2018 609
Combustion management system. Jun 1, 2018 241
12. Environment. Jun 1, 2018 10607
Fast-Running Autoignition Model for Diesel Combustion Modeling and Control, Based on Detailed Reaction Kinetics Simulation. Rezaei, Reza; Tilch, Benjamin; Bertram, Christoph Technical report Jun 1, 2018 6570
Analysis of Regulated Pollutant Emissions and Aftertreatment Efficiency in a GTDi Engine Using Different SOI Strategies. Bermudez, Vicente; Lujan, Jose Manuel; Climent, Hector; Soto, Lian; Campos, Daniel Technical report Jun 1, 2018 11468
In-Use Efficiency of Oxidation and Three-Way Catalysts Used in High-Horsepower Dual Fuel and Dedicated Natural Gas Engines. Johnson, Derek; Darzi, Mahdi; Clark, Nigel; Nix, Andrew; Heltzel, Robert Technical report Jun 1, 2018 9986
China believes Pakistan's coal power projects environment friendly. May 17, 2018 513
Eurostat: CO2 emissions in the EU up in 2017. May 4, 2018 260
ClearSign Combustion provides update on Chinese operations. May 3, 2018 400
Premix burner range. May 1, 2018 140
Electroair's Electronic Ignition: Performance: Developed from the auto racing world, Electroair's high-energy, variable-timed ignition system measurably improves performance and efficiency. Durden, Rick May 1, 2018 1790
Soot Observations and Exhaust Soot Comparisons from Ethanol-Blended and Methanol-Blended Gasoline Combustion in a Direct-Injected Engine. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Men, Yifan; Atis, Cyrus; Stuecken, Tom; Zhu, Guoming; Schock, Harold; Wooldridge, Technical report May 1, 2018 9611
Effect of Spray-Exhaust Gas Interactions on Ammonia Generation in SCR Mixing Sections. Schallhart, Verena; Moeltner, Lukas Technical report May 1, 2018 12650
On Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Field Effects in the Combustion Process. Kalis, Harijs; Marinaki, Maksims; Strautins, Uldis; Zake, Maija Report May 1, 2018 6298
Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Engine Operating Parameters on a Rankine Based Waste Heat Recovery System in a SI Engine. Matousek, Thomas; Lagaly, Paul; Bens, Michael; Koch,, Thomas Technical report Apr 1, 2018 9131
Influence of Miller Cycles on Engine Air Flow. Braun, Marco; Klaas, Michael; Schroder, Wolfgang Technical report Apr 1, 2018 8871
Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder Volume Trace Deviation. West, Ivan Anagrius; Moreno, Carlos Jorques; Stenlaas, Ola; Haslestad, Fredrik; Jonsson, Ola Technical report Apr 1, 2018 10860
The Effect of Inlet Valve Timing and Engine Speed on Dual Fuel NG-Diesel Combustion in a Large Bore Engine. Weber, Stefan; Stegmann, Richard; Prager, Maximilian; Wachtmeister, Georg Technical report Apr 1, 2018 11763
A Novel Approach towards Stable and Low Emission Stratified Lean Combustion Employing Two Solenoid Multi-Hole Direct Injectors. Peer, Johann; Stadler, Andreas; Zimmer, Thomas; Hartl, Martin; Wachtmeister, Georg; Sauerland, Henni Technical report Apr 1, 2018 6626
Meeting MCPD demands for industrial boilers: With the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) now European law. Houlden, Kevin Apr 1, 2018 633
3. Petroleum. Apr 1, 2018 29810
12. Environment. Apr 1, 2018 10145
ClearSign reports follow-on order for Duplex retrofit technology project for Aera Energy. Mar 22, 2018 207
MHI: H-100 Gas Turbine and Low NOx Combustion System Receives Full Mechanical Drive Qualification by Shell. Mar 12, 2018 596
Full of bright sparks. Mar 2, 2018 697
Mazda creates super eco engine. Mar 2, 2018 724
Full of bright sparks. Mar 2, 2018 697
Full of bright sparks. Mar 1, 2018 697
Full of bright sparks. Mar 1, 2018 697

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