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Combining the editor and publisher position can work.

I have worked as editor for a total of 40 years, but during that time I also became the owner, publisher and editor ("Critical Thinking: Should the Role of Editor and Publisher Be Combined as a Cost-Saving Measure?" May 2016). It works, you just have to work at it, perhaps a little harder as there is no one in these small newspapers to take your place. Also if you have two high paid positions, it does cost more. In a small operation, everyone pretty well knows the job of the other and are in on the controversy either way. Discussion about how to handle it takes less time when you are doing it on your own as editor and publisher because you know the ins and outs, even of the possible advertising involved. But if you are a free press as we are supposed to he, you will continue to give the reader both sides of the story as nearly as possible. My pet peeve is not taking the editorial comment to the editorial page and trying to fit it into the story. That is a no-no, for sure, but it often happens with the disconnect of editors and publishers of today. The hard cold facts may not be a style of writing that appears in many columns of news stories because to some they are termed uninteresting when you stick to the who, why, what, where, when, and how, but even--especially in small papers--it is absolutely essential. Take your comments to the editorial page, always.



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Author:Guptill, Janet F.
Publication:Editor & Publisher
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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