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PH, US, Japan marines begin scaled down 'KAMANDAG' exercise amid pandemic. Sep 29, 2021 661
Force Integration in Resistance Operations: Dutch Jedburghs and U.S. Alamo Scouts. Stringer, Kevin D. Jul 1, 2021 3730
'VFA termination will bring justice for Laude slay' --- Roque. Sep 3, 2020 566
BRP Jose Rizal now in Hawaii for RIMPAC20. Aug 16, 2020 526
Joint Engineering Advising in Kabul. O'Connor, Ryan M. Jan 1, 2020 916
Gallipoli: Lessons from the Great War on the Projection of Power and Joint Forcible Entry. Naughton, Patrick William Apr 1, 2019 5542
The Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement: An Old Tool for the Modern Military. Stephens, William M. Apr 1, 2019 4038
Air Advising in Afghanistan: Building an Organization in Flight. Douglas, Matthew A.; Ritschel, Jonathan Sep 22, 2018 1964
100 YEARS OF MATESHIP. Shanahan, Patrick M. Speech Jun 27, 2018 851
Multinational Sustainment Is Essential to the Next Fight: The Multi-Domain Battle environment requires the Army to operate as part of joint, multinational force down to the tactical level. This force will require integrated multinational sustainment of forces. Buzzard, Curtis A.; Dowgielewicz, Steven M., Jr. May 1, 2018 2034
The First Special Service Force: From Anzio to Rome 1944. Horn, Bernd; Wyezynski, Michel Apr 1, 2018 2245
PILOT EXCHANGE. Feb 1, 2018 743
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka Provides Unparalleled Support During Rare Three Carrier Strike Group Exercise. Stillions, Tina C. Jan 1, 2018 712
CAF at TYNDALL AFB: PART OF CANADA'S COMMITMENT TO NORAD. Attariwala, Joetey Dec 1, 2017 1828
Secretary of Defense James Mattis Remarks with Brett McGurk and LTG Townsend. Speech Aug 22, 2017 209
Guarding the skies: Louisiana Guard F-15s strengthen U.S. commitments and relationships in Europe. Davis, Bennie J., III May 1, 2017 1272
Partner Airlift: Strategic Airlift Capability C-17s provide multinational opportunities. Davis, Bennie J., III May 1, 2017 1484
Top guns: Atlantic Trident tests fifth generation capabilities, strengthens bonds between nations. Bates, Matthew May 1, 2017 1260
New Hudaidah/San'a'-Bound Offensive. Apr 10, 2017 334
Mission command in the Australian Army: A contrast in detail. Glenn, Russell W. Report Mar 22, 2017 4604
The missing lever: a joint military advisory command for partner-nation engagement. Stringer, Kevin D. Apr 1, 2016 3763
If we fight joint, shouldn't our history reflect that? Winkler, David F. Apr 1, 2016 3739
Obama steps up U.S. training of Communist Chinese military. Aug 24, 2015 343
To enable and sustain: Pacific Air Forces' theater security cooperation as a line of operation. Warner, Jeffrey B. Jan 1, 2015 5771
Navy perspective on joint force interdependence. Greenert, Jonathan Jan 1, 2015 2625
Dieppe All Over Again: the quandaries of combined joint operations. Hoiback, Harald Essay Apr 1, 2014 5570
Helping african union forces with peacekeeping operations in somalia: Through a building partner capacity program, the U.S. Africa Command has enabled East African nations to be better prepared to confront their national security threats. DeCicco, Michael A. Jan 1, 2014 1211
The role of multinational joint doctrine. Essay Oct 1, 2012 1595
The United Nations and intergovernmental organization command relationships: part III of III. Katsos, George E. Essay Jul 1, 2012 3202
Survive and thrive: international air forces train at Red Flag 12-2, an air-to-air combat exercise that replicates real-world threats. Newell, Benjamin Mar 1, 2012 1457
Joint task force-port opening comes to the Pacific: during a training mission in Thailand, a joint task force--port opening unit demonstrated its ability to establish a port of debarkation, conduct cargo-handling operations, and facilitate throughput. Walker, Kenneth; Reynolds, Alethia; Gutierrez, Aviana Jan 1, 2012 1744
Integrating the BCT Human Terrain Team with the Maneuver Company. Thompson, Jonathan D. Nov 1, 2010 2780
A perspective on U.K.'s joint logistics officer course. Flannery, R.E. Sep 1, 2010 590
Wartime alliances versus coalition warfare: how institutional structure matters in the multilateral prosecution of wars. Weitsman, Patricia A. Report Jun 22, 2010 9651
The combined air power transition force: building airpower for Afghanistan. Boera, Michael R. Essay Mar 22, 2010 5156
Turkey - Oct 15 - Turkey Bars Israel From War Exercise. Brief article Oct 17, 2009 307
Oak Hill wraps up Southern Partnership Station '09. Dickson, Hendrick L. Sep 1, 2009 457
Philippine, American Sailors train together during CARAT. Brannon, Brian Aug 1, 2009 474
Teamwork South 2009 gets underway. Geiser, Ensign Julien Aug 1, 2009 397
NATO's uncertain future is demography destiny? Simon, Jeffrey Report Apr 1, 2009 6717
Coalition forces work to deter piracy in Gulf of Aden. Hilley, Monique K. Mar 1, 2009 764
Southern Partnership Station begins aboard Swift. Ball, Daniel Feb 1, 2009 446
Afghans' May Become A World War As NATO Is Threatened; Pakistani Splits R Troubling. Sep 1, 2008 4628
New US-Pakistani Approach. Sep 1, 2008 561
Pulling Gs. Ricardo, Cecilio Sep 1, 2008 752
French Sailors experience flight operations aboard U.S. carrier. Suits, John Aug 1, 2008 365
The strangest invasion in history? was the assault on Anjouan island really necessary or was it a convenient and easy face-saving victory for AU peacekeepers? Tom Nevin examines the evidence. Nevin, Tom May 1, 2008 1539
Major joint/combined operations. Vego, Milan N. Jan 1, 2008 8877
New well-drilling rig arrives in Djibouti. Wilson, Jerord E. Jul 1, 2007 440
Combined endeavor 07 brings nations together. Jun 22, 2007 858
A day on Northern watch: November 2, 2000. Bartos, Peter P. Mar 22, 2007 2640
Practicing an immediate response. Kieffer, Gary L.; Orillion, Andrew; Polk, Tanya Feb 1, 2007 1061
Somalia Begins to Return To US Orbit As Neo-Salafi Islamists Are On The Run. Jan 8, 2007 1081
Command relationships in a combined force. Burton, Matthew V. Jul 1, 2006 927
Peacekeeping and related stability operations: issues of U.S. military involvement. Serafino, Nina M. Jul 1, 2006 11690
20 militants, 1 U.S. soldier killed in fighting in Afghanistan. May 22, 2006 123
Update: Bomb kills five US soldiers. Apr 23, 2006 94
Coalition-Afghan forces kill 6 insurgents in eastern Afghanistan. Apr 17, 2006 116
41 militants, 6 police killed in fighting in S. Afghanistan. Apr 17, 2006 144
INTERNATIONAL ZONE: Injury forces Borrego into career at stud; US. Apr 13, 2006 268
Integrating partner nations into coalition operations. Fick, Barbara Apr 1, 2006 3890
INTERNATIONAL NEWS: US forces launch huge air assault on Iraqi insurgents. Mar 17, 2006 365
INTERNATIONAL: British troops targeted with roadside bombs. Mar 7, 2006 172
INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Saudi security forces kill oil plant terror suspects. Feb 28, 2006 460
Breaking barriers. Frantom, Todd Feb 1, 2006 1073
Controlling drones at war: the global war on terrorism has seen the use of drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles--UAVs) by US-led coalition forces down to the platoon level. The operations of tactical drones are directed from ground control stations that are often on the front lines. Kemp, Ian Feb 1, 2006 2151
North American defense and security after 9/11. Inge, Joseph R.; Findley, Eric A. Jan 1, 2006 3821
NATO resource perspectives: once, NATO budgets were stable and predictable. Not so now: discover the current and future challenges facing the U.S. Army in its responsibility to program, budget, and manage U.S. contributions to the NATO budget. Thomas, William Company overview Jan 1, 2006 2019
Constabulary forces and postconflict transition: the Euro-Atlantic dimension. Armitage, David T., Jr.; Moisan, Anne M. Nov 1, 2005 6755
Romex 2005. MacAllister, LeAnne Nov 1, 2005 994
Air assault in Germany. Marlow, W. Wayne Nov 1, 2005 742
China and Russia as allies. Brief Article Oct 17, 2005 209
Northeast Korea--Luke's Castle--Winter 1953: three U.S. tanks and ROK rifle company in mountain defense. Frazer, Nimrod T. Jul 1, 2005 6918
ABCA: a petri dish for multinational interoperability. Maginnis, Robert L. Apr 1, 2005 3043
Military police in Korea transform provost marshal operations. McRee, Chad B. Oct 1, 2004 1067
Climbing the knowledge management mountain lessons learned from operation blinding storm. Donovan, Kathy; Barrett, Danelle Sep 22, 2004 1645
Information management sample toolkit operation blinding storm. Sep 22, 2004 915
Navy Can Secure 'Access' for Joint Force. McGinn, Dennis Aug 1, 2001 1597
Smoke Units Viable to IBCT and Objective Force--Informational Dominance Denial Through use of Advance Obscurants. Chapman, Frank D. Aug 1, 2001 3525
Success! Security Assistance and Its Impact in Croatia, 1995-2000. Wheaton, Kristan J. Sep 22, 2000 3201
Dynamics of peacekeeping in Georgia. Marks, Edward Sep 1, 1995 1958
Desert Storm: unleashing the might of materials handling. Cover Story Jul 4, 1991 843

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