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Combined authority is a phoney project; Letters.

DEAR Editor, The referendum over, one might have expected some reality to return to the Midland political scene, but no, in its place we have the "uninformed in pursuit of the unfunded".

That is, a clutch of under informed hopefuls scrambling to become the first mayor of some cockamamie additional tier of government.

The ridiculous West Midlands Combined Authority project is simply a leftover from the EU's plans for a regional democracy-destroying additional tier of government, directed by unelected Brussels bureaucrats.

In 2004, John Prescott attempted to push through a plan for a North East Assembly, and older Post readers will recall the farce of the West Midlands County Council (1974 - 86), an EU concept hidden under a "metropolitan" label, which was wound up by Maggie Thatcher as her euro-scepticism grew.

It now goes under local enterprise partnerships, funded by the British taxpayer (via the ERDF) which is our money sent to Brussels, where a huge chunk is taken out, and some returned as EU largesse.

One of the candidates, Beverley Nielsen, believes that the West Midlands gets a raw deal, funding wise, but as a former director of the EU-funded West Midlands CBI, she should know the score.

She would prefer to delude herself that our Government has unlimited money available for local projects, when in truth all Westminster has done for the last 43 years is borrow heavily, and our national debt now stands at PS1.5 trillion pounds, and is growing by PS3,517 per second.

Andy Street is a retail specialist, and in uncharted waters politically, while Sion Simon as a Labour MEP will be set on obstructing speedy severance from Brussels, despite the Brexit majority.

This phoney, ill-starred project needs to be put out of its misery now, like the Midlands County Council was then, and save us all a great deal of money.

Peter McHugh, Alvechurch, Worcestershire

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:Sep 15, 2016
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