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Combinatorics, groups, algorithms, and complexity: conference in honor of Laci Babai's 60th birthday.

List of talks

* Scott Aaronson (MIT): Arthur-Merlin and Black-Box Groups in Quantum Computing (Or, How Laci Did Quantum Stuff Without Knowing It)

* Miklos Abert (Renyi Inst., Budapest): On the Geometry of Ramanujan Graphs

* Laszlo Babai (U. Chicago): Some of my Favorite Problems

* Robert Bailey (U. Regina, Canada): Metric Dimension of Distance-regular Graphs

* Robert Beals (CCR--Princeton): Polynomial-time Theory of Matrix Groups

* Robert Burns (York U., Toronto): Transforming Normal-generating n-tuples of a Group into Generating n-tuples

* Steven Butler (U. California--Los Angeles): Shuffling with Ordered Cards

* Peter J. Cameron (Queen Mary, U. of London): Bases for Permutation Groups and Combinatorial Structures

* Sourav Chakraborty (CWI, Amsterdam): Query Complexity Lower Bounds for Reconstruction

* Paolo Codenotti (U. Chicago): Isomorphism of Hypergraphs of Low Rank in Moderately Exponential Time

* Eva Czabarka (U. South Carolina, Columbia SC): Sperner-type Problems and Results

* Alla Detinko (National U. of Ireland, Galway): Towards Efficient Computing with Matrix Groups over Infinite domains

* Oren Dinai (U. Geneva, Switzerland): Growth in Some Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type of Rank One

* John Dixon (Carleton U., Ottawa): Finite Group Representations: from Approximate to Exact

* Lance Fortnow (Northwestern U., Evanston, IL): Babai, the Wizard, and the Power of Local Interaction

* Zoltan Furedi (U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Renyi Inst., Budapest): Partition-critical Hypergraphs

* Martin Fiirer (Penn State U.): Combinatorial Methods for the Graph Isomorphism Problem

* Shelly Garion (Max Planck Inst., Bonn): The Product Replacement Algorithm Graph of Finite Simple Groups

* Anna Gal (U. Texas--Austin): On the Limitations of 3-query Linear Locally Decodable Codes

* Chris Godsil (U. Waterloo, Canada): Quantum Physics and Graph Spectra

* Igor Gorodezky (Cornell U.): Towards an Approximation Algorithm for the Directed All-terminal Network Reliability Problem

* Shonda Gosselin (U. Winnipeg, Canada): Paley-like Uniform Hypergraphs

* Ronald L. Graham (U. California--San Diego): Descents and Drops of a Permutation

* Uzy Hadad (Weizmann Inst. and The Open University, Israel): On the Shortest Identity in Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type

* Peter Hajnal (U. Szeged, Hungary): On Long Alternating Non-crossing Paths in 2-equicolored Convex Sets

* Tom Hayes (U. New Mexico): Liftings of Tree-Structured Markov Chains

* Harald Helfgott (U. Bristol, U.K.): Growth of Small Sets in [SL.sub.n]

* Gabor Hetyei (U. North Carolina, Charlotte NC): Bernoulli Type Truncation Games and Connected Permutations

* Wilfried Imrich (U. Leoben, Austria): Products of Finite and Infinite Graphs

* Gabor Ivanyos (SzTAKI, Budapest): Modules and Maximum Rank Matrix Completion

* Delaram Kahrobaei (City U. New York): Aspects of Nonabelian Group Based Cryptography

* William M. Kantor (U. Oregon): Short Presentations of Finite Simple Groups

* Martin Kassabov (Cornell U.): Spectral Gap of Cayley Graphs of Coxeter Groups

* Subhash Khot (New York U.): Sharp Kernel Clustering Algorithms and Their Associated Grothendieck Inequalities

* Shiva Kintali (Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA): Complexity of Scarf's Lemma and Fractional Stability Problems

* Raghav Kulkarni (U. Chicago): Decision Tree Complexity, Solvable Groups, and the Distribution of Prime Numbers

* Gabor Kun (DIMACS and IAS, Princeton): Proof of the Bollobas-Catlin-Eldridge Conjecture

* Samuel Kutin (CCR--Princeton): Quantum Interpolation of Polynomials

* Gabor Lippner (Harvard U.): Parameter Testing with Borel Oracles

* Satya V. Lokam (MS Research--Bangalore): Matrix Rigidity and Complexity of Linear Transformations

* Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew U., Jerusalem): Short Presentations of Finite Simple Groups

* Eugene M. Luks (U. Oregon): Permutation Groups in Parallel: Canonical Forms

* Bojan Mohar (Simon Fraser U., Canada): Rough Structure Theorem For Symmetric Graphs with Small Separations

* Dhruv Mubayi (U. Illinois at Chicago): Coloring Simple Hypergraphs

* Jaroslav Nefetfil (Charles U., Prague): Small and Simple Representations

* Yared Nigussie (East Tennessee State U.): Finite Dualities by Forbidding a Clique Minor

* Lale Ozkahya (U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): On Extremal Cycle-free Subgraphs of the Hypercube

* Peter P. Pach (Eotvos U., Budapest): On the Minimal Distance of Polynomial Near-ring Codes

* Igor Pak (U. California--Los Angeles): Generating Random Trees

* Peter P. Palfy (Renyi Inst., Budapest): On the Isomorphism Problem of Cayley Graphs

* Gabriella Pluhar (Eotvos U., Budapest): Islands on Rectangular and Triangular Grids

* Andras Pongracz (Central European U., Budapest): Compatible Functions on Permutation Groups

* Cheryl E. Praeger (U. Western Australia): Serendipity, Involutions and Regular Semisimple Matrices

* Laszlo Pyber (Renyi Inst., Budapest): Growth in Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type of Bounded Rank

* Alexander Razborov (U. Chicago): A Product Theorem in Free Groups

* Lajos Ronyai (SzTAKI, Budapest): Polynomial Functions on Finite Point Sets

* Alex Russell (U. Connecticut): Approximating the Permanent with Nonabelian Determinants

* Paul Schupp (U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Cellular Automata on Cayley Graphs and Amenability

* Janos Simon (U. Chicago): Insertion Sort

* Gabor Somlai (Eotvos U., Budapest): Cayley Graphs of Elementary Abelian p-groups

* Daniel Stefankovic (U. Rochester, NY): A Graph Polynomial for Independent Sets of Bipartite Graphs

* Madhu Sudan (MIT): Invariance in Property Testing

* Zoran Sunic (Texas A&M U.): Paired Hanoi Towers Problem

* Csaba Szabo (Eotvos U., Budapest): On the Computational Complexity of Solving Equations over Finite Groups

* Eva Tardos (Cornell U.): Price of Anarchy and Adword Auctions

* Gabor Tardos (Simon Fraser U., Canada and Renyi Inst., Budapest): An Algorithmic Proof of the Lovasz Local Lemma

* Gyorgy Turan (U. Illinois at Chicago and U. Szeged, Hungary): Horn Formulas or Directed Hypergraphs: Combinatorics and Complexity

* Emanuele Viola (Northeastern U., Boston): On the Complexity of Generating Distributions

* Yan Wang (Yantai U., China): Self-dual and Self-Petrie-dual Maps

* Avi Wigderson (IAS, Princeton): Groups and Expanders

* James B. Wilson (Ohio State U.): Finding Direct Products of Permutation Groups is in P

* Jing Xu (Capital Normal U., Beijing): Vertex transitive tournaments of order pq

* Sukru Yalcmkaya (U. Western Australia): The Generalization of Siskebap Theorem and Black Box Groups

Akos Seress (1 2) ([dagger]) Mario Szegedy (3) ([double dagger]) (Guest Editors)

(1) School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia (2) The Ohio State University, Dept. of Mathematics (3) Rutgers University, Dept. of Computer Science

([dagger]) Email:

([double dagger]) Email:
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Author:Seress, Akos; Szegedy, Mario
Publication:Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Article Type:Conference news
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Date:Dec 1, 2011
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