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Combinatorics, complexity, and chance; a tribute to Dominic Welsh.


Combinatorics, complexity, and chance; a tribute to Dominic Welsh.

Ed. by Geoffrey Grimmett and Colin McDiarmid.

Oxford U. Press


310 pages




After educating generations of undergraduate and graduate students, Welsh has retired, so to speak, to further pursue his very influential work in discrete mathematics, including theories of graphs, matroids, algorithmic complexity, cryptography, knots, discrete physical models and applied probability. In these 18 essays those he influenced honor him with such lively topics as orbit counting and the Tutte polynomial, Eularian and bipartite orientable matroids, a history and generalizations in Tutte-Whitney polynomials, Markov chains used to randomly sample colorings, a matroid-minor structure theory, graphical applications of Fourier analysis on finite abelian groups, flows and ferromagnets, approximating the Tutte polynomial, non-separating circuits and co-circuits in matroids, expanding the Tutte polynomial of a matroid over the independent sets, connection matrices, complexity of graph polynomials, random planar graphs and the number of planar graphs, advances on the Erdos-Faber-Lovasz conjecture, stochastic set-backs, the unknotting problem, and a review of Welsh's contributions to matroid theory.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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