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Combinatorial group theory, discrete groups, and number theory; proceedings.


Combinatorial group theory, discrete groups, and number theory; proceedings.

Conference on Combinatorial Group Theory, Discrete Groups, and Number Theory (2004: Fairfield University) Ed. by Benjamin Fine et al.

American Mathematical Society


273 pages



Contemporary mathematics; v.421


These proceedings for the December 2004 conference held in honor of Gerhard Rosenberger include materials from the AMS session on infinite groups held October 2005, and the title topics are joined by those on ring theory as well as contributions to noncommutative algebraic cryptography. Papers cover such subjects as outer automorphism groups of certain orientable Seifert three-manifold groups, a proposed public key cryptosystem using the modular group, normal subgroups of themodular group and other Hecke groups, unions of varieties and quasi-varieties, context-free irreducible word problems in groups, informative words and discreteness, using group theory for knowledge representation and discovery, torsion in maximal arithmetic Fuchsian groups, density of test elements in finite Abelian groups and the Rosenberg "monster."

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