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Combat sadness.

I write in response to the article titled 'Chilling at the Wheel', published in the Chill Out section of your newspaper on December 11. The article affirms that more people are getting into pottery to alleviate depression. It further states that it works in a way that since pottery-making involves creativity, the activity alters the brain's neural pathways producing changes in multiple brain regions, which helps depression. It still sounds vague to me, but I guess it's saying that if you keep yourself busy with things that challenge your creativity, it will help ease your sadness and anxiety. But is it normal to feel sad? I'd say, yes! Especially now that the weather in Doha is getting colder and colder each day, I somehow feel lonely, and long for my family back home. I don't want to call this depression just yet, but I feel that if I will not be able to contain this feeling in the coming days, this sadness might get deeper and I might eventually feel the 'real signs' of depression. Weird as it may sound, but a friend told me that I should not worry because it is 'healthy' to feel sad... That I just have to avoid sitting or lying doing nothing because that will only encourage negative thinking. She said that I must keep myself busy with things that will make me feel good, which led me, not into pottery though, but to calligraphy. Currently, I am practising basic calligraphy and I must say, that yes, it is becoming a 'beautiful addiction'. It is just as fun as therapeutic making me forget all the troubles that, in the first place, don't actually exist. My friend is right, I just have to find a creative diversion. But, of course, we all have different take on things, so if you feel as though you are increasingly becoming sad, and you couldn't explain and contain your sadness anymore, the advice is to seek professional help. The experts can help you understand more about your medical condition, and they can offer a treatment plan that would work for you. But just the same, stay positive and happy. Eat a healthy diet, get up early, exercise, get enough sunlight, and more than ever, love yourself! Mary V

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Dec 12, 2017
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