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Combat lifesaver aid bag ... the mystery of the missing items.

On Pages 54-55 of PS 612 we published an article about stocking the combat life-saver aid bag, NSN 6545-01-254-9551. The article listed the medical items and quantities required for each bag. It reflected the prescribed packing list.

* diazepam injection, syringe with needle, NSN 6505-01-274-0951

* atropine injection, syringe with needle, NSN 6505-00-926-9083

Diazepam is a controlled substance and it's not issued with the bag. But it is an item needed for deployment or a training exercise.

Atropine is not a controlled substance. The combat lifesaver aid bag is typically issued with atropine. But in some cases, the atropine gets removed somewhere in the supply channel before the bag reaches the combat lifesaver.

Diazepam and atropine are used to offset the effects of chemical agents.

So if you're short either diazepam or atropine, submit a requisition to your medical supply people.

MSDS Websites

Looking for material safety data sheets (MSDS)? Here are three websites to get you started. The first one is the official DoD website for MSDS. hmirs/default.asp

NSN for Medical Litter

Need a folding medical litter? NSN 6530-01-380-7309 brings you a litter with adjustable nylon handles, aluminum poles and polypropylene cover. It's also painted with chemical-resistant agents, so you can decontaminate it. For more information, call Jim Grugan, (215) 737-9097, or Carolyn Fugarino, (215) 737-7897, at the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia.
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