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Comar: One-Piece CR Closure.

Comar, a designer and manufacturer of healthcare packaging products, introduces the new SecureCap[R] QuarterLoc[TM] child-resistant closure, a one-piece push-and-turn bottle closure that requires only a quarter turn to apply or remove.

Existing two-piece child-resistant closures require molding and assembly of two plastic components, whereas the QuarterLoc closure is a single molded part. This reduction in part weight and assembly steps translates to component part savings and a sustainability story for manufacturers of over-the-counter and nutraceutical products.

Designed to be compatible with multiple products, the closure has passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission testing protocols for both child-resistance and senior-friendly performance.

For over-the-counter and nutraceutical product manufacturers, closure innovation has been challenged by CPSC compliance requirements for child-resistant packaging and expectations to conform to industry standard capping equipment. The design of the SecureCap QuarterLoc CR closure offers a cost-effective solution since it is easily integrated into existing packaging lines and is both adaptable and scalable for multiple products.

The closure is useful for vitamin, mineral, and supplement products because of its child-resistant performance. It's designed to deliver child-safe performance while lowering manufacturing costs.

Comar has also developed bottles with neck finishes especially for use with QuarterLoc closures.

SecureCap QuarterLoc is manufactured from polypropylene and works with PET bottles. The one-piece design reduces manufacturing complexity and is environmentally responsible. By providing a secure closure with just a quarter turn, QuarterLoc is easier to use because iteliminates the potential of thread misalignment and cocked caps.

Although not required, standard foil induction liners or in-line conduction liners can be used with these closures. The ComarSecureCap QuarterLoc is protected by patents and manufactured in facilities that meet current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and ISO 9001:13485 quality standards.

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Publication:Healthcare Packaging
Date:Aug 31, 2018
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