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CROC TWIN AWAKE; Melissa, 28, out of coma after attack. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jun 11, 2021 217
Hawick family unite to thank Edinburgh and Borders hospital staff who helped save talented young rugby player's life; The grateful family of a talented Hawick teenage rugby player who spent almost a month in a coma after a car crash in January have joined a fundraising effort to thank staff at Edinburgh and Borders hospitals who put him on the road to recovery. Paul Kelly Jun 8, 2021 557
Hawick family unite to thank hospital staff who helped save talented young rugby player's life; The grateful family of a talented Hawick teenage rugby player who spent almost a month in a coma after a car crash in January have joined a fundraising effort to thank the hospital staff who put him on the road to recovery. Paul Kelly Jun 8, 2021 471
CASH ROLLS IN FOR DESPERATE EMMA; Appeal to help coma woman stuck in China with PS70,000 medical bill. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Jun 6, 2021 548
Baby girl remains in coma a month after adoptive father's abuse. Jun 4, 2021 758
Covid-coma mum gives birth to boy; Mum gives birth to 'miracle' baby boy after Covid coma pregnancy. ANNA LEWIS Reporter Jun 2, 2021 1735
First Covid, then a coma - and then a 'miracle' baby boy. ANNA LEWIS Reporter Jun 2, 2021 1862
Campaign to help teacher fighting for life in hospital; Spiralling medical bill for 50-year-old who has been in a coma after procedure in China. RORY SMITH Jun 1, 2021 321
Spiralling bill for teacher in coma; Campaign for woman fighting for life in Chinese hospital. RORY SMITH Jun 1, 2021 326
'I awoke from a Covid-19 coma to find my grandad had died... then my dad died just days later'. LUCY JOHN Reporter Jun 1, 2021 1060
NIGHTMARE IN ARE SHANGHAI; Teacher left in coma after routine procedure went wrong ? Medical insurance capped at PS11k ? Hospital demands staggering PS1,650 a day to carry on caring ? Partner faces red tape brick wall EXCLUSIVE. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer May 30, 2021 1392
'I woke from a Covid coma to find my grandad had died and then my dad died days later'; Emily Gladwin, 38, is now trying to raise money for the doctors and nurses who helped her family. By, Lucy John May 30, 2021 1110
COVID-19: HOSPITALIZED FOR 99 DAYS, INCLUDING 16 IN A COMA 'An insidious disease'. Scott C. Morgan May 24, 2021 624
COVID-19: HOSPITALIZED FOR 99 DAYS, INCLUDING 16 IN A COMA 'An insidious disease' COVID: 'I'm still dealing with the aftermath'. Scott C. Morgan May 24, 2021 624
Doctor makes miracle recovery from Covid after saying final goodbyes to family on phone; Dr Anushua Gupta, 41, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus on April 1 last year and after four days her condition had deteriorated and she ended up in a coma. By, Emily Chudy & William Walker May 20, 2021 731
Energy sector in coma, press conferences won't revive it - ACEP to Energy Minister. Conference news May 17, 2021 535
Man left paralysed by food poisoning after dream island holiday turned nightmare; William Marsh 58, from Wales, remains paralysed three years after a Dominic Republic holiday operated by TUI that left him comatose on a ventilator. By, Katie Ann Gupwell May 15, 2021 1073
British Muslim 'grateful' after baby born during coma. Arab News May 10, 2021 545
Single mum who took fatal overdose after benefits cut one of many deaths being reviewed; Philippa Day, 27, from Nottingham, was found collapsed at her home beside a letter rejecting her request for an at-home benefits assessment, and died after two months in a coma. By, Richard Ault May 10, 2021 1381
Mum gave birth while in Covid coma and woke up next day wondering where baby was; A doctor held Marriam Ahmad's hand and told her she may not survive before she was placed in a coma and her daughter was delivered by C-section at Grange Hospital in Cwmbran. By, Ryan Merrifield May 10, 2021 368
French serial killer who murdered a British student in coma and 'on verge of death'; Michel Fourniret, 79, known as the 'Beast of the Ardennes' was admitted to a secure unit at the Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris on Saturday and has slipped into a coma. By, Peter Allen & Graeme Murray May 10, 2021 571
Boy, 7, left fighting for his life after being 'slammed' 27 times in judo class; Little Wei Wei screamed 'my head' 'my leg' in disturbing footage which showed him repeatedly thrown on to the mat. He is now in a coma but doctors believe his chances of survival are slim. By, Kelly-Ann Mills May 7, 2021 506
Boy, 7, left fighting for his life after being 'slammed' 27 times in judo class; Little Wei Wei screamed 'my head' and 'my leg' in disturbing footage which showed him repeatedly thrown on to the mat. He is now in a coma but doctors believe his chances of survival are slim. By, Kelly-Ann Mills May 7, 2021 506
Comatose woman fighting COVID-19 gets unapproved drug per court order. Susan Sarkauskas May 5, 2021 282
Comatose woman gets unapproved drug per court order. Susan Sarkauskas May 5, 2021 282
Shark attack survivor wins fight to keep tooth predator left in his surfboard; Chris Blowes, now 32, lost his leg and was left in a coma for 10 days after the horror incident in South Australia in 2015 -but was initially told he could not own the 'souvenir'. By, Jonathan Coles May 5, 2021 459
'I am scared that if I close my eyes I won't wake up' covid warning from woman learning to walk again after seven-week coma. CONNOR TEALE @cteale May 4, 2021 474
Family's heartbreak as gran dies of coronavirus despite 10 negative tests; Debra Shaw was put into a coma after struggling to breath following surgery. Her family were told she had 10 negative coronavirus tests before she died aged just 55. By, Ruby Davies & Kelly-Ann Mills May 3, 2021 962
Will It Relapse From Coma To Death? May 3, 2021 232
FORMER POLICEMAN'S COVID WARNING AFTER HE WAS LEFT IN A COMA; Fall ill with the virus abroad and you may regret it. BEN PERRIN Staff Reporter May 2, 2021 1148
Mum knew instantly when she woke from coma that car crash had killed her baby son; Five-month-old Louis Thorold died and his mum was left seriously injured after a crash involving a van and a car saw one vehicle veer into the infant's pram in January. By, William Walker Apr 29, 2021 371
Mum who was left in coma after catching flesh-eating bug on holiday learns to walk again; Lou Trott feels lucky to be alive after spending a week in a coma brought on by bacteria which entered her system from a cut to her knee sustained while running. By, Ollie Buckley Apr 27, 2021 650
Applause as father is able to move to ward; Covid survivor spent 90 days in intensive care and a month in coma. HARRIET EVANS Community News Reporter Apr 26, 2021 347
Woman lost nose, lips, tongue, hands and feet to sepsis after being bitten by mongoose; Shaninlea Visser, 37, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, was put in an induced coma as doctors amputated her limbs after she contracted sepsis. By, Lee Bullen Apr 26, 2021 275
Man, 61, in coma after thug 'curb stomps' him in horrifying street attack; WARNING DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: Yao Pan Ma was left in critical condition following the assault, the latest in a series of attacks on Asian people in New York City. By, Sam Rkaina Apr 25, 2021 436
GMB's Kate Garraway shares husband Derek Draper's 'heartbreaking' last words to her before coma; The star's husband sent the agonising text which she has now shared in her new memoir. By, Ian Johnson Apr 24, 2021 316
Coma ordeal of girl who swallowed battery. HOLLIE BONE Apr 23, 2021 442
Mum with 5% survival chance after losing limbs to infection starts walking again; Allison Friday, 56, was placed in a coma in February last year and her family was told to prepare for the worst after she contracted sepsis which led to her limbs being amputated. By, Katie Anderson & Ross Kaniuk Apr 21, 2021 938
The QC brought back from the brink of death; He's one of Wales' most famous barristers and has been at the heart of many high-profile murder cases, but a year ago Patrick Harrington was involved in a horrendous car crash which left doctors fearing the worst as he slipped into a coma. Laura Clements visits the lawyer and finds him busier than ever and determined to carry on his vital work... Apr 17, 2021 1365
The QC brought back from the brink of death; He's one of Wales' most famous barristers and has been at the heart of many high-profile murder cases, but a year ago Patrick Harrington was involved in a horrendous car crash which left doctors fearing the worst as he slipped into a coma. Laura Clements visits the lawyer and finds him busier than ever and determined to carry on his vital work... Apr 17, 2021 3351
The QC brought back from the brink of death; He's one of Wales' most famous barristers and has been at the heart of many high-profile murder cases, but a year ago Patrick Harrington was involved in a horrendous car crash which left doctors fearing the worst as he slipped into a coma. Laura Clements visits the lawyer and finds him busier than ever and determined to carry on his vital work... Apr 17, 2021 3414
Toddler shot on Lake Shore Drive out of coma, on ventilator. Associated Press Apr 12, 2021 184
After 50 days in coma, survivor scales new heights. Apr 11, 2021 205
DMX still on life support in coma, manager clarifies 'inaccurate information' about rapper's health. Apr 9, 2021 383
HOME AFTER SIX WEEKS IN COMA; Man recalls nothing about his battle for life but family's strength helped him pull through. SUE SMITH Apr 7, 2021 428
'Miracle man' back home after six-week Covid coma. SUE SMITH Apr 7, 2021 439
Doctors had told me I was 'too young to have depression' Cariad Jarrett opens up about mental health struggles after an attempt to take her own life left her in a coma. Lucy John reports. Mar 30, 2021 2085
'Doctors gave me 2% chance of survival after I tried to end my own life...' Cariad Jarrett opens up to Lucy Jones about her mental health struggles after an attempt to take her own life left her in a coma... Cariad Jarrett Mar 30, 2021 2046
Rocket hits Schoolgirl now in coma. Mar 30, 2021 546
'Doctors gave me a 2% chance of survival after I attempted to end my own life'; Cariad Jarrett spent weeks in a coma after trying to end her own life. Here the 20-year-old bravely tells her story and calls for more mental health support for young women. By, Lucy John Mar 28, 2021 2665
Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper breaks down in tears after waking from his coma; Good Morning Britain aired a new clip of Kate Garraway's new documentary today. By, Lottie Gibbons Mar 23, 2021 359
Thug left OAP in coma after punch to head; VICTIM SUFFERED INJURIES HE MAY NEVER RECOVER FROM. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Mar 20, 2021 545
I was left in coma after cow trampling that killed my dog. ED CHATTERTON Mar 18, 2021 151
Dog walker left in coma for eight days after brutal attack by herd of cows; Pip Peacock, 63, was kicked and stamped on when the cattle rushed at her before a group came to her rescue but sadly her Labrador Buster didn't survive the attack. By, Ben Lyons & Sam Elliott Mar 17, 2021 432
Mum placed in coma after headache 'from work stress' turned out to be brain tumour; Rachae Carter, 46, from Newport, Wales had surgery to debulk the tumour before suffering two devastating family tragedies. By, Lydia Stephens Mar 6, 2021 719
Mum's terror after whole family struck down by Covid with husband still in induced coma; Sarah Allcock, 46, said the situation for her husband, who is in hospital with Covid-19, got to so bad at one point that she had to sit her kids down and warn them he might not make it. By, Phoebe Fuller & Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Mar 6, 2021 1108
Giving birth left mum, 36, fighting for life in coma and then paralysed by rare illness; Sylwia McGinty, 36, Little Hulton, Greater Manchester, suffered pre-eclampsia, sepsis, heart failure, a stroke and paralysis after giving birth to baby Frank. By, Ryan Merrifield Mar 5, 2021 889
Kogi Youths Beat Pastor To Coma Over Refusal To Allow Masquerade In Church. Mar 2, 2021 230
'I died seven times after horror football injury during Sunday league match'; Dave Cram was fit and healthy before he suffered an injury during a football match, which saw him end up in a coma having his leg amputated on his 40th birthday. By, Jacque Talbot Feb 24, 2021 891
Man left in coma after shooting dies 13 months on. DARRAGH BERRY and GAVIN O'CALLAGHAN Feb 23, 2021 231
The great survivor: After 50 days in a coma, longest ICU Scot hails the NHS team who got him home (and they reveal how). Janet Boyle Feb 21, 2021 1563
The great survivor: After 50 days in a coma, longest ICU Scot hails the NHS team who got him home (and they reveal how); The saved and the saviours Frontline ontline NHS staff on everyday miracles bringing Scots back from the brink. Janet Boyle Feb 21, 2021 1563
Tragedy of nurse robbed of doing dream job by Covid; family learned much-loved dad had qualified while he was in coma. DAMON WILKINSON @damonwilkinson6 Feb 20, 2021 490
Coma mum & baby Reunited. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN Feature Writer Feb 12, 2021 627
Wife of police officer trapped in coma for 16 days says Covid 'saved his life'; Detective Constable Paul Finnan, 58, who worked for West Midlands Police and the National Crime Agency, tested positive for the virus last month before he deteriorated and was rushed to Heartlands Hospital for oxygen. By, Ben Perrin Feb 12, 2021 706
Builder wakes from coma to find he'd blown off hand and mum's roof with bedroom firework; Paul Carr accidentally started the blaze with the 'industrial strength' firework that destroyed his attic room while his mum and young cousin were downstairs. By, Neil Docking & William Walker Feb 11, 2021 687
Dad, 36, told kids he'd 'see them later' before falling into coma and dying from Covid; Kieron Macklin apologised to his wife over the phone after catching coronavirus -his family are struggling to cope after the death of the man who 'took all your worries away'. By, Lee Grimsditch & Joseph Wilkes Feb 11, 2021 702
JOE WAKES FROM COMA WITH NO CLUE OF VIRUS; Teen has had Covid twice during time in hospital. JENNY MOODY Feb 7, 2021 757
Girl, 5, left in coma after NFL coach's 'drink drive crash' days before Super Bowl; The young victim, named Ariel, is unconscious and "in very critical condition" at hospital, according to her aunt who has set up a GoFundMe page to cover hospital bills. By, Tom Ambrose Feb 7, 2021 721
Man in coma after being injured by woman falling from building in Taiwan. Feb 6, 2021 250
East Kilbride: Covid-19 patient wakes from coma to discover he's going to be a grandfather; A Covid-19 patient who spent two months in an induced coma on a ventilator woke up to the news that he is going to be a grandfather. Rachel Mackie Feb 5, 2021 355
Mum-of-four has both hands amputated and left in coma after being bitten by family dog. Feb 4, 2021 327
Rapist Beaten To Coma After Plucking Victim's Eyes. Feb 3, 2021 255
Mum put in coma after giving birth with Covid finally holds her baby weeks later; Doctors feared 'healthy' mum Elsa Larkins, 34, and her baby Florence would both die -telling her husband Tommy to say goodbye to them -before the newborn was delivered via emergency Caesarean section in Kingston, London. By, Chris Kitching Feb 2, 2021 568
Mum with Covid told devastated teen son 'I love you' before slipping into coma and dying; Nicola Hussey, 47, could only tell her family she loved her over FaceTime from her hospital bed before she was placed in a coma then tragically died from coronavirus. By, Martyn Halle Feb 1, 2021 487
Tropical diseases scientist fighting for his life in coma after organs fail in Mexico; The heartbroken wife of Hector Diaz Albiter says he began suffering organ failure but she was forced to move him to private healthcare due to a lack of local hospital beds. By, Kathleen Speirs & Nina Lloyd Jan 31, 2021 532
Mum's horror as newborn baby in coma for eight days fighting sepsis and meningitis; Zaira-Jade Thomas's mum and dad were unable to hold her for three weeks as the newborn baby fought the infectious diseases at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. By, Lydia Stephens Jan 30, 2021 849
Piers Morgan says Kate Garraway's husband 'may never come out of coma'; Derek has been battling the after effects of coronavirus in hospital for almost a year. By, Jessica Sansome & Sophie McCoid Jan 26, 2021 425
Schoolboy left in coma after being kicked and beaten by gang of youths in city centre; Up to 10 unidentified people allegedly attacked 15-year-old Yuriy Khruchenyk near a shopping centre in Paris, France. By, William Walker Jan 25, 2021 399
One Dead, Other In Coma As Commercial Vehicle Collides With Truck In Osun. Jan 23, 2021 297
Former FIFA President Blatter spends period in induced coma after heart operation. Jan 23, 2021 710
Longer PHL recovery from 'corona coma'. Jan 22, 2021 783
Couple on Covid ward got married just before groom was placed in coma in ICU; Elizabeth Kerr, 31, and Simon O'Brien, 36, had to wait a few days for their first kiss after they became so ill with coronavirus that NHS staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital feared the worst and scrambled to organise a wedding. By, Paul Sandle & Natalie Thomas Jan 22, 2021 705
Brave teen Lucy spent her birthday in coma. OLIVIA WILLIAMS @livs_wills Jan 21, 2021 725
Teen spends 14th birthday in a coma after heart surgery; LUCY WAS BORN WITH INCREDIBLY RARE HEART CONDITION. SOPHIE MCCOID and OLIVIA WILLIAMS ECHO Reporters Jan 20, 2021 656
Mum caught Covid, gave birth while in a coma and is now fighting for her life; Sameera Khan, 28, was rushed to hospital from her London home on January 8 when she was 29 weeks pregnant, after she became ill with coronavirus and her oxygen levels fell. By, Anna Highfield & William Walker Jan 20, 2021 574
Church and judges at odds over coma patient; COURT RULES LIFE SUPPORT IS NOT IN MAN'S BEST INTERESTS. HERALD REPORTERS @Plymouth_Live Jan 15, 2021 598
PBB alumna Jai Agpangan reveals comatose scare during Christmas season. Jan 9, 2021 480
Wife's message to hoax believers as husband lies in coma from Covid. JOHN COOPER Reporter Jan 8, 2021 785
Wife of man fighting for life with coronavirus in powerful plea to Covid-deniers; The wife of a man in a coma battling coronavirus posted a moving video from a hospital car park to deniers, imploring them to reject conspiracy theories and stay at home. By, Martha Muir & John Cooper Jan 8, 2021 878
Family's tribute as 'character' Emily dies at 22; woman spent 10 days in coma after asthma attack. LUKE TRAYNOR & CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Reporters @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jan 6, 2021 388
Family's heartbreak after daughter, 22, dies following asthma attack in middle of night; Emily Boulton's family, from St Helens, were unable to see her when she was in a coma, although her mum and sister-in-law were by her side when she finally passed away. By, Luke Traynor & Matthew Dresch & Charlotte Hadfield Jan 6, 2021 409
Mum 'given 3 days to live' makes miracle recovery after taking experimental Covid drug; Claire Haythorne, from Hillsborough, Sheffield, made a miraculous recovery after taking the experimental drug Anakinra, which was used as a 'last resort' after she had spent weeks in a coma. By, Charles Gray & Matthew Dresch Jan 5, 2021 708
Smoking since I was 10 put me in a coma; MUM, 49, IN PLEA FOR OTHERS TO PERSEVERE AND KICK HABIT AFTER TERRIFYING HEALTH SCARE. PAIGE OLDFIELD @paigeoldfield22 Dec 30, 2020 552
Ex-lawmaker allegedly beats grandma to coma in Delta. Dec 29, 2020 339
Trend News Agency's Editor-in-Chief comes out of coma, intensive treatment continuing. Dec 28, 2020 177
Parasail coma boy is home in time for Xmas; James survived holiday tragedy. EXCLUSIVE BY DAN WARBURTON Dec 27, 2020 709
Parasail coma boy is home in time for Xmas; James survived holiday tragedy; EXCLUSIVE. DAN WARBURTON Dec 27, 2020 716
I've made a promise to enjoy every single day and I intend to keep it- Covid survivor George Clark; seven weeks in a coma, survivor looks forward to 2012 After Bring it on! Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Dec 27, 2020 686
Wayne's coma led to accent changing. Dec 26, 2020 199
Dad-of-two, 43, who broke neck in pool accident wakes from coma and asks for a pint; Chris Watkins, from Pontypool in South Wales, feared he would never walk again after breaking his neck when he dived into a pool in Tenerife during a lads holiday. By, Lorraine King Dec 26, 2020 484
Boy, 15, who survived parasailing accident that killed brother home for Christmas; EXCLUSIVE James Connelly was in a coma for two weeks after the tragic incident in Rhodes, Greece, that killed his brother Mikey and cousin Jessica. By, Dan Warburton Dec 26, 2020 653
Boy, 10, left in coma by Covid-linked condition; "I think everyone's under the impression that children are very safe. People should keep in mind that they can get it -- it can be really, really serious.". By, Neil Shaw Dec 17, 2020 359
'My 17-day-old son was in a coma fighting for life -but [pounds sterling]35 test could have prevented it'; EXCLUSIVE: Shawna Louise Fox and her partner Gavin Dobb, from from Warsop in Mansfield, were looking forward to their Christmas with their beautiful little boy Harry, but just three days before the big day they were watching a machine keep him alive as his 'green and grey body' couldn't manage on its own. By, Tiffany Wallis & Zoe Forsey Dec 17, 2020 1462
COVID PUT OUR BOY, 10 IN A COMA; Virus triggered rare condition and left Jack fighting for life as parents watched helpless. DANIEL MORROW Dec 16, 2020 935
ULSTER DAD FIGHTING FOR LIFE AFTER U.S. FALL; Sean, 27, in induced coma after slipping on to his head from work scaffolding. EXCLUSIVE BY JILLY BEATTIE Dec 16, 2020 437
New mum walks out of hospital having survived coronavirus coma after giving birth; Heartwarming footage shows Eva Ahmed , 28, walking out of hospital as staff line up against the corridors to give her a guard of honour. By, Zoe Chamberlain Dec 1, 2020 1042
Son's words helped dad out of eight-month Covid coma. Nov 25, 2020 380
TEEN BEAUTY QUEEN 'WAS HOURS FROM FALLING INTO LETHAL COMA' Leah defies odds to reach Miss England finals. JACK EVANS Special Correspondent Nov 22, 2020 925
I woke up from coma and found I had twins. Nov 20, 2020 386
Miss England finalist was hours from falling into life-threatening diabetic coma; Leah Green, 18, from Warsop in Nottinghamshire, was in a life-threatening condition just days before her GCSE exams. By, Jack Evans & Rachel Lee & Lucy Skoulding Nov 20, 2020 1118
Fast Action and Comas: Talking Points At Pandemic Backstop Hearing. Nov 20, 2020 2230
Minarik on long road to recovery after four weeks in a coma. Kitty Trice Nov 16, 2020 468
Motorcyclist's actions left his friend in coma. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter Nov 14, 2020 529
Coma crash rider given lengthy ban; CYCLING. Nov 12, 2020 254
Cyclist gets 9-month ban for crash that left rival in coma. Nov 12, 2020 476
Dylan Groenewegen banned for nine months for causing crash at Tour of Poland which left Fabio Jakobsen in a coma; Dutch sprinter Dylan Groenewegen has been banned for nine months by cycling's world governing body the UCI for causing the crash at the Tour of Poland in August which left Fabio Jakobsen in a coma. Ian Parker Nov 11, 2020 415
Dad suffers horror injuries after setting himself on fire in freak gardening accident; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Paul Wyatt, 50, from Sheffield, set himself on fire when clearing hedges in his garden and spent two days in an induced coma. By, Bradley Jolly & Thomas McArthur Nov 11, 2020 765
Dad fighting for life after agonising ear pain which turned out to be meningitis; Reece Ciani had been complaining of the problem for a week, he went to the doctors several times and called six ambulances before he was diagnosed and placed in a coma. By, Emma Robertson Nov 8, 2020 629
Teen admits horrific People's Park attack that left victim in coma. SOPHIE ATKINSON @sophieatkinsonj Nov 6, 2020 360
Soldier jailed for attack on taxi driver; victim left in coma for two months. JADE MCELWEE @JADEMREPORTER Nov 5, 2020 745
Taiwan teen woken from 62-day coma by words 'chicken fillet'. Nov 5, 2020 386
Boy, 15, left in an induced coma after brutal attack outside pub that lasted 15 minutes; The unnamed teen allegedly withstood a vicious 15-minute attack by multiple males outside a pub in Australia before stumbling home with serious head injuries and couldn't remember his own name. By, Ryan Merrifield Nov 3, 2020 299
Taiwanese man in coma after falling on passing scooter from 5th floor. Nov 2, 2020 290
I spent 50 days in a coma but, thankfully, can't recall a thing - Professor Grant McIntyre. Nov 1, 2020 397
Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper utters heartbreaking first words after seven months; Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway has revealed her husband Derek has spoken his first words after being in a coma. By, Simon Duke Oct 31, 2020 293
Woman falls into a coma whilst on holiday in Kos. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Oct 30, 2020 812
Gran in coma for two weeks after suffering bleed on brain while on holiday in Greece; Deb Austin, 54, suffered a 'throbbing headache' on her final day of her holiday in Kos earlier this month, and was taken to hospital where she was told she had a bleed on the brain. By, Sophie Finnegan Oct 29, 2020 845
$12,000 raised for 8-year-old girl in coma after Woodlands accident. Oct 29, 2020 590
'I woke up from a Covid coma to find that the virus had killed my husband'. FFION LEWIS Reporter Oct 26, 2020 937
Nurse woke up from Covid coma to discover that his husband had died from virus; Nurse David Courtney-Williams woke up in intensive care to the devastating news that his partner of 28 years had died. By, Ffion Lewis & Laura Sharman Oct 25, 2020 818
'I was put in an induced coma after catching flu'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Oct 23, 2020 661
Saudi Prince Lifts Hand After 15 Years In Coma. Oct 23, 2020 440
Council worker left in coma after Cheltenham Races trip still battling 'long Covid'; Graham Smith, who works for Liverpool city council, fell ill with coronavirus in March and still has not fully recovered, getting a tightness in his chest during exercise. By, Jenny Kirkham Oct 22, 2020 604
'I was put in an induced coma after contracting the flu'; The family of Pete Brown, 34, held a bedside vigil after doctors warned he may not survive the night. By, Mark Smith Oct 22, 2020 698
Bangladesh Army officer in coma adorned with colonel badge. Oct 16, 2020 325
Woman thinks it's 1998 and she's been kidnapped after stroke wipes out memories; Stevie Carver, 38, was given just a two per cent chance of survival after suffering a stroke and brain haemorrhage, and when she emerged from a coma she was hallucinating and thought she was being experimented on. By, Chris Kitching Oct 12, 2020 736
Woman and alleged killer 'joked' while boyfriend in a coma; TRAINED BOXER DENIES MURDER OF FELLOW STUDENT. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Oct 7, 2020 722
Man who survived Turkey teeth whitening trip tragedy speaks out on death of pal; Belfast man Aaron Callaghan, who was in a coma after falling ill along with pals Richard Molloy and Declan Carson in Didim, Turkey, says he is "absolutely gutted" over the "tragic" death of Mr Molloy. By, Chris Kitching Oct 7, 2020 907
Okoloko Papa, Others Sworn In As New Delta COMA Executives. Oct 2, 2020 369
Mum spent 45 days on ventilator with coronavirus and lost four stone while in coma; Julia Brockway from Neath Valley, Wales, is still suffering the physical and mental effects four months on and is warning others that Covid-19 is a vicious virus. By, Mark Smith & Kelly-Ann Mills Sep 25, 2020 719
To Wash Your Hands: A daughter faces a dilemma when the coronavirus creates an opportunity. Carballo Figueroa, Arlene Short story Sep 22, 2020 2624
Police ram car into mentally ill dad before officer stomps on head leaving him in coma; Disturbing footage shows the man, 32, being hit by the vehicle before an officer appears to stomp on his head -he now lies in an induced coma in a Melbourne hospital. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Sep 14, 2020 455
Man breaks his neck diving into a pool on holiday in Tenerife; Christopher Watkins was put in an induced coma in hospital in Tenerife. By, Nino Williams Sep 12, 2020 341
Navalny out of artificial coma after 'Novichok poisoning'. Sep 9, 2020 742
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Navalny out of coma and responsive. Sep 8, 2020 169
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Poisoned Putin critic Navalny is out of coma; Russia: Opposition leader responding. Sep 8, 2020 284
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Putin critic Navalny out of induced coma. Sep 8, 2020 500
Navalny has come out of coma, Berlin hospital says (Update). Reuters News Service Sep 7, 2020 298
Kate Garraway 'consumed by fear' as husband Derek Draper loses eight stone in coma; The Good Morning Britain host's husband has lost eight stone while in an induced coma since April, after being admitted to hospital with coronavirus. By, Simon Meechan Sep 6, 2020 408
Former Indian president Pranab Mukherjee still in deep coma. Aug 30, 2020 236
Jamaican woman wakes from coma - with a BRUMMIE accent! crash survivor has never even visited the uk. LORRAINE KING News Reporter Aug 28, 2020 435
Alexei Navalny: 'Poisoned' Russian opposition leader in a coma. Aug 27, 2020 334
Hero boy, five, saves mum's life after calling number on toy ambulance; Josh Chapman called for help after his mum slipped into a coma using a number for emergency services on the side of his toy ambulance, telling paramedics "Mummy was playing cars and then her eyes closed". By, Paige Holland Aug 27, 2020 718
Kim Jong-un 'alive and well and chairing coronavirus meetings' after coma claim; The North Korean dictator was claimed to be in a coma by a diplomat at the weekend, but state media has now released pictures of the dictator chairing a politburo meeting. By, Chris Kitching & Dave Burke Aug 26, 2020 561
Kim Jong Un's sister 'could be even worse for North Korea than him' expert claims; Kim Yo Jong could prove 'a cruel dictator to her people and a credible nuclear threat to the US' according to one expert amid rumours her brother is in a coma. By, Gareth Bicknell Aug 25, 2020 580
White House official 'laughed' when asked about Kim Jong-un coma claim; Fresh claims that Kim Jong-un is in a coma or dead have resurfaced even though the North Korean dictator was pictured overseeing a ruling party summit just days ago. By, Chris Kitching & Lorraine King Aug 25, 2020 708
Reports: Kim Jong-un in coma, sister Kim Yo-jong to take over. Aug 24, 2020 365
North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un reportedly in a coma as his sister Kim Yo Jong takes control. Aug 24, 2020 319
Kim Jong-un 'in coma' with North Korea passing power to sister, diplomat claims; The former aide to South Korea's late president Kim Dae-jung said the paranoid leader is in a comatose state days after he handed over some powers to his younger sister. By, Lorraine King Aug 23, 2020 735
Kremlin critic Navalny on flight from Russia to Germany in coma. Reuters News Service Aug 22, 2020 552
Mercy flight for Navalny; Claims of Kremlin poisoning as opposition leader left in coma. DARIA LITVINOVA Aug 22, 2020 454
'Poisoned' Putin foe Alexei Navalny put on Germany-bound plane from Russia while in coma; Mr Navalny, a 44-year-old politician who is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest critics, was admitted to an intensive care unit on Thursday following a suspected poisoning. By, Anton Zverev & Tanveer Mann Aug 22, 2020 557
Putin critic Alexei Navalny taken to Berlin still in coma after being 'poisoned' by tea; Supporters of Alexei Navalny say the Kremlin is responsible for his condition -and delayed his transfer until the 'poison' in his system would no longer be detectable. By, Anton Zverev & Kara O'Neill & Tanveer Mann Aug 22, 2020 600
Russia opposition leader in coma; poison suspected. DARIA LITVINOVA Associated Press Aug 21, 2020 357
Efforts to evacuate comatose Putin critic, Navalny to Berlin under way. Aug 20, 2020 186
Bodybuilder heard himself being resuscitated after he fell into Covid-19 coma; Simon Fan, 47, was dashed to hospital after struggling to breathe at his home in Sutton Coldfield during lockdown on March 27 -doctors had to fight to save his life. By, Tom Davidson Aug 18, 2020 644
Toddler in coma after hours in hot van. Aug 15, 2020 514
Teen left in coma after car accident had to fight off Covid-19. LISA HUTCHINSON Reporter Aug 7, 2020 513
Jakobsen in coma after Tour of Poland crash. Aug 6, 2020 780
Woman stands in car park below husband's hospital window praying he survives Covid-19; Michelle Gutierrez also continues to write letters to her love even though he's in a coma, asking nurses in Houston, Texas, to read her words aloud to him. By, Danya Bazaraa Aug 6, 2020 327
Baby in coma after eating washing capsule; potential risk of household goods Tot suffers severe toxic reaction after ingesting detergent. KATHLEEN SPEIRS Aug 5, 2020 494
Baby in coma after biting washing detergent liquid capsule while mum did laundry; Pearce Shepherd, from East Dumbartonshire in Scotland, suffered toxic burns to his stomach and his lungs swelled after he ingested some of the contents. By, Kathleen Speirs Aug 5, 2020 700
I owe so much to biggest rival & good pal McEntee; TOMPKINS ON COMA RECOVERY. PAT NOLAN Aug 4, 2020 464
Woman, 20, fighting for her life with brain injury after being hit by crane; Shannon Brasier was rushed to Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel and placed in a medically-induced coma -and while her brain swelling has reduced, she continues to fight for her life. By, Sarah Lumley & Ryan Merrifield Aug 3, 2020 435
After 116 days fighting Covid, I'm finally back home; Brian suffered multiple organ failure and spent six weeks in induced coma. ALAN WESTON ECHO reporter @alanweston Aug 2, 2020 467
Dead pest put dog in a coma. Aug 2, 2020 164
'Alaw was just lying there... I completely panicked' MUM ON FINDING 12-YR-OLD DAUGHTER IN DIABETIC COMA. HARRI EVANS Daily Post Reporter Jul 27, 2020 1028
Diabetes killed George sis 3 yrs after star died; Mel, 59, fell into coma on his Xmas anniversary. ROSALEEN FENTON & ANDY RUDD Jul 27, 2020 224
Tragic George sis in diabetes death 3yrs on; She fell into coma on his Xmas anniversary. EXCLUSIVE by ROSALEEN FENTON & ANDY RUDD Jul 27, 2020 241
Woman dies after mum thought she just had hangover after being out all weekend; Shannon Hewat, 20, from Lincoln, was rushed to Lincolnshire County hospital after taking an overdose and slipped into a coma before dying after emergency surgery. By, Ashley Franklin & Matthew Dresch Jul 26, 2020 1051
Dad cries tears of joy after waking up from 6-week coma. JORDAN COUSSINS News Reporter Jul 22, 2020 559
Kate Garraway gives husband Derek Draper update and reveals he watched her on GMB for first time; ITV Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway gave viewers an update on Derek Draper's condition after he woke from his coronavirus coma. By, Charlotte Tutton Jul 21, 2020 367
Formula One grid girl, 32, in coma and in desperate need of kidney transplant; Khloe Atkinson, from Stoke-on-Trent, lost her eyesight in one eye and has been put into an induced coma as her type-one diabetes took a drastic turn for the worse. By, Ruby Davies & Kelly-Ann Mills Jul 20, 2020 708
Brave Kate back on telly after hubby's coma hell; Emotional TV return for Garraway as she quizzes man who survived Covid. MARK JEFFERIES Jul 14, 2020 339
Jailed US student flown out of North Korea 'in coma'. Jul 13, 2020 868
Derek 'died' six times while he fought virus... TV KATE'S FEAR FOR COMA HUSBAND. MARK JEFFERIES Jul 9, 2020 838
Derek 'died' six times while he fought virus; TV KATE'S FEAR FOR COMA HUSBAND. MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor Jul 9, 2020 866
KATE'S HUBBY OUT OF COMA; Kate's joy as hubby opens his eyes again. MARK JEFFERIES Jul 6, 2020 231
KATE HUBBY OUT OF COMA; AS NATION SALUTES NHS..>>TV star's joy as he opens his eyes after three months in intensive care>>Pressure grows for frontline health workers & carers to be given a pay rise. MARK JEFFERIES Jul 6, 2020 407
KATE HUBBY OUT OF COMA; AS NATION SALUTES NHS..>>TV star's hope as he opens his eyes after three months in intensive care>>Pressure grows for frontline health workers & carers to be given a pay rise. MARK JEFFERIES Jul 6, 2020 412
Kate hubby out of coma. Jul 6, 2020 378
Kate Garraway to return to GMB this week as husband 'wakes up' from coma; Kate Garraway will be back on Good Morning Britain this week after giving an update on her husband Derek's condition. By, Simon Duke Jul 6, 2020 371
Kate Garraway's husband 'not out of the woods yet' warns Piers Morgan; Kate Garraway says her husband has 'woken up' from a coma but her GMB co-host Piers Morgan has issued a warning. By, Simon Duke Jul 6, 2020 400
Coronavirus patients wake from comas and tell doctor 'they wish they were dead'; EXCLUSIVE: Sedated coronavirus patients have suffered delusions and hallucinations, and the mental and physical trauma is so devastating some "say they would rather have died ", says London consultant Dr Zudin Puthucheary. By, Talia Shadwell Jul 6, 2020 717
Kate Garraway to return to Good Morning Britain as husband Derek wakes from coma; Doctors have urged Kate to return to work and create 'routine' in her life again. By, Lottie Gibbons Jul 6, 2020 273
MAN IN COMA AFTER ATTACK AT DIY STORE; Police make arrest after dispute broke out at branch of Screwfix. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jul 5, 2020 357
Stab victim is out of coma but 'in bad way' IT WILL BE LONG ROAD TO RECOVERY, REVEALS MUM. SOPHIE DOUGHTY Crime reporter Jul 3, 2020 485
Prominent Jinja journalist dies after three years in coma. Jun 30, 2020 464
'Our friend Callum has been left in a terrible condition' PEOPLE'S PARK ATTACK VICTIM 'FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE AFTER WAKING FROM COMA'. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Jun 27, 2020 601
Conor McGregor claims Khabib Nurmagomedov's dad's coronavirus diagnosis was a 'cover-up'; Nurmagomedov's dad was placed in a coma as he battled the illness but his health has recently started to improve. By, Martin Domin Jun 25, 2020 313
Boy, 14, who woke from coma after smelling Lynx deodorant now has curly hair; Kacper Krauze spent 25 minutes submerged under water after going into shock while paddling in the freezing water -but after coming out of a three-week coma, he has a new look. By, Sam Elliott Jun 24, 2020 419
Bangladeshi boy who got hit by car in Abu Dhabi dies after three years in coma. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Jun 23, 2020 514
Mum Sarah never had the chance to cuddle her baby; SHE GAVE BIRTH BUT DIED AFTER A MONTH IN A COMA WITH VIRUS. JANE HAYNES People & Politics Editor Jun 22, 2020 609
Mpeketoni police beat mechanic into coma. Jun 21, 2020 561
Nurses said I was the only patient to survive from the week I was taken to the ward. This disease has been so devastating; CORONA CRISIS SURVIVOR WHO SPENT 14 DAYS IN ANINDUCED COMA THANKS MEDICS FOR SAVING HIS LIFE. Gordon Blackstock Jun 21, 2020 1180
Woman who feared she would die from coronavirus says [pounds sterling]5 pill saved her life; Katherine Millbank, 55, was put in an induced coma at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire before medics gave her dexamethasone, which has been hailed as a treatment for Covid-19. By, Megan Baynes Jun 18, 2020 725
Thorne in induced coma in hospital; SNOOKER. Jun 17, 2020 267
Snooker ace Thorne, 66, placed into induced coma; CELEBRITY. Jun 17, 2020 236
Wedding day coma fall groom renews his vows; HAPPY COUPLE IN NEW CELEBRATION Horrific accident left Chris, 50, fighting for life. ANDY SHIPLEY Jun 13, 2020 451
18-year-old girl slips into diabetic coma after having bubble tea twice a day for a month. Web Report Jun 11, 2020 215
Dad, 29, dies from brain condition days after he's taken ill with headache; Gary Osborne, 29, from Rock Ferry in Birkenhead, was put into an induced coma as doctors at Walton Hospital battled to save his life, but tragically he died in November. By, Charlotte Hadfield Jun 10, 2020 698
Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper out of induced coma; Kate is said to be 'researching everything' as doctors warned her Derek may never fully recover. By, Verity Sulway & Lottie Gibbons Jun 9, 2020 476
I WOKE UP FROM COMA SPEAKING FLUENT FRENCH; Talented footballer believed he was Hollywood superstar Matthew McConnaughey. Jun 7, 2020 371
Nasim in 'coma'. Jun 7, 2020 255
Brave 'fit and healthy' care worker, 53, goes blind after contracting coronavirus; Grandmother and mum-of-three Sarah Smith, from Easterside in Middlesborough, contracted coronavirus in April and woke from a coma to discover she had lost her eyesight. By, Jade McElwee & Lorraine King Jun 4, 2020 789
"Baby Leah"--the 'Miracle preemie'--leaves NY hospital after her mom gave birth to her while fighting COVID-19 in a coma. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2020 208
'Fit and healthy' dad tells how virus put him in coma. LAUREN WISE @Laurenwise May 28, 2020 1703
Dad given 1% chance of coronavirus survival recovers after 50 days on ventilator; When Essex dad Steve Banks fell into a coma in hospital the lockdown was just about to kick in and 55 people had died in the UK -when he woke up a month later the toll had passed 31,000. By, Chris Dyer & Matthew Critchell May 27, 2020 1084
Dubai expat marks Eid by praying for aunt in coma. Saman Haziq May 24, 2020 515
A GREAT GRANDSON; coronavirus pandemic: joy as GRANDAD BEATS KILLER DISEASE coronavirus pandemic: grandad bea ts>>>>Boy pens letter to hospital staff over fight for life>>>>Medics praised after 72yr-old put in coma for 7 days. elaine keogh May 19, 2020 563
Coronavirus: Man in coma for so long family had to explain what the pandemic was to him; Brian Harvey, 69, was admitted to hospital in late March with what was thought to be pneumonia but tests soon revealed he actually had Covid-19. By, Jonathan Coles May 19, 2020 697
Piers Morgan says Kate Garraway is in 'living hell' as husband Derek remains in coma; Piers Morgan has discussed the awful experience of his Good Morning Britain co-star Kate Garraway as her husband Derek Draper continues his battle with Covid-19. By, Lewis Knight May 18, 2020 400
'I died three times,' says dad after beating coronavirus in intensive care coma; Lorry driver Carl Young, 56, spend 12 days on a ventilator in hospital and was placed in an induced coma after contracting the disease, and now faces a two-year recovery at home. By, Joanna Lovell May 16, 2020 799
Comatose woman in Saudi Arabia gives birth via C-section. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent May 14, 2020 201
Conor McGregor's message to Khabib Nurmagomedov after his dad was placed in coma; McGregor put his rivalry with lightweight champion Nurmagomedov to one side to wish him and his family well. By, Martin Domin May 14, 2020 287
Broadway star Nick Cordero wakes from coma while in hospital for coronavirus. May 14, 2020 303
Spent 20 days in a coma on a ventilator; Given one per cent chance to live as coronavirus struck. JOHN BRINDLEY May 13, 2020 201
Baggies saved my Pete from Covid-19; Fan emerged from coma after hearing messages from Albion heroes. Joseph Masi May 13, 2020 587
Grandad wakes up from coronavirus coma wanting to know beloved football team's score; Die-hard Hibs FC fan Ross Fenwick spent six weeks battling coronavirus at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary -one of the first things he asked after waking up from a coma was how his team were doing. By, Anna MacSwan May 9, 2020 940
I woke up from Covid coma to be told mum was dead and buried. SALLY HIND May 7, 2020 751
I OWE MY LIFE TO HOSPITAL STAFF; Covid-19 victim's message of thanks to NHS after spending nearly four weeks in coma. DOMINIC ROBERTSON May 6, 2020 335
Dad beat the virus after eight days in a coma; Paul recovers & given hero's welcome home. SHEENA MCSTRAVICK May 4, 2020 584
Coronavirus survivor heals from a coma and his mom's death. Bindu Rai, Entertainment Editor May 4, 2020 1714
Coma girl wakes on 16th birthday. MARTYN HALLE May 3, 2020 424
Coma girl wakes on 16th birthday. MARTYN HALLE May 3, 2020 411
'I'm proof you can be in a coma in intensive care and survive coronavirus'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent May 2, 2020 907
Ondo: Okada Rider Robs, Rapes Pregnant Woman To Coma, Goes On The Run. May 1, 2020 469
Coronavirus coma student nurse is reunited with her children. Apr 30, 2020 412
THUG WHO LEFT SEAN IN A COMA GETS RELEASED EARLY; Roma fan freed and back in Italy. PAUL BYRNE Apr 25, 2020 303
Two nurses from same ward lose partners to virus before one dies herself days later; Nurse Sharon Bamford died days after her husband Malcolm had succumbed to coronavirus, while colleague David Courtney-Williams awoke from a medically-induced coma to learn his partner of 28 years, Steven, had died. By, Ffion Lewis & Ryan Merrifield Apr 24, 2020 497
Kate Garraway's husband in coma as he battles coronavirus as she thanks NHS staff; Good Morning Britain host Kate's husband Derek Draper has been in intensive care after being struck down with coronavirus. By, Simon Duke Apr 24, 2020 261
Lawyer home after induced coma ordeal. EDEL HUGHES Apr 24, 2020 363
After two weeks in coma, mom of twins in Canada beats COVID-19. Apr 23, 2020 395
Nurse with coronavirus wakes from 14-day coma to find out his husband had died; Charge nurse David Courtney-Williams, from Swansea, recovered from coronavirus after two weeks in a coma -but was given the devastating news his husband Steven had died. By, Anna MacSwan Apr 23, 2020 351
When I woke up I was so confused... I had no idea I had been fighting for my life; mum survives virus after being put in induced coma for nearly two weeks. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Apr 22, 2020 953
Lawyer tells of coma ordeal & praises medics. MICHAEL MCHUGH Apr 22, 2020 314
Police general still in coma, another now under therapy after chopper crash. Apr 22, 2020 348
Coronavirus: Frontline worker's last text to family before being rushed to ICU; East of England Ambulance Service medical technician Jack Frost, 63, from Cambridge, thought he was just feeling run down due to working long hours but days later he was being induced into a coma. By, Fiona Leishman & Ryan Merrifield Apr 16, 2020 927
Mum with coronavirus wakes up to find she's given birth while in an induced coma; Angela Primachenko, from Vancouver, Washington, was 33 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with coronavirus. She was left fighting for her life and gave birth while on a ventilator. By, Elaine McCahill Apr 14, 2020 303
Nurse fighting for her life after treating coronavirus patient 'without PPE'; Becky Usher, 38, from Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, remains in an intensive care at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and is on a ventilator in an induced coma. By, Ashley Pemberton Apr 12, 2020 835
London coronavirus: Dad's inspiring message to others after being in an induced coma for 6 days with Covid-19; The 54-year-old is now recovering from the virus at home. By, Aine Fox & Hannah Kane Apr 7, 2020 288
Abdelhak Nouri awakes from coma. Egypt Today staff Mar 27, 2020 176
NBA: Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns reveals mother in coma in emotional video. Mar 26, 2020 460
Coronavirus victim left in coma fighting for life wakes up and beats disease; Marion Jolliff, 62, became the first person in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, to be diagnosed with coronavirus (Covid-19) after displaying symptoms similar to that of a cold. By, Sophie Finnegan & Bradley Jolly Mar 26, 2020 382
Karl-Anthony Towns says his mother is in coma battling COVID-19. Mar 25, 2020 374
Covid-19: Iranian child in coma after being given alcohol. Web Report Mar 24, 2020 151
Healthy dad with coronavirus in intensive care -as family tell UK to "wake up"; Dad-of-four David Timney saw a common cold deteriorate rapidly as Covid-19 took hold and he could now be induced into a coma while his family are unable to visit him in intensive care. By, Samuel Jones & Ryan Merrifield Mar 24, 2020 637
Cardiff legend 'in coma' after suffering injuries in fall. Mar 19, 2020 242
Father of botched nose-job coma patient calls for harsher sentence against medics. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Mar 18, 2020 613
'I had to be put into coma after catching rare flesh-eating bug'. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Mar 6, 2020 1424
Dad-to-be almost died after 'spider bite' turned into killer flesh-eating bug; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Steve Overton, 67, from Rhoose, near Barry, felt a "sharp prick" while out walking his two dogs and ended up in a coma fighting for his life. By, Mark Smith & Lorraine King Mar 6, 2020 1182
School guards beat student into coma. Mar 4, 2020 512
Ellie keeps on defying odds after brain bleed; Hours after suddenly feeling faint Ellie Dunkerton was placed in a coma and wasn't expected to live. She tells Katie Bellis what happened. Feb 21, 2020 915
Killer's sickening punch which knocked grandad unconscious filmed on [pounds sterling]7 'spy-glasses'; WARNING -VIOLENT FOOTAGE: James Collinson punched John Glenn as he was leaving a pub in Scarborough, North Yorkshire -he was put in a medically induced coma but sadly he died nearly a month later. By, Danya Bazaraa & Simon Green Feb 19, 2020 439
Boy, 8, finds sister in a coma but saves her life thanks to quick thinking; Hero schoolboy 'knew exactly what to do' says proud mum. Alan Weston Feb 8, 2020 248
British man struck down by coronavirus describes horror symptoms of deadly disease; Simon Parker, 47, thought he was suffering from a common cold when he fell ill on Boxing Day in 2016 -before calling 999 five days later and being placed in an induced coma. By, Jonathan Coles Feb 6, 2020 674
Woman put in induced coma for six weeks after tick bite triggers viral infection; Doctors eventually diagnosed Sheila with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder which causes the immune system to attack healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. By, Christie Bannon Feb 2, 2020 779
Mum's extreme diabetes left her in multiple comas not knowing where she was; Bethenie Morgan, 26, from Wisbech, was at constant risk of falling into a coma and feared being alone with her two children due to her extreme diabetes. By, Fiona Leishman Feb 2, 2020 934
Vietnam coma Scot says thanks after virus ordeal. PAUL RODGER Jan 31, 2020 183
Girl, 12, left in deadly coma after going to bed with throat infection; "One minute Kiah was fine and the next minute she was hooked up to a life-support machine". Jenny Kirkham Jan 25, 2020 793
Girl who lost mum and was left in coma after drink driver crash begs for law change; EXCLUSIVE: Fraya Cunningham wants everyone to see a heartrending picture of herself in a 10-day coma with multiple fractures to her face, arms ribs and spine following the crash -- as she today calls on the Government to ban drivers from drinking at all. By, Ralph Blackburn Jan 25, 2020 1282
Man's thanks to wife after coma holiday ordeal. EMMA MORRICE Jan 23, 2020 817
Rare Disease Put This Young Mom in a Coma for 7 Months. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Jan 23, 2020 976
DOUSED IN PETROL THEN BURNED ALIVE; Gardai probing horror attack on dad-of-three left fighting for his life in coma. JOE O'SHEA, MICHAEL HAYES and DYLAN O'CONNELL Jan 21, 2020 522
Man put in coma after girlfriend torched flat. JASON EVANS Reporter Jan 20, 2020 547
Medic pleads not guilty in Dubai botched nose job case that left woman in coma. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Jan 20, 2020 681
Man dies four years after colleague poisoned his sandwich with mercury; The 26-year-old man has been in a coma ever since the poisoning in 2016 with a man, named only as Klaus O, found guilty of attempted murder last year. By, Tom Davidson Jan 10, 2020 311
Coma scenes put Red Rock star to sleep.. JIM GALLAGHER Jan 6, 2020 414
TV psychic Derek passes over to the other side; STAR OF MOST HAUNTED DIES AGED 69 AFTER ILLNESSMedium wished fans well for 2020 then fell into coma. John Kelly Obituary Jan 5, 2020 446
'Brain Dead' Woman Survives Mysterious Condition That Caused Her Coma. Darwin Malicdem Jan 3, 2020 424
Dubai: Medics who conducted botched nose job that left woman in coma face criminal charges. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Jan 2, 2020 435
Comparison of Injury Severity Score, Glasgow Coma Scale, and Revised Trauma Score in Predicting the Mortality and Prolonged ICU Stay of Traumatic Young Children: A Cross-Sectional Retrospective Study. Huang, Yii-Ting; Huang, Ying-Hsien; Hsieh, Ching-Hua; Li, Chao-Jui; Chiu, I-Min Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 4857
In Kevin Morais murder trial, four accused told to get new lawyer after counsel falls into coma. Dec 30, 2019 393
Security guard left in coma after attack at CIRCUS Christmas Special party; Victim struck round head during CIRCUS electronic music showcase at city's Bramley Moore Dock. Ben Turner-LE Dec 24, 2019 350
Sliced ear attack con out of coma; Victim back in jail after stab horror EXCLUSIVE. Dec 19, 2019 223
Teen burned in New Zealand volcano may wake from coma to discover family killed; Jesse Langford, 19, has suffered burns to 90 per cent of his body in the White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand. The Australian's parents have died in the blast, while his sister is missing presumed dead. By, Matthew Dresch Dec 19, 2019 288

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