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Coma fix.

Explore Scientific unveils its new HR Coma Corrector ($299.99) for visual and photographic use. This 2-inch unit inserts into your Newtonian telescope's focuser in front of the eyepiece or camera, correcting distorted stars near the edge of the field due to coma and field curvature. Its four-element apochromatic design produces pinpoint, color-free stars in short-focal-ratio Newtonian reflectors as fast as f/3. Users can fine-tune the corrector position with its integrated helical focuser to get the best performance for their equipment. The HR Coma Corrector accepts 2-inch eyepieces, and comes with additional T-Thread and 48-mm threaded adapters to firmly attach heavy cameras.

Explore Scientific

621 Madison Street, Springdale, AR 72762; 1-866-252-3811;

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Title Annotation:New Product Showcase
Publication:Sky & Telescope
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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