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ComBrio Announces Virtual Service Infrastructure(TM) 3.0 for Enterprises and Service Providers.

Allows Enterprises to Control Third-Party Remote Access to Better Meet New Auditing and Compliance Requirements

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- ComBrio, Inc., providers of remote connectivity software, today announced the general availability of ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI), Version 3.0.

VSI is the industry's only connectivity software that provides enterprises with a single, centralized access control point for all of its remote service providers. Simultaneously VSI reduces the time consuming security and deployment complexities confronting remote service providers. VSI 3.0 enables enterprises to reinforce their existing security and compliance policies by controlling third party authentication, authorization and audit trails.

Version 3.0 utilizes Directed Circuits([R])- ComBrio's highly secure and unique patent-pending technology. Unlike modems and VPNs which are insecure, costly and complex, ComBrio's Directed Circuit is a secure and auditable, firewall-friendly, device-to-person connection.

A key new feature of Version 3.0 addresses the complex security and deployment issues plaguing service providers as they try to meet their enterprise customers' needs. Version 3.0 utilizes a single outbound port for all communications between the service organization and its remote sites, resulting in a dramatic reduction in deployment time.

"ComBrio VSI assists the enterprise in meeting federal compliance legislation as well as its internal security policies by introducing access controls while reducing operating expenses," said Dave Boulos, vice president product management and marketing of ComBrio. "The combination of resolving the third-party remote access challenge while reducing operating expenses is a home run for our financial services, manufacturing and healthcare clients. Further, our service providers benefit from a simplified deployment, based on the firewall-friendly architecture of our solution."

ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure 3.0 is simple, secure, efficient and accountable; it delivers the following key features and benefits.


VSI eliminates the need for any manual changes in the enterprise's network or firewall. It Installs in minutes, is device agnostic and integrates with all standard industry network management tools. These features enable service providers to proactively monitor devices 24/7, reduce mean time to repair and expand services offerings.


VSI removes the risks associated with connecting untrusted networks by utilizing a Directed Circuit, a secure, firewall-friendly "device-to-technician" connection. Unlike other solutions that require open inbound holes in the enterprise firewall, VSI requires only a single outbound port (443), eliminating the risk of a security breach.


VSI delivers a centralized control platform, improving efficiency and reducing costs for the enterprise. VSI's agnostic architecture and agentless approach eliminates the costs and complexity associated with VPNs, modems and proprietary systems for both the enterprise and the service provider.


VSI provides full accountability and traceability to both the enterprise and the service provider. Both parties maintain an independent audit trail of all service related events, including details such as who accessed a specific device and when.

About ComBrio: (

ComBrio provides secure remote support software for enterprises and their service providers. The ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure[TM] (VSI) solution proactively monitors and manages thousands of mission-critical remote devices in financial services, manufacturing and healthcare organizations worldwide. VSI is simple, secure, efficient and accountable. Unlike modems, phone lines, and VPNs which are insecure, costly and complex, only ComBrio provides secure and auditable device-to-person connections with its patent pending Directed Circuit([R]) technology. Founded in 2002 by industry veterans and backed by seasoned investors, the company is headquartered in Westborough, MA.

ComBrio, ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure, Directed Circuit, and the ComBrio logo are trademarks of ComBrio, Inc.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 16, 2007
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