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Columnist Slams 'NY Times,' Other Outlets for Iran Reports.

Paul Craig Roberts, in a Friday column wondering if some U.S. military commanders are breaking ranks with the Bush administration, had scathing words for the media.

"With the 'mainstream media' -- that is, the government's propaganda ministry -- bombarding the American public with 'news reports' from unidentified sources that the U.S. government has proof that 'the highest reaches of the Iranian government' is supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgency, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, demurred...," wrote the Creators Syndicate commentator. "Unlike The New York Times, Fox 'News,' CNN, and the TV networks, Pace refused to lie for the Bush regime."

Roberts, a former Wall Street Journal and National Review editor who also worked in the Reagan administration, added: "The American media are no longer run by journalists with a commitment to truth, but by advertising executives who seek to protect profits by avoiding 'controversy' and who seek to protect the value of the conglomerates, a value that depends on government-granted broadcast licenses, by accommodating the government's line, whatever it might be. The only free and independent media in the United States are online."

The entire column can be seen here.

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Date:Feb 16, 2007
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