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Columnist Kristof's nuns a caricature.

I would like to correct the impression Nicholas Kristof gave of nuns in his column "Nun Better.''

Nuns are women who are joyfully committed to being faithful disciples of the Church teachings. I once lived among cloistered nuns and later taught alongside an order of active nuns. These holy women are nothing like what he describes in his column.

The true "iron women'' are not those that go against the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. They do not mastermind break-ins, hand out condoms, organize private liturgies and consider a pope "enlightened'' if he succumbs to the teachings of the iron nuns rather than Jesus Christ.

The nuns who truly deserve our respect and support are those that have deep prayer lives, perform good works and uphold the divinely inspired teachings of the Church.

Mr. Kristof's idea of a praiseworthy nun is the caricature, and one which many Catholics lament over. Faithful Catholic nuns would be amazed at a nun having time to run 355 triathlons while they sing the divine office seven times a day, plow fields, bake communion wafers and welcome strangers in their guest house.

It is sad that he is publicly applauding outliers who do not represent the Body of Christ in its journey toward the Truth. We love our pope precisely because he upholds the teachings handed down by the apostles. And we pray for those nuns who incorrectly consider the Church teachings backward because it refuses to conform to the relativism that overwhelms our world.



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Date:Aug 24, 2014
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