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Colt's symbol may bring $1.2 million.

The 5-foot statue of a rearing stallion, the Rampant Colt, stood atop the onion dome over Colt's Hartford, Conn., factory for more than a century. In 1990, the figure was sold by the owners of the building to international art dealer Peter Tillou. Reports at the time said it "disintegrated" in a worker's hands. In truth, the horse's head broke off, but the damage has now been repaired.

"It's an incredible important industrial icon," said Dean Nelson of the Museum of Connecticut History in Hartford, although neither he nor other local museums were able to pay what Tillou asked. Tillou says he has invested about $500,000 in the statue.

Tillou displayed the repaired figure at the Fall Antique Show in New York last year. He says four foreign buyers are willing to pay $1.2 million.

The proceeds from Tillou's purchase of the Rampant Colt were to pay for casting and mounting a duplicate. A duplicate has been made, but the building owners and Colt's don't agree on who should put it up. Water & Way Properties say the bankrupt Colt's Manufacturing Co. is responsible. Colt's officials say Water & Way took it down and they are responsible.

Tillou's failed attempt to find a Connecticut buyer for the statue leaves it in a secret and safe location -- but without resolution where it will end up.
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Title Annotation:Industry News; Colt's Manufacturing Co.
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:May 1, 1993
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