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Colour counts for McLaren.

Exciting new racing talent is being fused with AkzoNobel's latest colour technology by the McLaren Formula 1 team, who have unveiled their new car livery for the 2019 season.

Young racing talents Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will take charge of the dazzling MCL34, which features a fresh twist on the Papaya Spark design that debuted last year. Developed by AkzoNobel's Sikkens brand, the coatings system offers numerous performance and sustainability benefits, all with significantly reduced emissions.

Scientists and technicians at McLaren and AkzoNobel have gone the extra mile ever since the partnership began. For the new season, they've worked together to develop new, technologically advanced coatings features designed to specially modify the surface characteristics. This will help to reduce drag and contaminant adhesion, as well as improve surface slip and durability--which should ultimately increase performance on and off the track.

"We're really excited about the new system we've developed with the experts at McLaren," says Peter Tomlinson, director of AkzoNobel's Automotive and Specialty Coatings business. "Both of us believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence and the technical teams have done an amazing job. The 2019 car looks fantastic and is a brilliant example of innovation in the fast lane."

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Title Annotation:INSTALLATIONS
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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