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Colour clinic.

Byline: Tricia Welch and Amanda Bradbury.

Karen Blackgrove, 23, was the kid with bright ginger curls and freckles and her hair was the envy of the playground. `Everyone used to comment on the colour because it was so unusual. I was never teased for being a carrot top - quite the opposite,' she explained, `so I've always loved having red hair.'

The problem Karen's hair has gradually turned darker. By the time she was 17 she had a rich, mahogany-red waist-skimming mane. Then she decided to go cropped and sold the ponytail. `I found it liberating to have short hair and experiment with the colour,' she said. `Now I'm a strawberry blonde, but years of of DIY colouring have played havoc with the condition and it's starting to look brassy. I'd love a more interesting shade, but I'm terrified that any more colour will wreck it.'

The solution `Karen has a cool skin tone so she's lucky enough to suit both warm and cool shades,' says Carolyn. `Her current strawberry blonde is warm but she'll look more sophisticated with a cooler auburn or blackcurrant tone, which will suit her strong personality.'

To transform Karen's patchwork of bleached highlights and dull strawberry blonde into a richer, shinier statement, Carolyn first coloured the highlights a darker, warmer tone using a conditioning colour, then applied a true auburn shade all over.

The result `I feel like a million dollars,' says Karen.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 12, 2002
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