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Colors to brighten winter. (Arrangement).

THIS BRIGHT, SUNNY MIX IS A WELCOME REMINDER that even in February, fruit ripens and flowers bloom. Hot pink and coral ranunculus show off alongside ruffled, paperlike Iceland poppies, and a turquoise fluted vase contrasts beautifully with both. And mandarin oranges on the branch remind us that it's time to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Make this Despite the lush look, this bouquet takes only a few minutes of prep and a small amount of fussing.


* 10 stems ranunculus

* 15 stems Iceland poppies

* 5 mandarin orange tree branches (approximately 18 in. long) with fruit attached

* vase with open, fluted top (ours is 10 in. tall)

* hand pruners

* candle

1. Prepare flowers and branches by removing foliage that will fall below the water line and re-cutting stems on a generous slant. Hold poppy stems over a candle flame for 1 to 2 seconds to sear the ends. (This prevents the poppies from leaking sap that can contaminate the water.)

2. Arrange the mandarin orange branches in the vase in an upside-down pyramid shape to form .the basic structure.

3. Tuck in poppies and ranunculus. Play around with the blooms until you get a pleasing mix of shapes and colors. The flowers should have room to move and bob their heads.
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Title Annotation:flower and fruit arrangement
Author:Chezar, Ariella
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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